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  1. If there isn't an "autolaunch" tab at your quicksurf screen, then the auto tab you are pointing at should control all 3. I dont have the factory Quick Surf on my boat tho, I added aftermarket surf tabs that are controlled with manual buttons not tied to the screen since QuickSurf didnt come out till 2015 and mine is a 14. I would try 2 things this weekend. Add people to bow to see if that helps....and also try changing over to rpm mode rather than mph. Above the speed (at top left) you can see the rpm tab, if you press that they it will set it up for the rpm rather than mph. May not make a difference but worth a shot IMO.
  2. With the 1615 prop on there and only 800ft elevation, I am surprised you have issues. Makes me wonder if you have something else going on keeping the engine from giving you full power....like fuel filters dirty, etc. On my 2014 SV244, I have 4900lbs of ballast plus 3-4 people and have no issue fully weighted, I am on Lake Norman, NC which is also at 800ft elevation. I will saw that I run my 500lb bow bag full plus have 300lbs of lead bags under the bow filler cushion, so 800lbs of my ballast is in the bow. I know the FS44 is a little heavier than my boat but something does not seem right for you to be struggling like that. On the main home touchscreen there is a small tab that you enable, (its over the CATS setting on my screen), when you "enable" it turns yellow in color and this will deploy both quicksurf tabs as well as your center tab until you hit your crossover speed and then all 3 tabs will go to where you have them set. Hopefully that will help too
  3. What is your elevation? If its high, I imagine you will also need to prop down some, that is a large boat and you lose HP the higher you go and the thinner the air gets. Initially he was running the 14.5x12 prop which is going to have a better holeshot than the 14.5x13.75 you currently have. I don't know if @Tlance ever tried the 1847 prop he got (14x14.25), but can guarantee that prop would have done worse at the higher elevations he was running. It can also help to use QuickLaunch where all 3 tabs are fully deployed to help boat get up, then once it hits your crossover speed they will automatically go to your desired settings, for surfing I think the cross over speed is typically set at 8mph but you can manually reset that. If you surf at approx 11mph, I would probably bump the crossover speed up to 9.5mph. Can also be helpful to add bow weight to help it get out of the hole. On the PCM engines, they are capable of lower octane on some models (you didn't list your engine, is it the 6.0L ZR450?), but running higher octane is a acceptable since the timing will self adjust once it senses the octane change. Some engines like the 550 require high octane. In my 2014 manual....it states: NOTICE: PCM Fuel Injected engines are calibrated to operate on and provide optimum performance when using fuel with at least an 87 octane fuel rating. PCM’s engine control module incorporates Adaptive Learn Technology to ensure optimum engine performance is obtained when using fuel rated higher than 87 octane. If a slight pinging is heard during acceleration and the proper octane fuel is being used, it is considered normal. If a constant, heavy knock occurs, the engine should be evaluated by a PCM Marine Engines Premier service technician. ATTENTION: For optimal performance and reliability, the ZR450 application requires the use of premium 93 Octane fuel. WARNING: The XS550/XR550 Supercharged applications REQUIRE the use of premium 93 Octane fuel. Failure to due so could result in poor engine performance and engine damage that is not covered under warranty. GASOLINE CONTAINING ALCOHOL The implementation of ethanol-based fuel is spreading rapidly throughout the United States. As such, PCM Engines provides the following information regarding the use of this fuel. This information addresses the use of ethanol fuels in PCM ENGINES ONLY. It does not address the use of ethanol fuels in vessel related components such as boat gas tanks, boat fuel lines, etc. Ethanol blended fuel rated E10 or less is acceptable to use. Fuels rated higher than E10 SHOULD NOT BE USED. Ethanol fuels rated higher than E10 could potentially damage the engine and/or present an unsafe boating condition. Damage to the engine resulting from the use of ethanol fuel rated higher than E10 IS NOT covered by the warranty.
  4. @1jeffgignac is right on the money, those InfinityWave surf tabs were the ticket for my boat! You cant go wrong with an Enzo or Avy hull, endless possibilities....and almost zero depreciation in the years you are looking if you maintain it well (least not in the current economy). Also tons of info on this forum about them. I would agree that you will get the best deals in the winter, just be sure to have it checked out and engine ran if you can't lake test it due to ice...even if you gotta pay to re-winterize its worth the money to know all is good before plunking down the cash. Good luck
  5. I decided to just do the upgrade/conversion over to the Valterra valves since I have the Ramfill. The kit I got from Fineline for the conversion had zero instructions, after about 6hrs of cussing and busting my knuckles cause I could not see anyway that the pieces when together perfectly..... I figured out a way to do it. I decided to just replace the 1) Ramfill valve on the fill gate so I could test before doing the rest of them. Good news is that after a 3hr surf session things were all good. The day after converting that fill valve to Valterra, Labrandon (who is the admin for the Centurion FB page) was able to track down and get me the factory instructions for the conversion. Funny cause the way they said to do it was impossible so I felt better about all the time I spent cussing when I tried to figure it out with no instructions or pics. The reason the factory instructions did not work exactly for me boiled down to all these boats being slightly different so the way the instructions read were impossible on my boat because one of the fittings for the vdrive was in the way by about 1/2". I was able to further confirm the difference when @JJOcean sent me pics of his Valterra conversion today that a dealer did for him (he has identical boat to me) and I could see from his pics that his fill gates had more clearance than my boat, between the hull scoop and the vdrive so factory instructions worked for his. Weird how identical year and model boat with basically all the same options were that different (by several inches at least). Stoked I got it figured out and working tho! Was also nice to see his pics and confirm I did it all correctly. I documented my conversion from the Ramfill to Valterra so I could post up the pics/info after I get time to finish the full conversion, still need to do the other fill gate and then the 2 drain gates (drain gates are easy, just need to tilt them so they clear the engine dividers....it was the fill side that had me stumped for a while since its definitely NOT plug and play). Figure that way in future if someone else wants to DIY this conversion at least there will be some searchable instructions and installation pictures. Appreciate everyone that tried to help me figure this out
  6. I had the same thought in switching to the lighter weight oil. Also wondered about the engine oil filter.....been using the FL-1A Motorcraft filter. Thinking it will be fine to keep using since I change oil every 40-50hrs but since the new oil is synthetic, wonder if there is a better option for that too
  7. Getting an A-plate or the double wing plate will make a difference on the goofy wave but that may be hard with the switchblade system. Since they dont seem to be using it on that boat, maybe its an option to remove it and add another plate to the center that is adjustable. With the InfinityWave surf tabs and my factory A-plate, the goofy side wave is larger/cleaner than the regular side.
  8. Ri237 Rides leaning to drivers side

