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  1. We have seen a lot of new members in 2017, which is great! For the members that might not know, only two of us run and manage the community. We both have demanding full time jobs. We spend countless hours of our limited free time maintaining the site server, software, support, upgrades in general managing the community and that is just a part of what else goes on in the background. This year was a real under taking with the site upgrade that moved us to a completely new software version. While it may look relatively the same when using the site just about everything changed in the background and we were not expecting the learning curve. While figuring things out we still have a few more major things to do when time permits and we appreciate everyone patience. Not here to complain we do it because, we enjoy it, we get to meet new people that turn into lifelong friends and we always have something in common with everyone, our passion for spending time with family and friends on the water in our boats. We built the CenturionCrew.Com community which was launched over nine years ago. Life and priorities change over 9 years and sometimes managing the site can be a burden. Like the site going down while on a long needed vacation and trying to get it back online with cell phone with limited signal or spending an entire weekend instead of a few hours upgrading the site software because, of some unforeseen issues with incompatible software versions, server upgrades, etc. In nine years the community has grown to over 8,000 members currently, with new members joining on a daily basis. Out of the 8,000 plus members, only 70 of them are currently Supporting Members. Supporting memberships are what support the site/community. Considering the amount of time/hours we spend running and maintaining the site compared to the rate of return, most would wonder why we do it. Since the beginning we have said, as long as the financial burden does not fall solely on us we will continue to run, maintain and grow the community. This year there has been talk about hosting images, bandwidth, file size among other issues. At the end of the day becoming a Supporting Member solves all of the issues. It is $30 a year, $2.50 a month, $.08 a day to have unlimited bandwidth with the only restriction being the size of the image. The images just need to be resized and we believe we have automated the process with the most recent upgrade. The ironic thing is, so many members of this site talk about how much they get from it. Yet it seems they feel it is somehow not their responsibility to help support the very thing that brings them the advice they are looking for, friends from far and near they would have never met otherwise, the sense of pride from ownership of their Centurion/Supreme Boat and the spirit of sharing it with fellow boat owners within the community. Those that have been in the community for a while know we very seldom say anything about memberships or supporting the site. This is a community, we built it, launched it, maintain it, we never wanted to have to ask for members to support it, we just assumed that it would happen. Considering the fact we still put our person funds into the site, plus our free time, it is frustrating having to actually ask members of the community to support it. We need more members supporting the community they enjoy visiting on a reqular basis. Please consider purchasing one of the memberships outlined below. Centurion Boats Supporting Membership - $30.00 Annually - Upgraded to Centurion Forum Group - UpgradedCenturion Supporting Member Icon - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Supreme Boats Supporting Membership - $30.00 Annually - Upgraded to Supreme Forum Group - Upgraded Supreme Supporting Member Icon - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Centurion Dealer Supporting Membership - $100.00 Annually - Upgraded to Centurion Dealer Forum Group - Upgraded Centurion Dealer Supporting Member Icon - About the Dealer page in the Dealer Classifieds - Unlimited Centurion boat advertising in the Dealer Classifieds - Access to post Centurion Dealer events in News From Centurion Boat and Dealers Sub-Forum - Increased Disk space for attachments, pictures and video - Increased bandwidth - Increased User Profile Pic Size - Increased Private Messaging Storage with Attachments in Private Messaging - Personal signature - Private and Public Centurion Crew Picture/Media Gallery Overall, thanks for all of the support from everyone on the Crew over the past nine years, we truly appreciate everyone of you and are thankful for it. For those members that continue to support the community yearly we could not have done it without you. Thanks for helping to make the community what it is today! Be sure to share your thoughts on supporting the community and how the CenturionCrew.Com and SupremeCrew.Com community has help you through the years. Regards, Ken and Andrea
  2. Announcing the next Crew Deal! Heavy-Duty Guide Pole Pads with Capped Ends How many sets of guide pole covers have you gone through over the years? The kind that you install and the first time you bump them with the boat they rip or tear. The splits in the material start to fray and they start looking bad in no time or the pads start to look lumpy when the foam of the pads start to fall apart, caused by being made from multiple glued together pieces. You spend too much time making sure your boat and trailer are perfect to have worn out looking guide pole pads. Not anymore, the heavy duty guide pole pads, pictured above, in this latest Crew Deal are some of the best on the market. If you are tired of replacing guide pole pads every season then these are the pads you need. The pads are made of heavy duty 600-Denier Nylon giving them the look and feel of canvas. The top of the covers have a beaded capped end so the pads sit perfect on top of the PVC posts for a clean look. The internal foam for the pads are always made from one continues piece of foam. The manufacture confidently guarantees these pads will not rip! The guide pole pads are only available in black with white print. 36" 2-Sided Centurion Pads - USA $47 pair + $11 UPS Shipping 36" 2-Sided Centurion Pads - Canada $47 pair + $20 USPS Shipping or 48" 2-Sided Centurion Pads - USA $52 pair + $11 UPS Shipping 48" 2-Sided Centurion Pads - Canada $52 pair + $20 USPS Shipping To order please PM CrewAdmin with what you would like, your email address and shipping address. We will then send a email/invoice, you can pay for your order with a Credit Card or PayPal account. This deal will end on the 31st of October 2010, order will be placed the following day. If you have any questions please post them here.
  3. The Supreme Boat Owners Category is now live for everyone in the community to use. If a member post an issue, questions, suggestion all boat owners are welcome to respond just as they are in the existing forums. We ask that everyone help us identify threads that were created around the discussion of a Supreme Boat by posting a link to them in this thread. We will then move them to the Supreme Boat General Discussion Sub-Forum. Once the Supreme Boat Owners Category has had a chance to grow we will begin adding more Sub-Forums to the Category as discussed in a previous thread. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.
  4. Boat Lines & Dock Ties is here with all American-made products you can’t find anywhere else. You can trust the premium quality of their boat supplies and accessories. Use their built-to-last boat lines, dock tie downs, and nylon ropes to safely secure your boat, personal watercraft, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, etc. When faced with incoming waves and changing tides, their bungee dock ties are the best option on the market to protect your boat at a permanent or temporary dock. No matter your needs, they will help keep your watercraft exactly where it needs to be. We have been using their gear for years and can say first hand these lines are built to last. They pride themselves on Fast, Friendly Customer Service & High Quality USA Products. They can help you solve unique custom projects, locate hard to find parts, accessories & more. Call them for a quote today. They offer bulk pricing, on stock & custom made cords and hooks. Boat Lines & Dock Ties is offering our members 20% off site wide with discount code: CREW20 Need help or just don’t like placing orders online? They love to talk! Call Them. 541- 728-3991 Thank you for looking.
  5. Help identify boat

