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  1. I have an SV244 and the measurements are a little different than yours.... but you can measure the width and length of floor as well as the height since on most bags those dimensions are given. On my boat, I had custom 750lb bags made to fit the space so I could full utilize the locker space, but when full they press tightly on sides and I can just barely close my sunpad lockers. I re-inforced my engine dividers but also ended up having to install cotter pins holding the dividers down in the track since as the bag filled, it would "press up" on the dividers and pop them out when bag was around 75% full. Your bag size will also depend on if you have Ramfill or not....I do believe that in 2015 they all had Ramfill and if that is the case, you can fit 550lb bags without it pressing up on the lockers when full. Wakemakers should stock the size bags you need.
  2. I have the Aegis Tower on my 2014 SV244, I dont think the tower "splits" Even if the top part came off, once lowered the tower would not reduce the height to go under garage door. I do believe this tower folds lower than any others in that time-frame (like the gladiator). I would fold the tower and see how short you are but its not likely anything you do short of full removal is going to be low enough... even with full removal I believe your windshield may be higher than 7ft on the trailer. If I remember correctly sitting on the trailer (I have 18" rims), my boat is just over 8ft with tower folded. If you just want to store the boat inside during winter and you only gotta go thru the work once per year, and once you fold the tower if you are within 6" of making it all work....you may be able to adjust the torsion axles on the trailer as well as remove the air in tires, perhaps drop the hitch, etc. if you had the right stuff, you may even be able to remove the tires/rims and set the axles on a rolling assemble to back the boat in? Most likely tho this will be a tough deal without raising your garage header to make it an 8ft door opening (if you have the head space at garage ceiling). Good Luck, that is a great boat....and I love the Aegis Tower
  3. 2019 S211 vs 2019 ZS232?

    From all the good things I heard about the wave behind the ZS232....I imagine that boat would be hard to beat at that price. No personal experience with either tho, can you demo?
  4. Awesome, let me know if I can help you with anything else.
  5. You can mount it in several locations, I chose to make a custom bracket under drivers helm and mount it in a way that would not leave holes if I chose to change or more the switches in the future. 2014 SV244. Pics of how it looks plus 2 pics showing how I mounted it at the rear.
  6. 2020 Ri237 vs Supra SL450

    Good luck with the search, I have been on just about every newer boat (except MC) and nothing is "better", very few can even compare to my SV244 either. Some are close with a good deal of extra weight but so far I have not been behind anything that would make me consider anything beside Centurion. I like the SL....good wave and the length was good but it just didnt have the same power at the back of the wave and they need 1000lbs over stock to even start comparing waves. Another buddy has a 2018 SA450 and the wave is great behind his, however he is running 1500lbs of lead + stock and the engine screams at around 4000rpm at surf speed which makes it guzzle gas. I like Supra, they are great looking boats but I could not switch to a Raptor after being so used to my quiet PCM that purr's along at 3300rpm fully weighted, sipping fuel. Enjoy the testing, good times! I dont mean to say that any of these new boats are bad...to the contrary they are all very good and I have a blast surfing no matter what boat I am behind. I just got lucky by having a boat capable of producing a better than average wave that has raised the bar when I compare other waves too it
  7. Is this the 5.7 engine? Just an FYI, In July of 2019....PCM put out a service advisory (#SAP2019-01) to change the long standing oil specs since basically the 15/40 did not have the SN ratings they originally specified. Sounds like they have found some issues in some of the engines that traced back to the oil specs. The 15-40 was still recommended for the 5.7, the 8.1 and the GT40..... However on all the other PCM engines with the 6.0 & 6.2, the 5.3 & 7.4 (like the ZR409/ZR450....The H5/H6) to change over to 5w-30 Dexos 2 synthetic. (NOTE...this is the standard oil sold everywhere called the DEXOS Gen 2...like the Mobile 1 5w-30, etc). Below is a link so you can see and read the service advisory (there is another more extensive thread on PN but wasn't able to quickly find it to paste the link for you) https://www.planetnautique.com/vb5/forum/nautique-topics/maintenance-technical-discussion/590274-service-bulletin-on-pcm-5-3-liter-engines
  8. Mine was ordered from factory this way. If you get the miners moss (the cheaper option of the deckedence) I have seen people tape/spray paint them
  9. The main thing for kill switch is too look at the back and see how many terminals it has so you can get a new one with same configuration. Below link is the kill switch I bought to replace my factory one on my 2014 SV244....I would assume it would be the same on your 2015 FS33 but double check it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001HBT1V0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. They still look brand new....since doing the wetsand and other work on the CF vents, UV no longer fades them after a day on the water. My guess is that this will last another full summer and then it will be time to refinish them again tho it shouldnt be as extensive since mine where in pretty bad shape last time around. The clear coating was the key to making the carbon fiber pop and protect it from fading. Just make sure to do multiple light coats of the clear coat and let it cure a good 48hrs before you handle them, even after 24hrs if I handled them I was leaving fingerprints in the clear coat....tho I may have been putting the clear coats on a little too thick. Feel free to contact me if any questions once you get started on this
  11. Infinity surf tabs are da bomb. You may need an A-plate to clean up the goofy side (Infinity can build/sell you an A-plate or double wing plate)...but also having some list helps clean up the wave face whether you are running suckgate or surf tabs. Not talking a full on list, just couple hundred difference which can be done using people sitting on surf side, lead biased to that side, etc. On my Enzo, I use my Ramfill to list approx 250lbs on reg side and more like 400lbs on goofy side due to prop rotation.
  12. Tanks are glassed into the boat...definitely not metal, think they are plastic? You don't need to winterize, just lube gates and cycle them a few times and then leave them in open position after making sure you tilted bow up to drain any residual water.
  13. VERY easy to clean. Roll it up and toss it out of the boat, then use hose to spray it off. Sometimes I will use a car brush with some soap to clean/scrub each side before hosing it off. Mine still looks brand new on my 2014 as well, very durable flooring. I also really like that any dirt goes to the bottom and the flooring looks clean even when its technically not. If you drop a towel/etc on it, wont get wet/dirty.
  14. Yea, you need the software from dealer loaded onto a clear USB drive (no other programs or files on it), they should not charge anything to get you the software since Fineline sends it too them. Does seem likely that it needs an update since your behavior only happens when booting up, usually if your screen is going bad it will start "ghosting" or wont react to your touch commands. Behind your helm, there is a wire that should be hanging down near steering wheel rack with USB end. There is a process on how to upload the software, little different when you have 2 screens as you update them both separately. Pretty easy really and if dealer do it or tell you how, someone here can explain.

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