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  1. Fill all ballast a suck gate on the side of the hull should make a fairly good wake. If you don’t have a large crew you will probably have to add ballast.
  2. I'm on my third Centurion, SV230, SV244 and now an Ri245. All have been good boats.
  3. Ri217 CATS

    We have had CATS on our last two boats and use it all the time. Are you listing your boat to surf or have the flow plate system off the back? Get going in your best wakesurfing mode then start playing with CATS. Go all the way to the maximum positive side and watch for the changes. Then go al the way to the maximum negative side of the gauge and watch the differences in the wake. One will give you a nice mellow transition and the other will give you a steeper wake.
  4. I think a wake shaper is the way to go for the older boats. You’ll probably want some bow ballast and fill both rear lockers. Place the majority of your passengers on the surf side. 10.5-11 mph
  5. 2011 Air Warrior?

    Having a good surf wake is all about displacement. You will probably have to upgrade to more ballast (and pumps) depending on what you want to spend. A suck gate for the side of the boat will simplify the ballast system if you are switching from regular to goofy often.
  6. COV2, get the CATS option as it will give you more wakeshaping options. We have it on our Ri245 and it can really change things up. My kids like the wakesurf wake vertical with a firm lip for bombing airs so we crank the CATS to create what they want. My wife and I like a more mellow wake for surface tricks so we adjust the CATS to the opposite side for the best results.
  7. I have a tandem axle trailer and EOH brakes. I did have surge brakes with my last three boats without issues but this boat is heavy. I think the big issue for you is a third axle would add a couple hundred pounds to the overall weight.
  8. I took our Ri245 to the scales and with about 1/3 of a tank of gas, the total weight with no gear in the boat was 8042#’s. This included the tongue weight and it was on the extreme random axle trailer.
  9. Ri230 will be amazing! Congrats.?
  10. You definitely have to put the trim tab all the way down to help clean up the starboard side. We usually fill both QF tanks plus all other ballast on the side we surf. 3/4’s of the passengers in the surf side as well. 11mph minimum
  11. Marine Audio

    What are you looking for? I have a brand new, in box Wetsounds HT-2 amp for sale. Thought one of mine failed so bought it as a replacement but turns out it was only a fuse. I have since sold that boat. PM me if you are interested
  12. Ri245 defaults profiles

    We change our profiles. The factory ones seem wrong. The CATS were off to the wrong side
  13. On a big busy lake it is nicer to have the bigger boat. The out of the box surf wake is okay but with 500#'s of leadwake it can become great. The bigger the boat the better the wake. The 409 is fine at your elevation and the stock prop is designed to work with that engine. The lighter colour of vinyl help in the sun but sometimes we have to splash water even on the light greys to cool them off.
  14. Wetsounds HT-2 Amp

    I have a brand new, still in the box amp for sale. $300 plus shipping.
  15. I put our SV244 on the scales with 2/3rds of a tank of gas plus a tool kit but no gear and it totalled 7200#’s.
  16. A boat with the engine in the rear (v-drive) will almost always surf better than a ski boat with the engine in the middle. Longer boats tend to produce better wakes as well but do require more ballast.
  17. 2012 SV233 or 2014 SV233

    I had a 2014 SV244 with a 409 and it was a great boat. If you opt for the smaller engine it can be re-propped to perform at your elevation. My boat did not have Ramfill but did have CATS, which is really nice option to firm up the wake if your wakesurf crew is small. The early years of Ramfill have valve issues but there is a solution (search this forum) if you go that way.
  18. I always make an offer and usually it’s asking for more than 10% off the listed price. Worst thing they can say is no, best case is a counter offer. I would give it a couple days and call the salesman and see if he received your offer.
  19. RI245 out the door price

    I traded in my 2014 SV244 and got a little less than I wanted but received a 25% discount on msrp.
  20. RI245 out the door price

    TroyR, I have ordered an Ri245 site unseen. March build date. The dealer made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Oh, and I got the ZZ6 engine as well.
  21. I have two brand new Drainmaster replacement valves for sale if anyone is interested.
  22. Thanks for the info. Are there brackets on the market to fit the JL 8.8 speakers on a dropzone tower?
  23. So would four Icon8 or JL Audio 8.8 tower speakers get more sound to the surfer?

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