    This Ski Centurion by Fineline outboard ski and wakeboard has a fiberglass hull, is 20.33 feet long and 82 inches wide at the widest point. The boat weighs approximately 1150 pounds with an empty fuel tank and without any gear or passengers. The maximum horsepower we have listed for this outboard boat is 150 hp . If repowering you will want to verify the max horsepower for safety and to make sure your insurance company will insure your boat. New engines are expensive so having the manual for your engine is a great investment. Despite the fiberglass hull on this ski and wakeboard, we recommend that the boat be kept dry and covered in order to preserve the value of the boat. Proper care and regular maintenance can help your craft stay nice and increase resale value. We have included some outboard engine information since a boat isn't much good without a good, reliable source of power. Engine Information: Boat Max HP : 150 hp
  6. Centurion Swim Platform Pad by SeaDek Comfort, durability and a finished look and feel are all characteristics of SeaDek's line of stock and custom swim platform traction pads. Made from closed-cell EVA foam that will not absorb water and is easily applied with long lasting, easy to apply peel-and-stick adhesive makes SeaDek superior to other traction alternatives on the market. Each pad starts with a 5mm foam on the bottom for comfort and shock absorption. A thermo embossed, 3mm layer is then added to the top for durability and superior non-skid performance in both wet and dry conditions. Next the easy to apply PSA backing is added to the pad. Finally a CNC machine routes a finished bevel along the outer edge of the pad to prevent lifting or peeling and then the Centurion logo is routed into the center of the pad. Two color laminated SeaDek material (8mm total thickness) PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing Centurion Logo routed into pad (like pictures below) Storm Gray over Black Storm Gray over Black Retail Price: $220.95 plus shipping Available Swim Platform Colors: Storm Gray over Black Storm Gray over Cool Gray Cool Gray over Black Cool Gray over Storm Gray White over Black White over Storm Gray White over Cool Gray Seafoam Green over Black Seafoam Green over Storm Gray Seafoam Green over Cool Gray Caribbean Blue over Black Caribbean Blue over Storm Gray Caribbean Blue over Cool Gray Beach Sand over Black Mica over Black SeaDek has a template that fits all Centurion boat models 2008 and newer, see basic drawing below. If you are ordering for an older model you might be required to create a template and submit it to SeaDek for digitizing to make your swim platform pad. The kit will include the following: (1) sheet clear Mylar plastic 40" x 80", (1) indelible marker, (1) data form, (1) template instructions, (1) set of EVA foam color samples and cost $15.00 plus $7.00 shipping. When you place the order for the swim platform pad you have created the template for, the $15.00 you paid for the template kit will be subtracted from your order, so the only cost to you will be the $7.00 for shipping. Once you recieve the kit follow the simple templating instructions. Below is a DIY video with instructions on how to create the template. Once you have decided what you would like to order and whether or not you will need to create a template please send a PM to the CrewAdmin with: Name Shipping Address Main Color Accent Color Boat model Year Template needed Afterwards a PM with total cost and instructions to finalize the order will be sent to you. Attention Canadian Crew Members: Sorry there will be an additional cost to Canada for shipping as soon as it is finalized it will be added to the thread. Pads with custom graphics can also be ordered for an additional fee, you can have just about anything you want. This Crew Deal will close on the 3rd of March 2010.
  7. What app is everyone using??????

