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  1. @Nick213 You have the REV-8's right now correct? You have any issues with them and part of your decision to upgrade, or just wanted to go bigger? I noticed over the last month or so of summer that 1 of my REV-8's was making a funny noise when I turned it up to around #30+ on the volume. Not sure what the issue is, its a rattle sound of some kind and I plan to take it to MLA sometime over this winter. I am afraid something inside the speaker may be blown. For me, the REV-8's are plenty, but if 1 is blown and I will have to replace anyway, maybe I will get a set of the 10's.
  2. All brands are gonna have some issues, these are hand built boats and there is the human error factor. So the key is how the manufacture and dealer handles them. The right dealer is gonna be the key, they can make/break the boat you choose and IMO, Fineline/Centurion is top-notch. I started off with a bad dealer (mainly cause the boat was not bought from them as it was purchased out of State and is not necessarily the best choice someone can make) but was able to turn that around due to the support of the manufacture For me, Fineline has been awesome and stepped up any time there was any warranty issue and went above and beyond, on my 2014 there has been nothing major and nothing that as kept me off the water. I am not into bashing other brands, all the new brands are doing a good job putting out great boats, some seem to be better at QC and I have heard that Malibu has gone downhill in that dept....but again much of that is dealer related since they are supposed to do the final checks. If possible, demo as much as you can and chose the boat you love...with the dealer who you feel is going to support you and be there for you. Good luck on the search!
  3. Zs232 opinions

    On the Centurion/Supreme Facebook page they have talked about the ZS232 quite a bit and guys that have demod, say the wave takes it to the next level with the hull re-design, extra factory ballast (think I remember them saying 2100lbs extra from factory)...and they say the layout is better. I have no personal experience and have not seen one in person, but lot of good info there if you wanna check it out.
  4. Been wanting to build some wall racks for my surf boards for about a year, and now that I have a dedicated boat garage I finally got around to making them. Designed it to hold 5 boards. I put together the surf board supports 2 separate nights (top 3 the first night and bottom 2 the second night). It evolved a bit the 2nd night and I am going to revise the top ones to match the bottom sets since it looks a lot cleaner and the racks did not need to be so long. First few I did at 30" long, mostly cause I bough 60" pieces of 1" PVC and just cut them in half, I did the others @ 24" and also did end differently and they turned out a lot better. Pretty simple design, used 2x4 as the base and drilled 3/4" holes into it and used a 45 degree PVC angle fitting on the 1" PVC pipe and then glued/screwed them into 2x4 to hold them in place securely. PVC is then covered in foam pipe insulation and I also put some strips of adhesive foam insulation over the face of the 2x4's to protect the boards since they rest against it due to how I did the angle. I have 13ft ceiling in the boat garage, and placed the wall rack high enough so after I back the boat into garage after surfing, I can just put the boards back into the racks from inside of the boat without having to climb in/out with them. Anyway, figured I would share the pics, I know I like looking at pics when others post DIY stuff, I have gotten a lot of ideas from seeing stuff like that. Just broke out the wet suits, supposed to be in the 20's next week, usually we ride till Thanksgiving just been raining a lot lately in this area making it kindof dreary.
  5. When you switch sides with this system, does it automatically go to the "deepest" tab setting and then you adjust the tab up to optimal setting, or do you hold down each button (pressing one to come up, and the other to go down) at the same time? Looking at your pics, that is what it appears to be since I only see 2 manual buttons for the option where you are getting the switch/lenco tabs only. Looks like you got this off the ground and tabs look like a solid design. Curious how much weight the Malibu boats had in the 2 video's posted on your site and the downward angle you found to be the most desirable? (I have heard 9-12 degree's) Wish you the best of luck with sales and future. I have been thinking about switching to tabs on my 14 SV244 for over a year now and know you mentioned this upcoming launch to me over this summer when I mentioned it in another thread. I have not worked up the nerve to do it since obviously this is not something you can "test" first to see how beneficial it is and once its installed, its there for good due to the holes (unless of course you want to do gelcoating repairs).... of course the price of most systems available are a pretty big commitment and since I already have a great suckgate wave, at least for me its been a decision I have not yet quantified the worth on. Price seems a lot more in line with where I would think the value would be, guess at least some of of that has to do with electronics involved and how "smart" they are. Maybe we can talk about the potential of adding this to my boat sometime soon, tho I gotta take enough time off work to prep my other house and sell it since I moved into my newly built home about 2 months ago and due to craziness of work, have not even put my other home on the market yet and it sucks maintaining/paying for 2 homes. I really need to prioritize that especially considering that the market is still really strong on home sales and you never know when that will slow down. Again, congrats on the launch!
  6. In search of Surf Boat

