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  1. Yes, it was sporty. I went to a 5 blade prop. cheers
  2. You will need to upgrade the ballast system for a good wake. Enzo sacs plus a little lead is the norm. Depending on what propeller is on the boat and your elevation you may require to upgrade that as well.
  3. Nice looking boat. The main lounge of the SV233 is about the same size as an older SV240 so a good choice. Does it have the Pro ballast bags under the side seats? What about a bow sac? Going to need extra lead if you want to list it for a great goofy wake. also, does it have the CATS articulating fin? A must have for listing to wakesurf.
  4. The A plate is used when you list the boat, especially for the goofy side you need the plate down to clean up the wake. With a suck gate on the side the A plate is not required. I haven’t surfed an Enzo with a retrofitted Surf system so I can’t comment on how much better the wake is but you can get a pretty amazing wake with the suck gate and it’s a few thousand dollars less.
  5. The interior of the SV230 isn’t that much larger than an Avalanche. The bow area is huge on the 230 though but we never sat up there. An SV233 would be a great choice. The interior lounge area is the size of the SV240 with a smaller bow area. FYI, one of the reasons we didn't use the bow area much was the wake is better without ballast up front.
  6. Enzo all the way. Bigger is always better. Our first centurion was an 07 SV230 and it was great boat. It did need a ballast upgrade but every boat does. Our current boat is a 2014 SV244. The extra interior room is awesome when we have friends on board.
  7. I’d go for the SV240 if those are your choices. Goofy wake is a bit finicky when you list the boat to surf but if you purchase a suck gate it is substantially better.
  8. 2020 Ri237 vs Supra SL450

    Got out on the SL450 yesterday and I have to say the wakesurf wave was a bit of a disappointment. It was long and clean but for the amount of weight we put in the boat it just didn’t have the kind of push my SV244 has. Next up is the Ri237!
  9. 2020 Ri237 vs Supra SL450

    Thanks for the reply’s. I’ve read that the SL will require at least 800#’s of extra weight. My SV244 needs 400#’s of lead and my friend puts 400#’s of lead in his Ri237. My SV230 also required extra weight. We’re surfing the SL Friday so we will see. If the wake isn’t impressive I’ll be doing a demo of the Ri237 next. Fun times!
  10. 2020 Ri237 vs Supra SL450

    The Supra dealer is four hours of highway driving closer to us so if the wake can compete with an Enzo....
  11. Our 2014 SV244 is approaching 700 hours and we are starting to consider getting a new boat. We were in Kelowna yesterday checking out the boat shops and figure if we make a change it would come down to the Ri237 and the SL450. Both boats would be an upgrade from our 2014 but we thought the fit and finish was more upscale on the Supra. Ultimately we will buy the boat with the better wake so we will have to wait until spring to test ride each boat but I thought I would reach out on this forum and see if anyone has surfed the Supra and get your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  12. I’ve been a big fan of Rotella 15w40 in my boats. I usually pull my batteries out and store them in my garage. I try and put a charger on them once a month in the winter.
  13. I have an issue like this almost every year with my quickfill valves as they tend to seize over time. I just replace them. My boat is not a ramfill boat so I'm not sure if your valves have the same issue. Hopefully someone else will chime in.
  14. Floating Log 1 : CATS O

    Thought I would add an update to this post in case others have issues with the CATS fin. After the first time the CATS fin skewed sideways for no reason, and I'm not sure I hit anything, I would have to re-center it. I would loosen the nut a little, swim under the boat and center the fin then tighten the nut. This would seem to happen at least once a year for the last couple of years. So after happening again last weekend we decided to take it apart and see if we could find a permanent fix. It turns out the shear key had sheared off and the CATS shaft was only being held by the clamping force since the first failure. Brass has a shear strength of 34,000psi and the key is 1/4"x1" so it took 8500#'s of shear to fail? Crazy!
  15. I just did an oil change and used Mobil 5w30 with the blue Gen2 logo. After 650 hours the engine never used a drop of the 15w40 Rotella. Hopefully it doesn’t consume any of this thinner oil.

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