    WE used Tapatalk in the past, when we last updated the site software we had an issue. Tapatalk is all but, impossible to get support from. We are currently trying again.
  8. CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover • All Covers are Made in the USA • Spare Tire covers will be made of heavy duty waterproof vinyl. • UV Protected to stop fading. • Each cover comes with built-in elastic that stretches to ensure a snug fit around the tire. • The Spare Tire Cover will be made to fit the tire it is ordered for. • Every cover will come with a drain flap at the bottom to ensure water will not collect and deteriorate the cover. • The round logo will be printed on the Spare Tire Cover with heavy duty white vinyl ink. Note: Tire Covers are made to securely fit the tire that they are being ordered for. Tire size is important and can be found on tire in raised rubber. The tire size will be required to place an order. Installation: To protect tire and cover, it is recommended that the spare tire be clean and dry before installing cover. A minimum of twelve covers will need to be ordered for the Crew Deal to move forward. Each cover will be approximately $50.00 each plus shipping. Once there is enough interest we will finalize the price and determine a shipping cost. If you are interested in a cover(s) please post on this thread how many you plan to order.
  9. Recently there have been multiple post on items found on Craigslist. Going forward this thread will be the place for all CRAIGSLIST FINDS. This is not be used to promote something you are selling else where that is what the classifieds are for. This is for members that find good deals to post them up for Crew members to take advantage of. Basically a thread for anything Craigslist for sale or funny.
  10. We are excited to tell everyone about the latest in Crew gear. All members now have the opportunity to create a one of a kind custom t-shirt. Front of the t-shirt will have the CenturionCrew.Com or SupremeCrew.Com logo over the shirt pocket location. The rear of the t-shirt will have an image of your choice printed within the interior of the CenturionCrew.Com or SupremeCrew.Com logo. Crew members will select a T-Shirt size, color and attach a high resolution image to be printed. The team will create a proof for approval, once approved the T-Shirt will be printed and shipped. Up to four T-Shirts can be shipped for the same price. T-Shirts must be added to the cart separately due to the need to attach image and any instructions. Only four T-Shirts can be purchased per transaction (limitation of store), more than four t-shirts added to a single transaction will cause an error. Do not let this stop you from ordering as many t-shirts as you want. Standard and Ladies Cut t-shirts will be available in the following colors. You can add any image you want to the back of any of the available t-shirts. More details in the store, click HERE to order your t-shirts now! Standard CenturionCrew.Com and SupremeCrew.Com T-Shirts Please post or PM the CrewAdmin with and questions.
  11. We will continue with this design for 2018.
  12. CREW DEAL: 2018 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    Only if we can get a minimum of 12 ordered.
  13. Photo of the first two shirts to be printed.
  14. CenturionCrew Spare tire cover?

