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  1. Good morning. I saw you talked about replacing the ram fill valves. I have a 2021 ri237 with a broken valve   It’s under warranty but dealer is going to be very slow to fix it.  Which wiring harness do I need to make sure I have  when I order off of Amazon.  Thank you scott 

    1. richy005


      Were you able to get this repair under Warranty?   I have a 2021 Fi23 with broken fill values as well.  The plastic that connects the value to the actuator is so weak and flimsy. 

  2. Jordie Pro Soulcraft 4' 8"


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    I bought this Soulcraft, Jordie Pro new, late last year for $950. Its 4' 8", blue board with black traction. Showroom condition and not a single scratch or nick on it, flawless condition and I never used surf wax on it so it still literally looks brand new. Always kept in a padded board bag, even when in boat, and never put in a boat rack. I have lost 25lbs this summer and it is just a little too big for me @ 170lbs. I recently bought a new SC Voodoo in 4' 6", the size fits me much better and this board is way too nice to keep as a "boat board" and I want someone else to enjoy it as much as I have. I live in NC, since its getting toward the end of the season, $700 takes it, I live in NC. You wont find another used Soulcraft in this shape, if you can find one at all, took me months and $1k to get my new one. **This is what Soulcraft says: **The Jordi - Pro Line is a wider nose, wider tail design with a blunt squash tail and a channel bottom nose. The wider, channelled nose will generate speed and provide stability and hold while performing revert tricks, 180’s and spin tricks. The wider tail helps recover from out back in the wave, enabling the rider to drive forward with the most speed for a big air. Pro Line boards utilize PVC stringers for maximum performance and responsiveness. Futures Fin boxes (Quad). For the highest performing fin options in the water.


  3. 2018 Fi21

    Beautiful boat! Love the exterior colors, that blue really stands out. I surfed an FI21 over Fathers Day weekend this summer at Lake Norris. Stock weight with Ramfill and PnP, 6 adults and 1 kid in boat...was a great wave!
  4. WANTED....Byerly Hazard Board


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    My son lost his and looking for one to replace. 4' 8"....this board is no longer made and having trouble finding one. If you have one in decent shape to sell, please let me know


  5. ShredStixx surfstyle board, carbon fiber rails/stringer

    What year and length is this board (guessing 4' 6" or 4' 8" length)? Where are you located regarding the shipping? I have heard these are nimble boards and good for airing, did you find that to be true? That is my favorite thing to do cause i seem to be progressing faster on air's, compared to 360's, which I have tried about 150 times now...while I get around no problem, I always seem to spin myself out/over the wave and cannot catch the "push" quick enough to keep on rolling. Frustrating as hell, especially cause I am so close each time....and yet so far, lol. Curious on why you are selling, you find something you like better? I am selling my Doomswell Neo cause while I loved the board, I got a SC Jordie Pro middle of last summer and its similar shape as Neo but lighter and I can throw it around a bit better. Too nice to be a boat board tho (have a couple of those for guests), so gonna sell the Neo. I love this SC JS Pro, stable, light and a great board....just would like to have one more nice board that is super nimble for different riding style so depending on my mood, I ride one or the other.
  6. 2017 Doomswell Neo

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    2017 Doomswell Neo board (4' 8" long) in great condition, no dings/dents...a few light scratches from normal use. Very well cared for and always carried in a bag. It was never put in traditional board racks....have custom Corson Piper racks mounted to bottom of tower so when surfing it was out of sun and protected, never "banged" into back of boat, etc. Purchased new in March of 2017 for $700 and cheapest price new that I can find for this board is $675. Incredible board, very stable and buoyant yet maneuverable and lots of fun. I Started learning on skim board and once I got this board, it helped me improve immediately because its fast and easy to recover from back of wave (I kept washing out of wave with the skim cause it was not the right size for my weight). Since I could keep the wave so much easier, in 1 summer I was able to progress from beginner to intermediate. I upgraded to the Soulcraft version of this board and this Neo is too nice to become a "boat board", so selling to someone who will love it as much as I have. I am 5' 10" and 200lbs, comes with quad fin setup, personally I liked it with just the 2) F3 fins since I love to carve, throw it around and spin... adding the 2) nubster fins adds even more stability and speed. If you are local, welcome to test. If not, I can arrange shipping to lower 48, located in North Carolina. More pics provided upon request. The Doomswell NEO is the wakesurf board you are looking for to take your surfing to the next level. We've designed it with a slightly tucked rail, maintaining a full crisp edge for release. The bottom rocker is flat between the feet for speed, and slightly increased in the ends for high performance surfing. A full concave is used to offset the slightly increased rocker so the board maintains speed. If you are looking for quick rail to rail surfing and a board that will boost on command, then this is "The One." Ride as a quad with large front and "nubster" rear fins to give you plenty of drive down the line with a very "locked in" stable feel. Remove the small rear fins and ride as a twin fin with the large front fins and the board becomes very loose and able to spin. Features: Vector Net Aramid (Kevlar) for increased tensile strength,br>-Futures (ILT) Quad Fin System Futures Thermocore F3 front fins w/nubster rear fins Full Deck Traction w/ 3M Marine Grade PSA Adhesive Ultralight weight EPS Foam Core Stock Dimensions: Size Chart 4’-8” x 20-1/2” x 2-1/4” Volume = 30L Recommended rider size = Up to 250



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