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  1. Have a 2015 SV233...Need Help

    My dash is different. Try your CATS at 50. Tab at 0. At least 11mph
  2. Have a 2015 SV233...Need Help

    No, I manually do it every time out.
  3. Have a 2015 SV233...Need Help

    The QF valves tend to seize up over time so what I do is open the starboard side first and check the vent hole under the gas cap to make sure air is being pushed out of the tank. If it’s not I stop and start it until it’s filling. Then I do the same on the port side. Then fill the fat sacs
  4. Have a 2015 SV233...Need Help

    Fill the QF on both sides.You need to fill the starboard side one before you start filling the fat sacs on the port side to keep the intake low in the water. Also fill the port pro and port pnp. We have 200#’s of lead jammed in the back port corner behind the pnp sac. Wake plate at 0 and CATS at 100 going 11.2 mph should be a good starting place. Ours is a 2014 SV244 but should be pretty much the same as yours.
  5. What is the gap between the prop and the hull? On my 07 SV230 I had about 1/2”
  6. Prop Thread

    I really liked a five blade prop on my 2007 SV230 but I’m at sea level. Call Nettles or Acme Props to get more insight.
  7. Prop Thread

    Are you looking for more speed or more holeshot?
  8. Does the 240 have the quick fill hard tanks? I think the older Enzo’s that didn’t have the quickfill tanks made a better wakesurf wake with less ballast.
  9. With the suck gates you need to fill all your sacs and tank. Bow weight is also required for best results. The suck gate needs to be back as far as possible then play with the height. My boat likes it just at the top of the water, my friends Tige likes it well under.
  10. Probably a few hundred pounds in the bow. Invite a few friends out and move them around until the wake cleans up. Start at around 10mph
  11. Is there a bench seat at the back you can put a ballast bag under? You will also need a bow sac and the suck gate is a must.
  12. Bow ballast bag, 750 ballast bags in both rear lockers and a suck gate on the side should do it.
  13. Enzo 233 409 hp

    It would depend on the propeller but on average probably around 40mph
  14. They are the stock tires on the trailer. Power King Towmax STR 205/75/15

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