    This thread is now CLOSED. Please see the CREW DEAL: 2018 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover thread for details.
  15. CenturionCrew Spare tire cover?

    If there is enough interest we can setup another crew deal.
  16. The CenturionCrew.com and SupremeCrew.Com Facebook presence has long needed to be updated. Today a Facebook site for CenturionCrew.Com was launched HERE and a Facebook site for SupremeCrew.Com was launched HERE. Please take a minute to check out both sites and be sure to Join the groups if you have not already done so. Users may also access the groups from the forum at the top of the site. Clicking link (1) will take the user to the CenturionCrew.Com Facebook site and clicking link (2) will take the user to the SupremeCrew.Com Facebook site. While on either site users may click the icon for the sister site under the Recommended by the Admins section towards the top of either page. Again please be sure to Join both Groups and let us know what you think?
  17. We have had a long standing relationship with Mike Walker of the Walker Project. Many of his boards have passed under our feet over the years. Many Crew members that have ridden with us or been to a past CCC Weekend have seen or ridden the original Double Fish, pictured below. After years of being passed around and ridden hard it is time for her to retire. When we thought about having the Double Fish II made the first person that came to mind was Mike Walker since some of the features of this board were inspired by him back in the day. Talking with Mike brought out the idea of sharing the entire board build from beginning to the end with the community members of the Crew. The project started with us providing Mike with the original design drawing of the Double Fish we made back in 2009. For those that have not had a chance to ride the Double Fish. With the fish tail the rails run the full length of the board maximizing the rail length. The tail also causes the rails to be pushed out further than most boards due to the width making it super fast down the line. The tail design removes some of the surface area behind the fins compared to a pin tail, this gives the board more bite and drive keeping the tail under control when making hard turns on edge. The tail has a slight rocker giving it more speed and stability when being ridden revert. The hard edge of the rail starts at the back of the board blending into a softer edge that starts just behind the nose rocker, giving the board a rolled nose area for easy slashing without cutting into the face of the wave. The nose or second tail was added to the original design just to be different since everyone at the time had a blunt or diamond nose plus it compliments the board shape. We found out after the fact the nose shape gives the rider several subtle advantages. The board seems more stable when being ridden revert and offers more stability when doing 360's. The wider nose keeps the board from pearling as easy and the split nose has a tendency to let water come under and around the leading edge nose and over the outside area of the nose making it much easier to recover from pearling the board. Overall this has been one of our favorite shapes going on eight years, so much so we are having a new one built for the 2017 season. For those of you that have ridden the Double Fish and offered, begged and pleaded to buy it, this is your chance. Mike will build a limited edition run of 15 boards that will be on a first come first served basis. Once the 14 slots, yes since one is ours making it 15 total boards are spoken for the board and shape will never be built again. More details on the boards including pricing, options, colors, etc. will be posted in the near future. More build details to come, hope everyone enjoys the build. Let us know what you think.
  18. New Member Intro!

