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  1. What kind of rpm’s are you currently running? On my previous boat the Black Scorpion engine seemed to run most efficiently over 3000 rpms while surfing. I tried to run at lower rpm’s but the small block engine didn’t like being lugged around.
  2. What propeller is currently on the boat? The number will be stamped on the propeller near the shaft opening. Also, how much ballast do you run and what is your elevation?
  3. New boats

    All nice boats. If wakesurfing is the top priority then Centurion all the way. If wakeboarding is the top priority then not a Centurion.
  4. FAE is a must have on any boat!👍
  5. 08 sv230 wakeboard wake

    We didn’t have a switchblade on our SV230 and it did not have a very clean wake board wake, especially at the lower speeds for kids and beginners. If wakeboarding was more important than surfing the Enzo, my current SV244 included, would not be my first choice.
  6. 244 cover

    Can you post up a couple pictures please.👍
  7. Your numbers are close to my 2014 SV244. There was no gear in the boat but with half a tank of gas and a little water left in one of the ballast bags, four Icon 8 tower speakers, 12" sub, etc. it was 7194#'s on the trailer.
  8. We had a vibration in our Enzo a few years back and it was impossible to figure out until one day one of the blades on the propeller came off. Borrow a spare and see if it changes.
  9. Floating Log 1 : CATS O

    Upon closer inspection it looks like the shaft needs to be able to rotate in the copper clamp. I'm going to get a lock washer and nylon nut and see if that will hold it.
  10. Floating Log 1 : CATS O

    Man, my stinking CATS fin spun in its clamp again yesterday without hitting anything. I'm not sure if the nut is loosening over time or it just does not hold the shaft tight enough. You guys with newer Enzo, is there a key installed in the shaft so it can't rotate on the shaft?
  11. Interesting, the manual for my 2014 PCM409 says four quarts.
  12. When pumping the oil out while on the lake I seem to get more oil out pumping from the dip stick tube than the drain tube. Not sure why but it always gets more out.
  13. Love the graphics! I'm on a new TWP this year and it rocks too.
  14. 50lbs bags of lead

    1000#'s of lead? wtf? My SV244 only needs 400#'s due to always running a small crew.

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