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  1. Fresh Air Exhaust online ordering

    Just wondering if you ended up going with a different prop? I also have been dealing with fae to get exhaust for my 2016 s211, but they are busy and haven’t got one just yet.
  2. Hey fellas, what oil filters are you guys using, My dealer is 4 hours away, so I’ll be looking to get at local auto parts place, or canadian tire. Thank again, Ryan.
  3. Service Required

    Ok I’ll check it out here. I know the oil pressure was a little lower than normal, I will look it over this next week here. Think I had noticed someone on here saying that there boat used a bit of oil over the duration of 50 hours or so, so that might have something to do with it Thanks a lot. Ryan.
  4. Hey guys, running a S211, first season and has 54 hours on it. The service required light keeps coming across dash. I’m able to do my own service but is there a way to make the light quit beeping all the time. Without taking to a dealer, as the dealer is 4 hours away. So 8 hours round trip. Not sure if there is away to turn key on hold blah blah blah button to make the “service required” go out. Any help would be much appreciated thanks Ryan

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