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  1. My 2014 has reversible ballast puppies that fill and drain out the bottom (same schematic as Wakemakers sent you except a pump for each bag and there is no check valve in mine that I can see, vent line just goes straight up, forward some and out side). It works great for me. My vents go out the top front of the bags...they were drilled out between my gas cap and the fender tie-down, so they are actually above the rub-rail. Being that high (and they are pushed a little forward, basically even with the back seat in front of rear locker) I have never had the bags drain on me when listed....tho I also run mostly level (some list) using Nauticurl suckgate.
  2. New Fi25

    Sexy boat all the way around IMO, nothing "square" about it that I see. I don't mind the looks of that new tower, its beefy looking, but hard to see all the details from that angle. If I ordered an FI, I would not get the speakers and would install Wet Sounds system myself. IMO, the downfire is just too loud in the cabin (I know it can be adjusted using the zones)....but I also do not like the way they look, too busy and butt-ugly. 2) REV-10 speakers are sleek looking and are plenty for me (have 2 REV-8's now and those are plenty) and that way I can still fit the Corson Piper racks in middle of tower....love how easy those racks work not to mention the protection they offer the boards, tho I would also get the PTM racks for backup's. I think the FI is gonna be a winner once more people experience the wake. Only thing that felt a little strange about it too me is they design that boat to NOT like bow weight and I gotta wonder how long you can get the surf wave. Wave felt great when surfing the FI21 (even tho the owner was first time Centurion owner and had limited knowledge on set-up), but I only had 10-15mins on it since a bunch of people were doing demo's, so all I can really say at this point was the size was perfect and the push was excellent with just the stock setup, so have to imagine it could get even better with some tweaks.
  3. New Fi25

    I got to demo/surf the FI21 last week, totally stock and the wave was impressive. Sweet boats!
  4. I have the ZR409 engine. Nice thing about Nettles...when you buy a new prop there, they give you a $50off coupon if you ever need a repair done on prop.
  5. help identify this prop

    You can use this link to resize picture so its small enough to post. http://www.resizeimage.net/ Typically, the prop number and size is located on the hub, right where nut would tighten up, sounds like that one may be different. Have you dry fit it on boat to make sure it will fit on the shaft and will not be too close to hull? Ideally you want to be at least 3/4" away from the hull from closest point on prop blades (some people have run 1/2"-5/8", not sure I would risk that tho) , so you do not get "prop burn". Best guess from numbers you posted....maybe its 13" diameter X 18" pitch with left spin/rotation? Never seen numbers like that on a prop, do you know what prop you currently have on the boat?
  6. June 2018.....picture thread

    Spent last week....Weds to Sun at Lake Norris, TN with a bunch of guys/boats. What a blast! Have not felt that relaxed and stress free for a LONG time. Lots of surfing and playing, fireworks at night (big show on Sat night thanks to Joe and family). Just a great time with great people. Darkside (Joe) towed his RI257 down from AZ and I spent a lot of time with him, his wife and son. Weather was PERFECT the entire time, so easy to find excellent water on that lake on the side we were staying (near Hickory Star Marina). Even tho Sat during day was really busy, due to all the coves, still easy to find good water if you wanted. Thurs afternoon we drove up to the new Centurion dealer and got to demo a new FI21, stock wave was excellent and we were all very impressed with how nice the wave was, tons of push and height. These 2 pics are behind my boat on Saturday evening. 1 of me and 1 of Joe's son Josh. We used glow sticks, spotter on front and observer at rear, clear skies and perfect conditions.
  7. Lets see your ride doing work!

    Getting ready to tow home from Lake Norris, TN. 2016 Chevy 1500 with tow package and lower gearing, rated for 9800lbs (boat/trailer roughly 7500....calculating the total GVWR, according to my calculations I am ok by a couple hundred pounds). Thinking about investing in an over the tower cover, since my Aegis Tower has the option to "lock" tower in down position and it would be sweet to be able to totally enclose the boat with a cover.

    Think he may be missing a zero on the price....$1,900?
  9. I don't know on your specific boat, but on my SV244, the #1433 or #1847 is perfect. Both props are 14x14.25....just different cup on the 2 props (.105 vs .105). I get all the low end torque I need/want....and still get 40mph at WOT @ 5600rpm.
  10. Check batteries first when you have a screen issue, especially when not lighting up at start up. Batteries being low or bad is #1 cause of screen issues....tho of course not the only problem, its the simple thing to check first.
  11. Yea, check all your fluids....engine oil, trans and v-drive. When did you last replace the impeller, fuel filters, etc? You wont get the alarm for that, but its typically done each year, at most depending on hours you wanna do that every other year.
  12. S211 Ballast Upgrade

    No replacement for displacement if you want a good wave
  13. Makes a lot more sense, don't think I have seen them out of water adjusting before just between surf/skim, so wasn't sure. Actuator did keep making noise for a few full seconds after tab stopped moving downwards, hopefully that is not bad for it. I would not know
  14. Wow, those look GREAT, love how they turned out! I am all over this and will be doing it soon, just made a list of materials so I can place an order asap. Thank you very much for sharing the pics and details. If you don't mind, 2 last questions: How many cans of the clear spray, do you think should be ordered to do 6-8 good coats on them? And what did you get to replace the seals between the CF rim and the gelcoat, some kind of double-siding 3M tape? Ok, a 3rd question, lol....When you were talking about the difference in OEM clear, I assume you meant how they came from the factory and not the "Eastwoods" brand VS the autobody shop, right? If not, you recommend I but something different or it was just that much better having the body shop do the spraying.... I will probably just go ahead and do my overfill vents on side too while I am at it, they still look pretty good, nothing like the back 2 vents, but might as well get all 4 vents done at same time so they are all shiny and hopefully lasts a long time.
  15. If you have the ZR409 engine....then yes. RP061022...Impeller Service Kit (double flat shaft neoprene impeller), comes with new o-rings R077019...Fuel filter (this is the spin on canister) RP080026...FCC Fuel Control Cell fuel filter (this is an important one IMO to replace, its a little more involved, but not hard at all). I replace every Spring and even tho I run ethenol free fuel, its always dirty. Also comes with 2) o-rings. R066033A...This is your engine belt, may be something you wanna check if the original is still on your 2013. Obviously a few places you can order from like Bakes. Personally I find that Skidim seems to have the best pricing and since they are close to me (in SC), gets here really fast too. Also, here is a coupon code you can use to get 10% off. Wait for it..... MALIBU, lol. (actually I recently ordered the exact above items for a friend of mine that also has that engine, with the 10% of $15.77 and including the $14.99 for S/H, the total for order = $156.21

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