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  1. IMO, this is a good way to post something like this, calmly and without potentially burning bridges with a bunch of ranting. All brands have issues like this occasionally and since I frequent the forums and keep up on things, from what I have seen Centurion is certainly not the worst BUT there are always things like this that can happen with hand built boat since you have the human error factor. Seems like you are one of the unlucky ones that got a few things that should not have happened. I wont put names out there, but 1 of the "top brands" who sells the most boats, seems to have stuff come up pretty frequently. I will say that in my experience, Fineline has been very easy to work with on all warranty issues and always stepped up to the plate. I am sure you are talking to them about your options and hope they handle it properly. As far as your question...there is no doubt that stuff like that would cause doubt for anyone. Seems you got the 1 out of 1000 boat. The chances of it happening on next boat are pretty slim, but it CAN happen and can happen no matter what brand you choose. I have had great experiences with mine, hard to say what I would feel if I had been thru what you had, I would like to think that I would be open to another Centurion since its not something that happens often (as far as I know) and this is a "one off". Hopefully they will be taking these issues into consideration when making a deal on a new boat and making you a deal that takes all things into account. Good luck with a resolution
  2. July pic video thread

    The one in picture is a Soulcraft, Secret Weapon...Its great for air, fast and maneuverable.
  3. July pic video thread

    Found a Secret Weapon that I am really enjoying, learning to get better airs, still a long way to go....but at least the fins are breaking out now, lol. Been a great month!
  4. Sorry to hear that man, sucks for sure. If it did not already have a dripless, be a good time to upgrade the shaft seal. Make sure you check all the fluids, not only oil and filter for engine....but also the v-drive oil and trans oil. Good to change the fuel filters since that likely was not done and can cause issues if not done at least every other year, I change mine yearly. Remove and check the distributor cap (likely has green corrosion on it), plugs and wires.....these are all easy to DIY, fairly cheap and normal maintenance items every few years. That is not an engine I am really familiar with....many others here are and may be able to point you toward other items that can be issues if neglected. Congrats on the new boat...it will be worth it once you have it right and doing it yourself gives a feeling of satisfaction AND you know its done and done right. Keep a log on the boat so when you sell the buyer will know you did not neglect.
  5. There are some video's on both of those items on utube and I know I have seen one on this forum of impeller replacement for the 350. Impeller is an easy DIY...checking and tightening shaft packing is also fairly easy, if it needs to be replaced, little more involved, but still doable with right tools.
  6. Dealer service

    Fineline is awesome, obviously there are Centurion dealers that suck tho along with every other brand. I had a similar issue and ended up getting my warranty work done at a dealer for another brand cause of that.....but Fineline has been awesome! That mastercraft dealer is smart, he realizes that not only does he get business from servicing the Enzo, but he also gains a customer for life. Too bad there are so many idiots out there that have no clue how to treat customers. Oil and impeller changes are easy and you can do it yourself and still retain your warranty....you just gotta keep a detailed log and your receipts. The only service that is required at dealer for warranty is the first one since they check engine alignment and bunch of other misc stuff. I would never pay a dealer to do it.... I change my oil every 40-50hrs, why wouldn't I when I can do it myself, materials are cheap and it guarantees long engine life. Way more strain put on these engines compared to a car so I go the extra mile to make sure my engine stays happy. Impeller is once a year....totally agree on that and its clearly not needed that often if you don't run the pump dry, but should be at least checked yearly. I replace it cause again, I do it myself and $40 is cheap insurance when overheat can cause so many issues and expenses. For me its peace of mind. @Jakelegg I would talk to Fineline and to the Nautique dealer....I think its possible that they would work with you on that. IMO its important to have a great dealer relationship on a new boat even if you do your own service cause there is always some warranty work, even if minor and dealer will make or break you. Personally I would drive a long ways for a good dealer since its important and I would not expect to need them too much....most warranty work can be documented and then all done in the off season. Would much rather drive 4hrs occasionally for a good dealer, then 4mins for a crappy dealer. Lots of people just wanna own the boat and don't want to know anything about it (except how to start and use it) and if there is an issue they want someone else to deal with it... a good dealer is even more important if you are one of those. Personally, I like messing with the boat, its half the fun for me and I enjoy working on it. I would do that regardless of if my boat was a 2019 or 1970. My brother on other hand owned a bunch of boats over the years and about 4yrs ago, got tired of "all the work", now he just pays to be part of a club....he shows up and takes out whatever boat he wants that day, when done he drops it back off and swipes the CC for the fuel and he is done. I spend an hour beforehand getting it ready for the lake, and when done have an hour n half of cleanup, etc.....but I would not have it any other way. Takes all types to make the world go around.
  7. I have never had my boat cut off due to that while on the water...but noticed that mine is very sensitive as well and if I touch it in any way, it kills all power. Found out the first time when I had boat powered up with lights on and was cleaning it in the evening. I thought I had a bad kill switch and ordered a new one like a month ago but just have not gotten around to installing it, did not know this was a common theme. Good catch!
  8. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    Good looking boat, Congrats! Didn't know you could run closed cooled motor without water...when I saw that first video I was cringing when i did not see water coming out of the exhaust ports, lol.
  9. New here, with a few Enzo questions ~

