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  1. Supreme Font?

    Supreme font for me too please kyleolinski@gmail.com
  2. S 238 stereo build

    thank you Wylie
  3. Who has the most weight? ‘16,’17,’18 S238

    thank u Aquaholic I'm headed down to your river JK looks like the perfect width when there is no boat traffic waves disappear when u come back thru we are on the st croix river WI-MN border its a washout after 11am i.e.:big cruisers we had a mastercraft csx220 same hull as the x25 great wave with 2500lbs and a ronix wedge but forever pull out set up and fill bags manually 25min . The kids disliked waiting and sometimes, because it takes shuffling around n time to set up conditions changed. you are correct the wave was tall and we could and on a good run go 15' back only we found that the depth of river if deeper really made a difference in wave quality over 15 foot was much better cleaner taller longer wave So went to boat show this year to look at what we could afford to purchase 5 years down the road and ended up purchasing an 18 s238 we are excited to say the least What u get for the price was the sign n drive deal for us compared to any other boat out there as compared to a used boat with no warranty and same payment because of shorter payment term Anyways I just want to set up the boat with the correct weight ect before we put in river hopefully by May we hope!!!!!! with neoprene on
  4. Who has the most weight? ‘16,’17,’18 S238

    thank you h20 king aquaholic what speed and settings for wake surfing are you running what is the height of the wave 3 1/2'- 4' ?
  5. S 238 stereo build

    just purchased a 18 s238 without tower speakers what is the attachment to the tower some kind of clamp can i order these thru crutch field and what kind of tower speakers that are cost effective would you recommend thank you
  6. Who has the most weight? ‘16,’17,’18 S238

    fresh newbie here just purchased a 18 s238 looking to put 1100 in rear and plenty of lead under seats ect what is the acme number for the high altitude prop the current one on the boat is a acme 1235 14.5 x 14.25 is that the high altitude prop

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