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  1. We picked up a SuckGate to try something new on our SV244. We filled all ballast, five of them pumped in. Is there any issue running all the pumps at the same time with the engine running?
  2. SV244 cover

    My boat has a gladiator tower so probably won’t work on your boat Infinitysurf. Nick213, we get lots of rain here in the Pacific Northwest, so I’m not sure your stock cover showing it’s age will get it done for me. Thanks for the interest guys.👍
  3. I’ve got a custom made cover by Evolution Covers used one season that I would like to sell or trade for a factory cover. It’s a great cover if you can get around both sides of your boat to get the hooks under the rubrail, but we can only adjust from the dockside.
  4. Have you measured the lockers to see if the current sacs max out the area? Getting custom made ballast bags is not that expensive if there is more room in those lockers. There wasn't much extra room for larger sacs in the lockers of my SV244 so I just bought a few hundred pounds of lead bags to tweak the wake.
  5. I hear ya Wylie. We figure it will save two minutes filling and emptying. One reason I am considering it is our empty timer settings on the port PnP is stuck at 4:50. This new pump might make that amount of time work, lol.
  6. I see on Wakemakers website that there are new Jabsco ballast pumps that are 33% faster. Has anyone done this upgrade to their boat? The original pump draws 11.5 amps and these new pumps will draw 19. Any issues with that?
  7. In boat speakers working on one side only

    You're correct Wylie, it was upstream. It's the Exile ZLD zone control. Wiggling the wires at the "front zone"output could get sound on both sides so something must have rattled loose on the inside. I'll take it to my local stereo guy and see if he can fix it. Thanks again, John
  8. With the boat in my driveway and zero water pressure on the valves they open and close with ease.
  9. In boat speakers working on one side only

    I’ll check the Exile zone control (upstream) next. where would I find the “input mode”? thanks, john
  10. In boat speakers working on one side only

    Okay, I switched 1/2 and the music switched sides. I then tried 3/4 and 5/6 and didn't get any sound. I put it back but reversed to 2/1 and I had music on both sides. I powered on off a couple times and now music is back to one side only, but switched sides with 2/1. Weird
  11. In boat speakers working on one side only

    Yes, I think it was the speakers on the same side that worked. I'll double check again this afternoon. I'll also try the 3/4 in-puts. Thanks Wylie-Tunes!
  12. I have a wetsounds ht6 amp running the inboats. Three speakers each side. I switched the input wires and thats not the issue. Any ideas on where to check next?
  13. Thanks NW. My valves are the two wire ones. My boat is moored in the lake currently but I’ll be pulling it home next week so I’ll check the valves out.
  14. The QF ballast has the valves on the transom under the platform. You have to fill when stationary, and empty when driving. 500lbs per side sounds about right. you can hear and feel the air being pushed out of the tanks when filling at the thru-hulls near the gas caps.
  15. I did not switch valves. I just replaced them with the Drainmasters.

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