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  1. CREW DEAL: 2018 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    Anyone still interested in this? Looks like we have 9 people ready...we need 12 per admin to make a deal happen!
  2. Not sure on the re-build kit, but its likely that is right. Couple links below of places you can check https://www.skidim.com/ https://www.bakesmarine.com/
  3. So couple things. Did you replace the o-rings when you did the impeller and are sure that things are sealed and tight? If its sucking any air at all anywhere in your system, it may not be priming. Fake lake can also be an issue if not sealed right at hull. Another thing....have you pulled impeller back out to make sure that the center hub of the impeller is not "spun". I have heard of several new impellers getting put in and the center hub separating....so when engine is running its spinning the hub of the impeller, but since it separated from the impeller, the actual impeller vanes are not turning which is what is pulling/pushing water thru your system and out the exhaust (if you drained the system prior, it can take 20-30 seconds or so for it to start coming out of the exhaust after you start the engine). Last think, do you have a shut off valve on your intake at the hull? If you closed it and forgot to re-open, water cannot get into the system from the fake lake under boat. (way easier to install some fittings so you can hook a hose directly up to engine and run it that way). These are the 3 things I can think of. Good luck
  4. Try this link, you can resize the pic (it needs to be resized pretty small to work, around 100k). With this site you can resize pics easily. Upload original pic and resize, use the "normal quality" and click resize. If small enough, you can download and good to go. If not, resize again. I use this free link all the time to upload pics and it works great. https://resizeimage.net/
  5. 2013 v227 hour meter question

    I have heard of a couple people who said the hour meter ticked even when engine off. Never confirmed, but have seen that posted a time or 2. Any dealer can pull the hours from ECM which will give you a list of all hours and at what rpm the boat was at. Not sure how it would show up if engine was off. If true, something must be messed up with the wiring somewhere.
  6. Boat garage...Pics of setup

