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  1. ZS232 wave setup advice

    The Centurion/Supreme Facebook page would be a great resource for this, lot of people there with the ZS232. Have heard a lot of great reviews on that boat! I do not have any personal experience with your boat....but am guessing that maybe how you are deploying your tabs is effecting the wave (you said you set at 100% for goofy?), you want the LEAST amount of surf tab possible to get a clean wave, the further you deploy the surf tab after that, the washier/worse the wave will get. Perhaps what is worth trying is filling ballast and then start deploying your surf tab a little at a time while watching the wave to see if that helps
  2. On #1, it does sound fuel related and probably the first thing would be to look at the carb and potentially do a re-build... if any ethenol fuel was left in there and the boat sat for a period of time, it could be gunked up in some places, perhaps clogging a jet. If it ran fine the first time you test drove it and then didnt.... point to possible trash in the fuel clogging something. However, it also points toward replacing any fuel filters you have in-line since it sounds like as you bump up the rpm, it starves for fuel and stalls so its not delivering the fuel the motor needs to run at the higher rpm's. I would also suggest replacing the fuel lines since if they are original they could be badly degraded on the inside, some of those old fuel lines will collapse as you increase rpm and not allow fuel flow. Doing a tune up is also in the cards since it could be related and is something you want to do regardless unless you know it was done recently....new plugs, wires and replace the distributor cap. Distributor cap gets corrosion on it and is a "wear item" and meant to be replaced every so often. That can cause all kinds of strange issues to happen. Don't forget replacing/servicing the impeller as that is really important to a healthy engine...at very least pull it and check the condition. (Pro tip)....use something like dawn dish soap rubbed on the impeller to make re-install super easy. You basically turn the impeller as you are pushing it back into the housing and with the soap lube, it goes much easier. It also helps impeller to stay in good condition since it will run dry a few seconds before the water gets too it when you re-start. #2 sounds like your steering cable is bad, that happens. You probably also have a grease zerk for your rudder box, its typically at the very back of the boat where the rudder box comes thru the bottom of the boat. That may help some....but likely your cable is the main culprit. Youtube has videos on how to replace, its not too hard... just be sure to use your existing steering cable to pull the new cable thru the hard to reach areas or you could spend a lot of time trying to fish the new cable thru the right places. Also check your rudder visually under the boat and make sure there is no obvious damage that is making the steering real hard....at that age it may be worth putting new packing in the rudder box at some point. Any maintenance you do is gonna make your overall experience better as well as keep the boat in top shape. Good luck and congrats on the boat. Good looking boat and the best family time ever
  3. Correct, if you have gone over it real well wet sanding and when wet it looks "new"... then when you start the clear coating it will get that wet looking glossy look. Just make sure you sand off all the old clear coat, it should not be cloudy anywhere, just have a dull shine to it. But you want the diamond patterns all jumping out at you prior to clear coat... it could just be the picture, but almost looks like there is still a bit more wet sanding to do along the top middle edge, as well as the top right edge.
  4. Looking to Buy a Boat

    2014 is when Ramfill and CATS came out, so 2014 SV233/244 can come with....and without those 2 options. Hulls are the same tho. In 2015 is when they came out with QuickSurf.... but those surf tabs on 2015/2016 models are not too great due to design. You can add InfinityWave surf tabs to any of those models after the fact tho (that is what I did on my 2014 SV244), surf wave is awesome!
  5. 2015 S226 Value?

    Check the prices on OnlyInboards. You can also see what boats actually sold for vs what they were listed for.
  6. CATs on ri237