    On plexi.....insert into the channels, close the wind shield and you have a perfect wind damn for chilly days, very nice to have! Can also be good when towing without cover to keep things from blowing out of the cabin. The 2 side compartments in the rear are for ballast bags to weight down the boat for watersports (wimps use compartments for storage, lol). Never seen a 2nd white door to open on an enzo, but guessing it opens for access to something, what do you find when you open the door...post pics!
  10. New boats have dripless seal at shaft. @Texifornian Do you know where leak was coming from, or you just finding water in bilge and didn't know why and was asking dealer to investigate? Lots of ways water can end up in bilge, especially when surfing, could be organic (people dripping water into boat...washing washing into boat from stopping, etc. Could also be leak in ballast line somewhere, leak in raw water system, etc), unless you saw water literally leaking thru hull, this is what I am curious about. 400hrs is a LOT of surfing....jealous.
  11. Upgrade, or purchase new(er) boat?

    If you only use the boat 10 times a year, probably better to just put a little money into what you have, so you have what you are looking for and not have a payment for every time you use it, the Avy is a badass boat....you could add a GSA surf system if you wanted automated surf system, but a $250 Nauticurl suck gate will get you just as good a wave (I use one on my 2014). Add reversible pumps, max out your hidden ballast bags, add 500lbs of lead and you will have a wave that is 90% of what new boats put out. If you do upgrade....buy a leftover, or a well taken care of used boat (wait till off-season to get best price and sell yours now, or once season hits next summer to minimize the Delta). On used/leftover, the biggest depreciation hit has already been taken and you get all the upgrades you want and then some.... and they are holding value pretty well considering its a toy that no one "needs".... (Quick surf system in 2015 when they came out sucks, tabs are too small). Ramfill is awesome, quickest ballast possible, it was an option from 2014+.
  12. If it is adjustable....for surfing you want the tab retracted so the bow will lift and stern sink. On adjustable ones, I run at 30-35% and think most people run between 30-50%. If you have the boat weighed but the tab is down, it will flatten your wave cause its basically lifting the stern, counter acting the weight.
  13. software update is pretty easy and painless to do. I asked dealer for a copy on my own USB key (use brand new one) so I will have it if needed in future.
  14. Cracked Evolution Tower

    I have seen other people repair those....and the successful ones seemed to be ones that first inserted basically a "rod" that filled the hollow portion of the tower where broken and extended past the crack a few inches so once welded, it was quite strong. I don't know if Gladiator will fit (I assume so)....but they are no longer made either and very hard to find. There are a couple good aftermarket towers that look nice, like the "Blade"
  15. Assume you have shut down system fully with battery off to reset? Its possible it needs software update, but hard to know something like that without more detail. Actuator may have gotten water in it, etc. Under warranty correct

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