    Enzo and Avy are both really good boats with a deep v hull that is perfect for surfing. Typically, you are going to get a better deal buying private party than from a dealer...at least from looking at the pics, year posted, etc. The 2011 Avy seems like a decent buy (if in fact its an Avalanche) and if you take care of it, you should be able to keep that boat for 3-4 years and not lose a lot in depreciation as long as the economy holds... Goes without saying that buying private party, its smart to either have the boat checked out by mechanic, or test drive it yourself IF you know what to look for, and have some mechanical knowledge to do a compression test and know what to look for to ensure there are no obvious issues, etc. Personally, I would get the FIN# from that boat and then call Fineline and get the history on it. Then you will also know EXACTLY what the size and trim level is. (Have you seen it in person?). Little surprised that owner does not know exactly what the boat is to be able to tell you. The size and model of the boat should be listed on the title, maybe he will take a picture and text to you? That my clarify if its an "Avalanche", tho design sure does look like it. Looks like the Air Warrior tag, was a package that was put on quite a few models, so its confusing for sure. This below u-tube video looks like this exact boat when it was new 7yrs ago....and also just says "2011 Centurion Air Warrior 22ft" and does not specify if its an Avy (cool that when you lift left side sundeck, you have a walkthru area). https://ca.video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?fr=yhs-tightrope-tig4&hsimp=yhs-tig4&hspart=tightrope&p=2011+centurion+air+warrior#id=1&vid=d754563b561dd696bd17496514ea490a&action=click Didn't see hours on the 2008 SV220, it looked clean too but price is top of what its worth IMO (see below post about the Enzo 216/220 not having the full deep v hull....which would make me think it wont surf as well as an Avy, nor ride as well in choppy water). I think the SV models were able to get more options, making them more expensive. I would get the most solid buy you can with least amount of depreciation down the road. In my opinion....the yellow color will also limit some buyers while the "classic", black/blue/white does not really go out of style and looks really sharp when you keep it up (maybe that is partially biased tho since my boat may be black/blue, lol...). Not at all saying yellow is bad, I actually had a yellow SeaRay back in the day, just saying to consider big picture and look at all aspects when comparing. Plus...with winter about her, it possible you could see some excellent deals, you just gotta know what you want and be ready to pounce when it happens. There will be less boats on market, but winter is the best time to buy a boat EXCEPT for the fact that it makes it harder to test them out like you should depending on where you live (GA wont be as bad for sure). For reference (just to compare on looks for a 2011 Avalanche...nothing to do with price since this is a local dealer to me and frankly this dealer typically prices high, I know them fairly well).... No price listed on this ad and it does have some options that the 2011 you had posted doesn't like: gladiator tower, digital screen (which is not necessarily a big pro IMO since its something that can go wrong and be hard to fix 5yrs from now due to lack of replacement screens). https://www.onlyinboards.com/2011-Centurion-AVALANCHE-C4-for-sale-Mooresville-North-Carolina-89288.aspx FYI....I found this post (see below) on an earlier thread, talking about an 07 Elite V C4 with "Air Warrior" package. It talks about some of the packages and differences. I did not know a lot of this myself: The Elite-V and Cyclone are the same hull. The Elite was the "Air Warrior series" and the Cyclone was the "Storm Series". Elites, like Avys and all Enzos EXCEPT the Enzo 216/220 are deep V hull boats. They tend to be better for surfing and handling choppy water. They're also pretty good for wakeboarding, but tend to be a little weight sensitive side to side. If you're a slalom skier, a deep-V boat is probably not the one for you. The Falcon and Enzo 216/220 are more of a modified V. flatter on the bottom as you get to the transom. This tends to make them good wakeboard boats and much better for skiing. That's not to say the Falcon and Enzo 216/220 can't be a good surf boat too, they will just require a little more weight to get that lean. The Elite-V and Avy hulls are pretty similar. They have the same angle on their V, but the Avy is a few inches wider. ***Whatever you decide to do, do your due diligence and check out the boat mechanically, so you don't have any regrets down the road. Happy Hunting
  7. Fi towing

