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  1. Thanks for the replies!! It was freshwater only. Okay awesome, all good info! So this boat has the A plate, it has the 750 bags in the rear i believe, mid ship bags, and a bow bag all plummed in plus the quick fill tanks. We have never owned an inboard, we had an IO a few years ago and saved up for a few summers to finally upgrade! OKay awesome i will ask about the Valterra valves, i have heard of that before. The dealership seems to have awesome reviews so i do trust those guys a ton! Super stoked to find a RH drive for us goofy guys.
  2. Hey dudes! After searching we decided on a boat! Here is the link! https://www.transitionwatersports.com/default.asp?page=xPreOwnedInventoryDetail&id=7846324&p=1&s=Year&d=D&t=preowned&fr=xPreOwnedInventory So we are water testing it this Saturday, I figure were going to make sure every single button and feature works, but what else? This is our first wake/surf boat? If anything doesn't function the dealership will fix it for us. Cant wait!
  3. Hey Doug! Thinking about it! They have that 2013 SV233 there that looks real clean! If we can work out a deal on it i would love to buy from our local dealer for the relationship with them. And it would probably pay off anyways to have a decent friendship with them even if we went slightly above budget. That's awesome to hear! Definitely makes the idea of spending a little more to stay local worth it! Thanks for the huge write up man! REALLY APPRECIATE IT! I feel like i am kind of with you. I would rather get the best boat I can get because a year from now i can add a 3k upgrade into infinity tabs but it ill be a long time before we buy another boat! id rather get a newer low hour boat than an older loaded(surf accessories) boat. We will be able to throw a suck gate on there and we have a super good friend who will be able to weld an Aplate attachment on there in a snap. That 233 looks super rad.
  4. So I can get it pretty close to 50k. And they are willing to take some snowmobiles that we have as trade. So that’s the bonus. Our budget is 50k we decided. I doubt we can get a newer boat than this 2013? Considering still waiting to see what happens with the market. I think people will be in a pinch sadly and have to offload their boats in certain situations.
  5. I am considering going for a slightly newer boat and throwing Infinity tabs or GSA on down the road. This boat is at our local centurion dealer (within 1.5 hours) and seems to be clean as can be. They are open to letting it go a little less. What do you guys think? Thanks for all your guys help. Youre making this process a lot more confidence inspiring. https://www.boats.com/power-boats/2013-centurion-enzo-sv233-7306203/
  6. Will a suckgate and an Aplate do the same thing as a surf system but just be more manual than automated? Or is the surf system noticeably better for shaping the wave?
  7. No we have the space for whatever, I agree with you. So what about SV230 vs 240. Because there isn’t a lot of 240s. The one above seems expensive for the year
  8. Thanks for the awesome write up guys! Super helpful. Seems like you can definitely get a good goofy wave just takes some work. so what if your options were a 2010/11 Avy or a 2007/8 Enzo?
  9. Hey guys! So yesterday I thought we were set on an Avalanche. Turns out our family is all putting in their 2 cents. Shocker. We are a family of 8 Adults. 2/3 of us boys ride goofy. We’re were all about the avalanche, but we feel like the SV240 might be more our speed since it is 2’ longer and better for a big family. But be honest. Is the goofy wave that bad? That’s a big deal to us, we love board sports. Grew up skating and snowboarding and surfing. we want a good wave on both sides. What’s the boat for us? Budget is around 40. should I go to a tige 24V? Thanks guys!
  10. Looking to buy a used Avy

    https://www.rockinghammarine.com/inventory/2013-centurion-avalanche-c4-johnson-city-tn-37615-10525368i What do you guys think of this one?
  11. Hey Guys! 26 and finally in a situation where I can buy a wake boat! Set on an Avy C4 2007+ love to wake surf and enjoy wake boarding. 2/3 of us ride goofy so we’re going Avy over Enzo. Let me know if anyone is interested in selling!

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