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  1. Surf Tabs

    I have installed the surf assist listed below on my 2008 SV230, The system really works well.If you need any more info just let me know. https://www.wakemakers.com/go-surf-assist-aftermarket-surf-system.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAlIXfBRCpARIsAKvManzfjoPU2udEsGdph6Tim0gDjG7Rx8Ok9AI9e7MrwKACdTFwN0ak-ykaAhyoEALw_wcB
  2. I just left my hardware on the boat and just pulled off the blade. I put on a surf system and built a centre plate just short of the switchblade hardware. It works great.
  3. I have 3 of them in my SV230 and they work great with no issues.
  4. I have had mine for 2 summers now on my Enzo. Such a great system.
  5. You have 6 blue plugs on that motor and water pump.
  6. I just did mine on a 2008 SV230. I thing I learned is to pull out the v-drive completely. They say you can do this job without pulling the v-drive but it will save you a lot of time and pain if you pull it out.
  7. I have had mine for 1 year now on a 2008 Enzo SV230 and I run both Enzo sacs full and about 500 bow weight and my push and length is longer level then listed. Check out my videos to see the wave.https://vimeo.com/172614995
  8. Can anyone give me the measurements of the FS44 Swim platform?. I have a 2008 Enzo sv230 and I would like to cut down my platform.
  9. Where can you order the newer style brackets ? Cost ?
  10. I do have one installed and i can honestly tell you I love it. Here are a few videos below.
  11. Acme 1579 vs 1433?

    I am pretty sure the 1433 is what I ran last year. I did get the burn on the bottom of my 2008 Enzo SV230 but it was minor. I really noticed a difference with the bigger diameter prop. I am now running the 1617 which is even a lower pitch and it works great for surfing but it does rev a bit on top end.

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