    If you confirm from dealer that you are able to tow with tower down (they do ship them from factory with tower down, maybe you can get our dealer to give you a shipping cover too)....you can also get a custom cover made. Evolution Covers is top knotch on covers and you may also have a local place. I would love to be able to do that with my boat, would keep the tower and boat SO much cleaner from bugs and road debris. I have the Aegis Tower on my 2014 SV244 and when I put it down....one of the bolt holes line up so I could "lock tower down", but I have never been able to confirm if I can actually tow it that way or not with that boat/tower and have not wanted to risk it without confirmation since the one thing that worries me, is the side to side shake while towing. Other than that, my tower seems pretty secure in the down position. Here is a post that @wheels made on May 18th that confirms what Sporte77 said above (maybe @wheels can post a picture of the 2 support bars for you). Probably still worth you checking with dealer so you know its all good so if you did get gel cracks down the road they don't try to put it on you... "QUOTE" Maximus tower comes with two bars that attach when tower is folded and locks it in place. That’s how they ship them from the factory. My boat still had them installed as my dealer re wrapped my boat in the shipping cover when I picked it up to protect boat on long trip home.
  8. It can be a bit of a PITA to access since you cant see it well. Have you tried spraying it with something to loosen, like WD40, etc? If it has not been removed for a while....its possible there is some corrosion if there was some water in bilge, or last person may have just put it on really tight or maybe even put something on the threads to keep it from leaking.... If your square extension is getting a good connection and not slipping when you are trying to turn it out, after soaking it for couple hours with WD40 or something else, I would try to put a battery powered impact drill on it, just a couple short bursts to try to break it loose. (You could also potentially use a longer "breaker bar". I have used a hollow piece of metal from my bottle jack before to make my ratchet longer to break loose a tough bolt). Guess it all depends on if its holding good and is just stuck on, or if the drain plug is rounded out some and that is also part of your issue. May also be good to look at it visually by taking a picture of it, or using a mirror just to see if anything is obvious. Sucks, cause that is one you want to remove to drain water since its a lot spot. Guess worst case you can drain everything else and use shop vac at each drain hole to suck out as much water as possible (and to be sure no blockages), then you could push 5 gallons of RV anti-freeze thru it....then drain and push 5 more gallons thru. This would help remove as much of the remaining water as possible so the AF is not as diluted? Its a thought anyway if you simply are unable to remove the drain plug.
  9. Centurion license plate

    Sorry to bring up an old thread...just wondering if you ever found a front license plate with either the Centurion logo...or Centurion name? Thinking I would like to add this to my truck as well on front bumper since front license plate is not required in my State.
  10. Winterize-Do I Need To

