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  1. 09 enzo sv230

    A great goofy wake on the SV230 is very difficult. You need the wakeplate down all the way to clean the wake up but that forces the rear of the boat defeating the purpose of ballast so it needs even more. If you’re mainly riding the goofy side you need to find a reverse rotation transmission and propeller.
  2. Centurion sells a replacement kit for the Valterra valves. Has anyone used this kit? Were all the parts like the longer hoses and clamps included?
  3. 09 enzo sv230

    We never used a suck gate on our SV230 but if I did I think I’d fill both rear lockers, up the side seats and under the bow seat, to the max with fat sacs. You probably only need a little wakeplate down to clean up the wake. 11.2 mph is a good place to start. We listed our boat. Get about 1100#’s in the rear locker, 600#’s under the port side seat and a 400# sac pushed as far forward under the seat on the driver side. 11.2 mph for a softer wake, 11.5 for some serious vert! If you have a large crew you don’t require this much weight. We were always just a small crew.
  4. Note to above we run at 11.2mph. Speaking of efficiency, listed over with less ballast it uses 26 litres of fuel per engine hour. The full load suck gate surf uses 35 litres per engine hour.
  5. Im using the 1617 prop on our 2014 SV244. It has the pcm409 engine. It is not a ram fill boat though. Listed with 2700#’s of ballast, the CATS fully cranked plus a couple lightweight passengers it runs around 3300rpms. We are at sea level. Using our suck gate and all 4100#’s of ballast plus 400#’s of lead it settles in around 3600rpm. the boat came with the 1847 prop and it was fine unless we had a large crew and used the suck gate so we upgraded the prop using the prop selector on the Acme website.
  6. Yes, it was sporty. I went to a 5 blade prop. cheers
  7. You will need to upgrade the ballast system for a good wake. Enzo sacs plus a little lead is the norm. Depending on what propeller is on the boat and your elevation you may require to upgrade that as well.
  8. Nice looking boat. The main lounge of the SV233 is about the same size as an older SV240 so a good choice. Does it have the Pro ballast bags under the side seats? What about a bow sac? Going to need extra lead if you want to list it for a great goofy wake. also, does it have the CATS articulating fin? A must have for listing to wakesurf.
  9. The A plate is used when you list the boat, especially for the goofy side you need the plate down to clean up the wake. With a suck gate on the side the A plate is not required. I haven’t surfed an Enzo with a retrofitted Surf system so I can’t comment on how much better the wake is but you can get a pretty amazing wake with the suck gate and it’s a few thousand dollars less.
  10. The interior of the SV230 isn’t that much larger than an Avalanche. The bow area is huge on the 230 though but we never sat up there. An SV233 would be a great choice. The interior lounge area is the size of the SV240 with a smaller bow area. FYI, one of the reasons we didn't use the bow area much was the wake is better without ballast up front.
  11. Enzo all the way. Bigger is always better. Our first centurion was an 07 SV230 and it was great boat. It did need a ballast upgrade but every boat does. Our current boat is a 2014 SV244. The extra interior room is awesome when we have friends on board.
  12. I’d go for the SV240 if those are your choices. Goofy wake is a bit finicky when you list the boat to surf but if you purchase a suck gate it is substantially better.
  13. 2020 Ri237 vs Supra SL450

    Got out on the SL450 yesterday and I have to say the wakesurf wave was a bit of a disappointment. It was long and clean but for the amount of weight we put in the boat it just didn’t have the kind of push my SV244 has. Next up is the Ri237!
  14. 2020 Ri237 vs Supra SL450

    Thanks for the reply’s. I’ve read that the SL will require at least 800#’s of extra weight. My SV244 needs 400#’s of lead and my friend puts 400#’s of lead in his Ri237. My SV230 also required extra weight. We’re surfing the SL Friday so we will see. If the wake isn’t impressive I’ll be doing a demo of the Ri237 next. Fun times!
  15. 2020 Ri237 vs Supra SL450

    The Supra dealer is four hours of highway driving closer to us so if the wake can compete with an Enzo....

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