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  1. Roswell Bimini for sale. New condition. It’s off of a new ri245. Great low price! Please reply to chat!


    1. PaulineVV


      I wonder if this is the same Sewlong Bimini I have on my 2017 RI257.  Any pics you could send? Thanks 

  2. My kids hockey season is just about over. Wakesurfing season starts April 5!

  3. Hockey tryouts start this weekend for my kids. That is the end of wakesurfing on weekends for me.

    1. mancho


      Weeknights are better anyway for us, water is much calmer w no boats.

  4. Got my OJ 5 blade prop today. Now I have to wait patiently for spring.

    1. fropappy


      The time passes slowly in Feb/March.

      So close, yet so far away...

    2. Dreamer


      My boys hockey season ends March 19 so I will break out the drysuit after that. Water wil be around 47' and the air will be about the same but I am getting antsy!

  5. I have already shipped the PP.


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