    x2...I would drain for peace of mind and if you have a heater, make sure you blow out the lines since that is the first thing to get damage along with a plastic perko valve if you have one
  11. Thats pretty cool. My buddy got a foil a few months ago, was fun to do something different tho you gotta be pretty careful to not get hurt. I got twisted up on the thing about a month ago, was unable to bail off in time and landed on the metal mast...made a nice gash in my shin, still wearing the scar! Lesson learned tho...when a foil gets squirrely, bail off. You can "force" a foil to come around cause of that mast (least I am not able to yet).
  12. You welcome, happy to help however I can...I know I have gotten a LOT of help from this forum from more knowledgable people, especially when I first got my boat. I don't know what others think, but I do the AF suck-up, cause I also like to think there are anti-corrosive properties in it. It does say that on the label and I figure for the $25 or less and a little time...its worth it. On the Perko...most of those reviews about it coming apart were a while ago, they made some changes to the unit and I have not heard of any issues since then (tho to be honest its been a while since I have looked, so I may be incorrect that people have not had any issues). Mine seems pretty strong. That said...I have seen quite a few people make one themselves using fittings and that also works great. I like the Perko cause you can SEE the water flow...but that may not be important, just my OCD kicking in on that small detail. Fake a lake works fine for most people, you just gotta watch it to make sure it does not pop off and leave you without water and some people have trouble getting a good seal, guess that part depends on the shape of your hull where the intake comes in. It definately works tho, cheap and easy to get. Guess my thot is that if you are planning to keep the boat, its worth doing something more permanent since it will make your life easier every time you use it and the time you invest initially, will save you time every time you use it. I know I use my perko at least a dozen times a year, so well worth having it (or something like it) on my boat. Running the engine for 10-15mins should easily get the fuel stabilizer thru your entire system if you treat it all before firing it up....personally, I add stabil every few tanks during the year anyway....and when I know I will be putting her to bed soon, on the last outing on the lake I will double it so it gets thru entire system regardless running it that day, then do it again when I fill up the tank before winterizing (I am one that thinks full is better tho with the plastic tanks, it probably does not matter, especially where I live in the SE. More important in really cold climates IMO. I will say that its gonna be tough to get the AF behind the thermostat since after you run the engine to warm it up....you gotta drain everything and THEN suck in the AF. Being you only have roughly 5 gallons (least that is what I do since after about 4gallons, it starts coming out of my exhaust system), I have to think its a 50/50 for the thermostat to still be open so I always just pop a few hoses and use a skinny funnel to pour some AF behind it, only take around 1/2 gallon when I do it. On fogging, I personally do not do it anymore. There is some info out there about it not being needed for fuel injected engines...I really dont know enough about this to have a valid opinion, but decided to not do it on this boat. On previous boats with carbs....I did fog tho. Pretty sure I remember reading that they way they recommend doing this is without running engine anyway. After she is all shut down, remove the plugs, spray it in and then use a socket or wrench to spin the engine to get the cylinders to go up and down so it coat the rings and walls. Check that out tho cause its been a while and again, have not researched that subject like I have others. I am a big believer in doing your own maintenance/work, when you can, I have no training...just learned by trial/error and lots of googling, u-tube and these forums. Best way to get to know your boat plus its something I enjoy doing tho I know many don't. Guess that is really what it comes down to cause besides simple stuff on my trucks like oil changes, etc....I DONT enjoy working on vehicles, just on my toys, so to each his own. Saves a bunch of money too.

    Moved into my new home about a month ago and built a detached garage for my baby so she now has her own home. Most exciting part....I no longer have to fold the tower! Stays much cleaner now too being fully enclosed since before the front and back has ghetto tarps to keep out the rain, but did not keep out dust, etc. 32ft long X 16ft wide detached (also made entire roof truss system into a 12ft wide X 32ft long storage area). 14ft high ceilings with 12x12 garage door and at last minute, I decided to insulate, finish with drywall/paint....and installed a wall unit that has Heat & A/C. Got this picture yesterday when I came back from surfing. Bought a new Ram 1500 about 2 weeks ago too with 3.92 gears, 5.7 Hemi and the tow package, rated for 11,340lbs towing and 1840 payload (total 17,000 GVWR....so realistically 9k is the most you can "legally tow". Handles my SV244 with easy and is much better feeling than the Chevy I have been using for the last 2 years. Even tho the tow ratings are similar on both trucks, the Ram is more powerful and just handles better and brakes are WAY better when backing down a steeper ramp.
  14. Jordie Pro Soulcraft 4' 8"


    • FOR SALE
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    I bought this Soulcraft, Jordie Pro new, late last year for $950. Its 4' 8", blue board with black traction. Showroom condition and not a single scratch or nick on it, flawless condition and I never used surf wax on it so it still literally looks brand new. Always kept in a padded board bag, even when in boat, and never put in a boat rack. I have lost 25lbs this summer and it is just a little too big for me @ 170lbs. I recently bought a new SC Voodoo in 4' 6", the size fits me much better and this board is way too nice to keep as a "boat board" and I want someone else to enjoy it as much as I have. I live in NC, since its getting toward the end of the season, $700 takes it, I live in NC. You wont find another used Soulcraft in this shape, if you can find one at all, took me months and $1k to get my new one. **This is what Soulcraft says: **The Jordi - Pro Line is a wider nose, wider tail design with a blunt squash tail and a channel bottom nose. The wider, channelled nose will generate speed and provide stability and hold while performing revert tricks, 180’s and spin tricks. The wider tail helps recover from out back in the wave, enabling the rider to drive forward with the most speed for a big air. Pro Line boards utilize PVC stringers for maximum performance and responsiveness. Futures Fin boxes (Quad). For the highest performing fin options in the water.


  15. 2018 Fi21

    Beautiful boat! Love the exterior colors, that blue really stands out. I surfed an FI21 over Fathers Day weekend this summer at Lake Norris. Stock weight with Ramfill and PnP, 6 adults and 1 kid in boat...was a great wave!

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