    Thank you....2 more pictures, taken from the boat
  7. Post up pictures of your finished boat garage!I built my 24ft boat a new detached garage when I built my new home recently. I fully insulated and installed a wall unit so I could heat/cool the space. Its done a great job, only thing I did not realize when I bought it was that the lowest heat setting is 61 degrees and there are times when it would be nice to set it too 50 degrees. But its been very efficient since I was careful to insulate well and use a LOT of spray foam and I cannot complain. Moved in Sept 2018....and FINALLY just got the garage set up like I had been planning, just need to properly organize all my tools and boat stuff now. When I designed the garage, I wanted to be able to maximize the space since the boat is roughly 27ft long on the trailer with the tongue folded and swim platform on (I use it to get into boat) and about 9.5ft wide from fender to fender on width. The garage is 32ft long X 16ft wide with 12x12 garage door (ceiling of garage is 13' tall). Since it has 2x6 walls, inside comes to basically 31ft long X 15ft wide.I wanted to be able to bring the boat home from a day on the lake, and from inside the boat, remove everything if I wanted to without having to climb in/out of the boat. Same for loading up, so I can choose what surf boards, kids toys, etc.....that we want on the lake that day without getting out. I usually remove the seats to make sure the boat dries out and I never get any mildew or wet smell....so I built 3 wood racks on the side for the seat, and 2) 4x8 metal racks that hang down from the ceiling 42". This allows me to reach all the main things for the boat by either standing on the gunnels (I installed decking on gunnels for grip), or standing on the rear walk-thru transom. Then I also added as many metal shelving units at rear that I could (have 3 installed so far) those are for tools, boat supplies, oil change equip and all the other fun stuff....and am putting a "Gladiator" wall system up to hang things like rakes, shovels and other misc. On left wall, I still have 8 of those to install which will finish filling up that wall.I got this all done while boat was at the shop over the last 2 weeks...brought her home last night and backed her in for the first time and am pretty happy with how things turned out, everything fits perfectly, tho just barely in some areas. I planned to epoxy the garage floor in the Spring and think that I will put down something (maybe a colored line in the paint), so when I back in, I know to keep my tire on the line since I only have roughly 6" on each side of wiggle room to keep boat where I want it so I still have access to walk down either side of the boat since there will still be some things on the floor. I need to install some kind of "tire stop" as well so I can keep the depth correct.
  8. Hey, Thought I would share this info in case anyone else has interest. I saw this posted on the Centurion/Supreme FB page. Its a surf board bag designed to hold 2 boards up to 5ft long, looks like its good quality with some good features that would be very handy. I have been looking for a nice bag that is able to carry and protect 2 boards, my boards are always in a bag and the times you want to take 2 boards its much easier to have a single bag, rather than 2....the bags I have seen so far either don't seem wide enough for the style of boards I like (neither are pointed at the front, a 4' 6" Voodoo is my main board and 4' 8" Jordie Pro altho I will be selling that one in the Spring since its a little too long for my weight/skill level and its way too nice to let someone else ride/use it as a boat board since I have others for that)....other bags I have seen also don't seem thick enough to carry 2 surf style boards without rubbing damage, since mine are Soulcraft's, I tend to be OCD about that. Downside is they are still making them, the expected release/shipping date is April 1st, 2019. Price is $99 (including shipping), but they gave a 15% off discount code on pre-orders which brings total down to roughly $85 and its a good looking board bag IMO. I will post the link below, I ordered one of these bags yesterday (discount code is : centurion-crew). This is the link to view pics and order: https://wakeballast.com/double-surf-bag-hold-2-boards-up-to-5ft-high-quality-surf-bag/ Hopefully this works....its the FB video showing the bag in detail (I just pasted the below link into another browser and it opened up, so worst case you should be able to do it that way): https://www.facebook.com/benoit.pecqueur/videos/10215794835118890/?multi_permalinks=2242864309315343&comment_id=2244774635790977&notif_id=1548006584194027&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic
  9. The impeller depends on the engine that your boat has. If you tell us what engine, we can help you on the impeller part number. Below 2 places are good places to order from and if you call are very helpful, SKIDIM is who I usually order thru. BakesOnline https://www.bakesonline.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=impeller Or SKIDIM (Discount Inboard Marine) https://www.skidim.com/searchprods.asp
  10. I change my engine oil the same way...for any misc spillage, I use 2) plastic grocery bags doubled up with some paper towels in it and set that down in the bilge under the filter, that way if some oil gets out of my gallon zip lock while removing the filter, it drips down into the plastic bags so there is no mess. Has worked well for me. Do you have your engine manual that tells you the Trans oil recommended? My ZR409 calls for Dexron III, which is harder to find now in its true form since very few modern engines use it, the only stuff I could find at local places like Advance Auto, NAPA, etc....was not actually Dex III, but said "it was compatible". That made me nervous and I did not want to use anything that was exactly the correct stuff. My guess is that your engine would call for the same trans oil? I ended up finding some on Amazon and buying June 21st of 2018 (link below). I paid $5.81 each as an "add on item", I see the price has since gone up since then to 11.70, course mine only needed 2 quarts. Its Chevron 39770 MD-3. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0097SBAR8/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I have a regular FAE on my 2014 SV244, makes a big difference. I like the trim tab FAE too, very nice. Just a matter of finding someone to make it for you, pretty sure I saw a template on wakegarage last year, maybe you can check into that.
  12. I think that prop will do well too. I mentioned WOT cause you can over rev with some props, I am sure you know all this tho. I almost never go over 25-30 either when cruising to my surf spot, etc... but always test the WOT when I get a new prop to be sure it falls in the correct range so I know, doubt there would be any issues with that prop tho, especially with ACME recommending it since they usually recommend based on data they have. If surf rpm is 2800-2900, that is really low and very efficient already, don't think the older engines had issues with rpm running so low that the engine was "lugging" and when you list, its more efficient anyway cause you do not have as much drag. Good luck with the prop!
  13. The factory 497 you have been using is 13 dia x 17.75 pitch with .105 cup (pretty good to have a prop for 8yrs without dinging it) and the 1631 is 13.5 x 14.25 with .150 cup. Seems to me that the new prop will drop your rpms for sure, since you are increasing diameter by 1/2" and changing pitch to less revolutions. I think as long as your motor has the power, anytime you can get a little more diameter is a good thing since you are increasing the surface area that can "bite" into the water...Sounds like your low end has been good with the factory prop, what rpm is your boat running at surf speed? Running empty at WOT, what is your top speed and rpm? From what I know about props, my guess is this prop will reduce rpm by around 300rpm. This prop will give you a bit less low end grunt , but it should hold your surf speed better and will increase top end, I know top end does not matter but if you had more low end than you needed before, the boat should run more efficiently. I run both, 14 X 14.25 #1847 & #1633 props on my SV244, they are same size props with different cup (.105 vs .150) and I don't notice much difference between the 2 props except slightly lower rpm at surf speed with the .150 cup. Its a bigger boat than the C4 and I run over double the ballast you listed, both props do great for me both for low end torque and top end, so cannot imagine that prop wont do well for you on surfing since you are not at high elevation (assume "DFW" means you are in TX) and don't run a ton of weight. If you buy from ACME, they will swap the prop for another if you don't like it for some reason and you just pay the shipping charges. You pay a bit more, but it could be worth it if you are not sure. JT Nettles Prop in Austin, TX both sells and repairs props for the best prices I have found and when you buy a new prop you get a $50 coupon for a pop repair so if your other prop is slightly damaged, you will have a spare.
  14. @Nick213 You have the REV-8's right now correct? You have any issues with them and part of your decision to upgrade, or just wanted to go bigger? I noticed over the last month or so of summer that 1 of my REV-8's was making a funny noise when I turned it up to around #30+ on the volume. Not sure what the issue is, its a rattle sound of some kind and I plan to take it to MLA sometime over this winter. I am afraid something inside the speaker may be blown. For me, the REV-8's are plenty, but if 1 is blown and I will have to replace anyway, maybe I will get a set of the 10's.
  15. All brands are gonna have some issues, these are hand built boats and there is the human error factor. So the key is how the manufacture and dealer handles them. The right dealer is gonna be the key, they can make/break the boat you choose and IMO, Fineline/Centurion is top-notch. I started off with a bad dealer (mainly cause the boat was not bought from them as it was purchased out of State and is not necessarily the best choice someone can make) but was able to turn that around due to the support of the manufacture For me, Fineline has been awesome and stepped up any time there was any warranty issue and went above and beyond, on my 2014 there has been nothing major and nothing that as kept me off the water. I am not into bashing other brands, all the new brands are doing a good job putting out great boats, some seem to be better at QC and I have heard that Malibu has gone downhill in that dept....but again much of that is dealer related since they are supposed to do the final checks. If possible, demo as much as you can and chose the boat you love...with the dealer who you feel is going to support you and be there for you. Good luck on the search!

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