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  1. New Member Intro!

    Welcome Keef, nice looking boat! Now you can change your "not a Centurion" tag, lol. Lots of knowledgeable crew here. I joined at beginning of the year and have learned a lot. Nice you became a supporting member, well worth it.
  2. WELCOME: Swell Wakesurf

    Swell...I just sent you a PM
  3. WELCOME: Swell Wakesurf

    A thought SWELL....maybe you could post some video's for people to see, in order to help their decision. I know I and other would be interested in seeing (cause have been discussion in a couple threads).....of the wave difference on a boat that is set up for surfing. Be interesting to see how it compares. I always thot that more ballast ability would = better wave. For instance on an SV233....or SV244....show the surf wave normal by adding the ballast and listing boat to show its "stock wave".....THEN, using the ballast but running the boat level and without list (so should be able to get more ballast on boat), pics showing how the SWELL works. I am very interested to know if the gate could improve the listed wave simply cause by running level, you are able to max out the ballast you have in boat, rather than running one side light to list the boat.....?
  4. CREW DEAL: 2015 DECKadence Marine Flooring

    I have this flooring in my 2014 SV244, it was an upgraded option when new. Very nice, stable and does not move around...easy to clean and soft on the feet. Love it

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