    Welcome everyone, we have just launched the site and glad to be up! Introduce yourself and boat, again welcome to the Centurion Crew! - Site Admin
  19. 15th - 17th September 2017 Start making plans for the...Date to be determined This year we are moving the CCC Weekend up to Friday (date to be determined) CenturionCrew members, family and friends will begin to descend on Bethy Creek Resort near the town of Riverside, Texas an hour north of Houston. For a weekend of fun on the water, full of Centurion boats and water related activities. Dates for the event were moved up this year per discussions with many of the attendees from last year. Please post on the thread if this causes issues for anyone and we can discuss. Of course the fun of an event like this is that everyone shares their boats, boards and has a blast riding and hanging out with old and new friends. The core group will arrive Friday morning to start setting up for the CCC Weekend. Everyone is welcome to check in when ever they would like and stay as long as they like. Friday - Will be the main arrival day, crew members will check in and get some riding in. That evening CCC will provide an eat and greet meal of sausage wrapped in tortillas along with chips and something sweet. Once everyone has had their fill previous year videos will be shown at the pavilion along with a group fire, giving everyone a chance to meet and put name and faces together. Saturday - Ride Ride Ride and Ride some more, a day full of boat hopping, board swapping, in general spending time and riding with crew members you usually don't get a chance to ride with. Learn some new tricks, try the wake on a different model boat, just get out there and have some fun in the Texas sun. There is a sand bar in front of the resort, the plan is to meet at the sand bar to raft up around 4pm and switch up boards, boats and riders, then head back out for a final session. Crew coming in from out of town can rest assure that they will have a boat to jump in and a board to ride behind, so there is no need to bring any boards if you are flying in for the event. After a full day of riding, dinner will be served by CCC which will consist of something really good that has yet to be decided, including something sweet. After the meal, everyone will gather in the pavilion for music, fun and door prizes. Also, if we can work all the details out, crew members will be able to take hits on the ERC (Endless Ride Cable) 2 tower cable system, boards will be provided or you can use your own. See post below for further information on the cable system which can also be ridden the entire weekend. Sunday - Morning rides depending on your travel plans, there will surely be crew members planning to ride most of the day. So anyone remaining on Sunday will still be able to see some action on the water. For those that are considering flying in from out of town, the Bethy Creek Resort is only 75 miles from IAH (George Bush Intercontinental Airport). There is a chance of talking a local crew member into a ride from the airport or grab the cheapest rental car you can find for the weekend. See post below for directions to the CCC Weekend. If you have any QUESTIONS, Please contact CrewAdmin
  20. can you try to renew now?
  21. All, With the uncertainity of the conditions being left in the wake of the recent floods in the Houston area and Texas Gulf Coast due to Hurricane Harvey we are reluctantly going to cancel the upcoming 8th Annual CenturionCrew.Com Weekend. We looked forward to spending the weekend with everyone and plan to make next year bigger and better than every. Please PM CrewAdmin if you have any questions or concerns. Best Regards, Ken & Andrea
  22. I am Not a Newbie

    Didn't take it wrong only giving a timeline to help resolve any issues you might of had. Let us know if you have any questions?
  23. I am Not a Newbie

    Late Thursday 7/27, did what we thought was a quick software upgrade that had a less than desireable effect on the site. We stayed up way later than planned trying to get the issues resolved. Back at it first thing Friday morning trying to get the community back online while also performing regular jobs. First time in 9 years, we run out of time and had to leave to be somewhere that had been planned in advance knowing we would not have internet service with the site offline. Late Friday night 7/28 we get a break and go way out of our way to get internet access and are finally able to get the site online to our relief. Did loose some data due to reinenstating a site backup during the process. Then the site went down briefly on Monday, everything is fixed now. The crazy thing is we had everyone we could working to resolve the issues as we had no choice but, to leave town. Instead of some much needed chilled downtime we stressed all weekend, checking emails, making calls, etc. So in recent times the site was offline Thursday 7/27 around 6pm until Friday 7/28 around midnight, offline Monday 7/31 around 10am until 4pm. Not sure what issue you were having, might have been a cache issue with the device you were using.
  24. I am Not a Newbie

    There is no reason for you not being able to log in with user enzo101mo. Not sure what your issue was but, you created a new account under enzo101m0 on 07/31/2017 before we had any issues with the site and upgraded it to Centurion on Tuesday. The original enzo101mo membership was at a status of Crew. We have combined the memberships password should be based off the most recent account. Let us know if you have any further issues, feel free to contact us directly in the future. The only issue was you aviator, we set it to the picture you had posted in this thread.

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