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  1. Hey everyone - I have a 2008 Enzo sv220 - been struggling with the stupid stock seal and I'm ready to upgrade to PSS. Problem is, I don't think it's something that I'm mechanically capable of doing. I live in Richmond, VA and I was wondering if anyone has any shop suggestions in the area/region. I do most of the other boat maintenance and upkeep myself but I'm a little Leary of removing the Vdrive.
  2. Well, First time posting in a long time. Getting ready to get the boat out of storage. After many hours of off season trouble shooting and discussion with many centurion experts, the true problem with my boat last year was....the spark plug distributor cap. I was running with water is the boat after long days and would have condensation under the cap. Multiply this x 5 days a week. Eventually the cap was like a science fair project and working at ~50% of less. As the cap got more condensation, I'd lose more power - especially at higher RPMs. Now - solving the water problem. I would have to run the bilge pump 1-2 times per days but more frequently as the season went on. I'm guessing that some comes from the drive shaft packing (and this has been corrected over the winter). The sea water pump is running correctly and is not leaking. Any other thoughts on water. The hull is water tight otherwise - unless i'm missing something.
  3. Got pulled over in a safety check and had no horn function...Had full function the day before, but still got dinged by fish cops. Checked fuse and it was fine, Didn't notice any loose connections under steering column. Where do I go from there?
  4. Anyone know where I can pick up a replacement light for the Tribal Tower (white) nav light. I've been looking for awhile now and haven't had any luck. It looks like it comes off as a unit. The boat is 2008 Centurion Enzo SV220 (check the pic in my profile). I'll mail a case of beer to whoever can help me with this! Art
  5. I've Replaced both filters (inline & water/fuel separator), siphoned all gas, replaced the water pump impeller, refueled with premium (93 octane+star brite enzyme gas treatment) and the boat is now running strong without a hitch! Thanks for the advice fellas!
  6. Perfect Pass problem

    I had the same problem earlier this year. I took the servo motor apart, sprayed it with silicone spray and the column with a firm toothbrush and fine steel wool. Works like new now. It only took about 20 minutes and I didn't have to spend $100.
  7. thanks for the input! Any ideas where to pick up both parts? The marinas seem to jack up the price on everything ~25%.
  8. I took my 2008 SV 220 out of storage and had it dewinterized (oil change/filter, gas filter, etc) and on to the water a few weeks ago. The boat was running smoothly and I was checking all major boat functions when I noticed that the boat was slowly (over 1 hour) becoming less and less responsive to throttle. Eventually the boat stalled. I was able to turn the motor, but unable to start it. Fortunately I found a good samaritan to tow me in, but still was left a little confused. The following week I took my boat to the marina (Conestoga Marina, Lancaster, PA - a mercury "master" mechanic), and had them do a diagnostic. They also were the marina responsible for the dewinterization. I was told that the gas was fine (had 3/4 tank with stabil), and that the main engine breaker went bad. The main breaker was replaced and I took the boat back out (much more cautiously this time). Of course the same problem occurred but this time I was close to the dock and didn't stall. No other problems on the boat occurred (normal oil pressure, normal running temp, charged battery, no fuses out). I believe that the problem is "bad/old" gas. They told me that the boat was winterized immediately (in November), but there were inconsistencies and I'm certain that the gas wasn't exposed to stabil until ~2 months after they received the boat. I've removed all but 1/8 tank of gas, but was curious if anyone can think of other issues that may need trouble shooting prior to anxiety attack #3. Again the diagnostic was clean, so I'm think the fuel pumps/filters/separators are fine, but obviously, I've been fooled before. Any advise/suggestion is well met! Thanks!
  9. 2008 ENZO SV220


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