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  1. The mechanics and i again smelled the exhaust-gas smell at rest after the boat had been running for 30min or so. It was also really hot outside at the time - 100 degrees..... Keep in mind, it did not smell before this. They all came to the conclusion that it could be diurnal emissions: http://www.boatingmag.com/how-to/fuel-system-safety-tips The smell only occurs when the engine has been running for awhile, and at the same time the weathers temperature increases.... Thoughts?
  2. i finally was able to take the boat out last weekend. Had 2 mechanics with me at the time. NO TICKING! NO EXHAUST LEAK! W
  3. WickedC4- Thanks for the pic! What other symptoms would occur if the exhaust manifold gasket needs replacing beside "tick tick tick?" Would the performance be effected? I have not noticed any performance problems at all. Thanks!
  4. I don't believe my boat has a cat converter... I thought it might be unburnt gas as well because I usually smell it within 5 minute after throttling down from surfing or cruising. Thanks for everyone's help. I'm going to check the exhaust manifold asap and keep you posted.
  5. I was thinking it may be exhaust related. I will listen for a ticking sounds next time I am out. I assume the ticking will be around the exhaust?
  6. I have had this random smell of exhaust or gas in the bilge at random times throughout the day and I cannot figure out where or why. It has always been like this since I purchased the boat in 2010. I was wondering if anyone has had this issue. It's driving me NUTS! Here's when I notice the smell: 1.) generally the bilge area has what my mechanic likes to call a "boat smell" which is basically a oily, metal, engine and fiberglass like smell". 2.) when coming to a stop from surfing or when I come to a stop the combination of the "boat smell" and gas and/or exhaust smell seeps through into the cabin area. Not extremely strong, but enough to wonder. I run the blower and it seems to go away. 3.) the smells location is completely random. Sometimes in closer port, other times it's on the starboard side. Other times it's closer to the ski lockers. What I have done: 1.)My mechanic checked all fill lines and vents, looked for cracks in tank, fuel filter and also the fuel sending unit. Everything was intact. 2.) no visible gas in bilge water. 3.) cleaned the bilge. My conclusion: 1.) I think it might be what they call the "station wagon effect" where the exhaust travels back into the cabin area and vents. 2.) my tank was filled too much causing more fumes to vent. In comparison, when the tank was closer to empty, the smell was less apparent. 3.) since the tank is plastic it is permeable and hence smelling the fumes. When all the heat from the engine is trapped while not moving, the smell of gas combined with "boat smell" is rising through all the areas where air can flow. Again, I run the blower all the time and especially when I start to smell even a hint. Have you or any of the mechanics there run into this???? My boat is a 2007 centurion enzo sv230 with Sideswipe. Thanks VJ
  7. Did you ever figure out this issue? I am having the same problem. Tsunami pumps work but phone chargers do not. I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks
  8. 07 enzo 240 metcraft tower

    Well I have the same boat... '07 Enzo and when i called great lake skipper, they would only sell the whole tower, not the piece.... there are two towers on that site that look the same, so not sure which one it is. Best to do the measurements on your boat. Bummer about the tower... i have heard many people have had problems with it. I'm still waiting on callback from guy i bought my piece from.
  9. 07 enzo 240 metcraft tower

    How did that happen? Do you have pics? I broke the bottom bracket and couldn't find a part anywhere. The company went out of business (metcraft). I bought the piece i needed from a guy on this site who broke the same tower and was selling old parts. i think he may have the more parts. i will contact him to see if he has some pieces to his old tower. You can also buy a new tower at www.greatlakesskipper.com
  10. Beep Beep

    I had the same issue... 2 beeps every couple mintutes.. when juiced it it gave me a continuous beep.... Turned out a had a faulty block pressure sensor. Good luck

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