    If it sits level when still and then leans a little when going, I would say its likely the prop spin leaning it over some when in gear, I put more of my gear on Port side to account for that on my boat
  9. On the volume adjustments, I have a free app on my Samsung Android called "speed of sound", I just activate it when I turn on my music since I play from my phone anyway. I set it to automatically drop the volume below 8mph. Works great. Probably similar to the app that BoardCo recommended but I heard that app only works with Iphone tho that may be a myth.
  10. 10/4, sometimes you can edit the thread if its not been too long since posting.
  11. @NW Boat Sports I know you have done the conversion on a couple models, any chance you can help me with an instruction sheet or some pics show the conversion layout? Attaching a picture of the parts that came with the kit. On the left is the factory stainless pipe with the original boots on it....the rest are the parts that came with the kit including the new stainless pipe with the 90 degree bend.
  12. Looking for some kind of dealer instruction sheet for this upgrade for a 2014 SV233/244 with Ramfill....OR a few pictures from someone who has a 2016 SV233/244 or FS33/FS44 (possibly 2015 was also upgraded from factory?) so I can see how the upgrade kit is placed. Or pics from someone with a 2014 like mine that has already been converted over by a dealer....? I need to see the area by the hull scoop to see how it is extended to the rear as well as the connection to the actual Ramfill tanks under rear seats. 1 of my Drainmasters on Port fill gate finally went bad, electric motor wont cycle tho I can manually open/close...thinking water reached the internal motor and fried it. I have the Valterra upgrade kit from Fineline (zero instructions) but on the fill gates its not plug and play since the plunger on the Valterra will not go all the way up in the factory position it hits the bottom of the back seat. The conversion is supposed to move the valve placement further back so this does not happen and the kit included shorter stainless elbow pipes with 90 degree bend, a 45 degree PVC elbow, a 6" section of hose to couple and a metal flange (I dont see anywhere this flange could even work on my boat).....however no matter how I configure it, I cannot get it to make the connection between the hull scoop and the Ramfill tanks. The reason its too close to back seat is cause factory installed the flange that connects to the valves directly to the hull scoop. These are glued into place (I hope its glue, looks suspiciously like resin), I am sure they will be a bear to move....any ideas on best way to get this glue to break free? I know I will have to remove that flange since its the only way to extend it back so the plunger will clear. My guess is that the 45 degree PVC angle gets glued to the scoop in place of what was put there by factory. Then the square flange and the Valterra.....then the 90 degree stainless elbow and then new 6" long rubber coupling likely connects the new stainless elbow to the actual Ramfill tanks. 3 pic attached. 1st shows the factory setup on Drainmasters (already removed them). 2nd pic shows the connection under rear seats to the actual Ramfill tanks. 3rd pic shows the difference between the original Drainmaster and the new Valterra valves. If someone can help me figure this out, I will be happy to do a detailed write-up on how I do the conversion so anyone needing it in the future will have actual instructions. Appreciate any help!
  13. Likely the neutral safety switch is bad, I think you can jumper the 2 studs on the switch to test it. Possible something in the throttle is bad too I suppose tho that seems less likely
  14. Thank you for the heads up, I will share this! I bought some Mobile 1 last night and will double check it to be sure its the 2, what you said makes total sense but I was not aware of it.
  15. First time surfin

    Post video to utube and then paste a link here

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