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  1. Thanks for all the great input. Fivebar2 do you know which prop you were running?
  2. Another question? What is the forums opinion on the Acme 2247 or the Acme 1433 prop for a 2016 RI237 or what other prop should I consider? Based on my elevation and mostly surfing which prop would you recommend? I would also like to be able to cruise at maybe 35 or 38 MPH if possible.
  3. About $24,000 difference in price. Both boats will have the H6 motor. I like to run additional lead where needed about 500 lbs total. I usually run about 8 to 10 people and our elevation is 200 ft. But I would like the option to run at Lake Tahoe maybe once in awhile with a spare prop. Thanks for the help.
  4. I'm new to the Centurion Crew and I'm moving up from my 2007 Supreme V208. We mostly surf, wakeboard some, and drag our kids around on a tube. I don't have the coin the buy new 2017 RI 237 but I'm looking at a few used ones out there. I'm concerned about the prop shaft angle change that happened with the 2017's. Should I be worried about buying the first year model of the new RI? Thank you in advance for your help in determining my new family boat.

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