    Good point on the royalties, I had forgotten about that
  7. CATs on ri237

    Nothing on service or warranty I know of, I have a 2014 SV244 and the CATS has been solid. Its actually designed so if you hit something underwater, it will shear a key that can easily be replaced and worst case (short of grounding boat or really hitting something hard and/or at a crazy angle) should just break the actuator end so you don't have crazy repairs required. We have seen that happen a couple times on here due to log strikes, etc. @BoardCo is a top notch Centurion dealer who could likely best explain if he sees this. You will get different opinions on this question, would guess this is likely a 50/50 topic. I believe the main premise for the factory saying CATS is no longer needed is based on the Opti-V Hull changes (FYI.... on the Centurion-Supreme FB page there is a lot more activity if you want a broader response to this question...the majority of the answers there seem to be that CATS "is nice to have but is not necessary). Based on my limited experience/knowledge, without a doubt CATS made a big difference when listing boat to surf since by adjusting it you could change or clean up the face profile of the wave. Its also useful when dialing wave for wakeboarding and if cruising down lake and boat is listed over due to more people on one side, a CATS adjustment will get the boat running level without anyone moving. My non-technical/non-scientific way to explain this is that CATS will basically adjust the way that water flows off the back of the hull and helps "crab" the angle of the boat depending on the setting you are running. Others will have different experiences, but for me since I am 95% surfing when on the boat....when listing the boat for surf wave you can easily see and appreciate how CATS adjustments can improve the wave. In 2017/2018 I started weighting more level (slightly listed only by couple hundred pounds) and using a Nauticurl suckgate and in that configuration I did not see the wave face change much when adjusting it. Spring 2019 I added an InfinityWave surf tab system and I also did not find it made much difference to wave face when adjusting CAT so I have really stopped using it. Keep in mind of course that my hull is different than the RI or FI models and CATS could still be beneficial in more areas than just surfing (like cruising or wakeboarding adjustments), so I think it really depends on your main uses of the boat. Personally if I bought a new boat I probably would not opt for CATS, some people would not buy a Centurion without it. I think if you are good with spending the extra money then you should probably do it since it may also be beneficial for resale when that time comes. Some of that will depend on how edjucated the buyer is. Congrats on the upcoming boat purchase, Centurion is where its at!
  8. All the times I have messed with actuators, you run the wires inside the transom and then splice into another set of wires that send the power to your switch (mine only had about 6ft tails on them so that was the only option, if your wires are long enough to go all the way then I would do that since that is one less connection that can get corrosion or come loose). My guess is that you already have a connection zip tied to the bottom top half of the boat, or its integrated into the main wiring harness and there is an area you either splice into or it will have connectors of some sort (since you are replacing existing actuators). Deutch connectors are the cats meow. Anytime you are messing with electrical, its best to have your battery disconnected so if you cross something on accident you don't complicate the issue and end up with gremlins or a blow relay if there is no in-line fuse. Theoretically there should be a fuse somewhere that would pop if something was crossed. Once you complete the wiring I would also test the function before you close it all back up. The actuators are pretty simple and only thing you can cross is the polarity so it would go backwards instead of forwards. I installed an Infinity Wave Surf System this past Spring and made sure I had an in-line fuse, that way if I ever have an issue with them not working I know where to check 1st. I didnt have any Deutch connectors on-hand when I wired mine up so I used butt-end connections and then covered them with heat shrink to help keep any corrosion from happening
  9. They make great covers! The hangtyte system works better than poles IMO, I added 2 of the Hangtyte's to the factory cover in my cabin area since that area is quite large on my SV244 (1 between windshield and tower and 1 just behind the tower...similar to where the factory poles would be). I get zero water pooling now and previously with the poles I would get some pooling in the area before the sundeck since the poles did not get the cover tight enough to not create a little sag with water weight. The only area that still gives potential for some pooling if rain is heavy is the bow since there is nothing there now. Some people have used an inflatable or a large pool ball to keep cover slightly tented up there. Since I keep mine garaged and really only use the cover if I take the boat out of town or on trips I have not worried about it but if i kept it outside something would be needed. The other thing that makes a difference is treating the cover with the 303 Waterproofing or the Starbright. You clean cover well, let it dry and then treat it (I would spray it on and then use small foam roller to back-roll it into the cover so it would lightly saturate, just spraying it on is not nearly as effective). Makes water roll off the fabric like a freshly waxed car and has kept it looking new. Also treated my bimini and the bimini cover at same time and you basically need a gallon to properly treat everything. I think if I ever purchased another cover it would be an "over the tower" cover.
  10. I have an SV244 and the measurements are a little different than yours.... but you can measure the width and length of floor as well as the height since on most bags those dimensions are given. On my boat, I had custom 750lb bags made to fit the space so I could full utilize the locker space, but when full they press tightly on sides and I can just barely close my sunpad lockers. I re-inforced my engine dividers but also ended up having to install cotter pins holding the dividers down in the track since as the bag filled, it would "press up" on the dividers and pop them out when bag was around 75% full. Your bag size will also depend on if you have Ramfill or not....I do believe that in 2015 they all had Ramfill and if that is the case, you can fit 550lb bags without it pressing up on the lockers when full. Wakemakers should stock the size bags you need.
  11. I have the Aegis Tower on my 2014 SV244, I dont think the tower "splits" Even if the top part came off, once lowered the tower would not reduce the height to go under garage door. I do believe this tower folds lower than any others in that time-frame (like the gladiator). I would fold the tower and see how short you are but its not likely anything you do short of full removal is going to be low enough... even with full removal I believe your windshield may be higher than 7ft on the trailer. If I remember correctly sitting on the trailer (I have 18" rims), my boat is just over 8ft with tower folded. If you just want to store the boat inside during winter and you only gotta go thru the work once per year, and once you fold the tower if you are within 6" of making it all work....you may be able to adjust the torsion axles on the trailer as well as remove the air in tires, perhaps drop the hitch, etc. if you had the right stuff, you may even be able to remove the tires/rims and set the axles on a rolling assemble to back the boat in? Most likely tho this will be a tough deal without raising your garage header to make it an 8ft door opening (if you have the head space at garage ceiling). Good Luck, that is a great boat....and I love the Aegis Tower
  12. 2019 S211 vs 2019 ZS232?

    From all the good things I heard about the wave behind the ZS232....I imagine that boat would be hard to beat at that price. No personal experience with either tho, can you demo?
  13. Awesome, let me know if I can help you with anything else.
  14. You can mount it in several locations, I chose to make a custom bracket under drivers helm and mount it in a way that would not leave holes if I chose to change or more the switches in the future. 2014 SV244. Pics of how it looks plus 2 pics showing how I mounted it at the rear.
  15. 2020 Ri237 vs Supra SL450

    Good luck with the search, I have been on just about every newer boat (except MC) and nothing is "better", very few can even compare to my SV244 either. Some are close with a good deal of extra weight but so far I have not been behind anything that would make me consider anything beside Centurion. I like the SL....good wave and the length was good but it just didnt have the same power at the back of the wave and they need 1000lbs over stock to even start comparing waves. Another buddy has a 2018 SA450 and the wave is great behind his, however he is running 1500lbs of lead + stock and the engine screams at around 4000rpm at surf speed which makes it guzzle gas. I like Supra, they are great looking boats but I could not switch to a Raptor after being so used to my quiet PCM that purr's along at 3300rpm fully weighted, sipping fuel. Enjoy the testing, good times! I dont mean to say that any of these new boats are bad...to the contrary they are all very good and I have a blast surfing no matter what boat I am behind. I just got lucky by having a boat capable of producing a better than average wave that has raised the bar when I compare other waves too it

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