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  1. I see Lamb80782 had the same remove the driver seat as I am having.

    I didn't see the ulitmate solution.  I think removing "stop" would be the solution but am unable to see very well under the seat.  Has anyone come up with the solution?

    I also am reoving to have re-uphostered.  Itried removing the black access cover but it is very tight under there and not enough room for a regular wrench.  May try a 1/4 rachet drive.

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/S37erPn8an8fDkHBA of seat.

  2. Hello and thanks in advance... I have a 97 Ski centurion elite inboard that I'm trying to dial in for surfing. I have the DIY surf gate installed, plus about a thousand pounds of ballast in the boat. No matter where I put the ballast or the gate I keep getting "two lips"... I'm not sure how else to describe it. Its almost like there is one wake peak, and then also a second. I can't seem to get one good smooth wave. If both of the lips could combine together then I think my surf wake would be nice. Has anyone else dealt with this? Do the negative chines/spary channels that are present on my centurion possibly have that big of an effect? Anybody ever try to fill them in before?
  3. Hmmm... OK I'll try to get it to go further forward, that would sure explain a lot. I took some better pictures and then my girlfriend deleted them on me, I haven't gotten back to taking more yet. I will try to get the seat to go farther forward first and will let you all know. Thanks again...!
  4. Will do, I'll try to get some more pics up again this weekend. Still no success. Ultimately I am trying to get this seat off so I can reupholster it. Stay tuned until tomorrow or sunday for more pics...
  5. Fresh fish, That pic was taken when the seat was when the seat was slid all the way. The bolt never gets exposed any more when the seat slides. I can't fit a wrench it to get to the bottom bolt. If I just turn the jam nut it doesn't seem to accomplish anything. I agree though that it seems that the bolts could play a role somehow though. Rhuntlll, When the seat is all the way forward there is less than one inch between the screw into the floor and the seat. This is the only chance to get to the screws behind the seat. I have a tool similar to the one you show, when the tool is on the screw it barely fits. Then when I start to unscrew the tool gets wedged against the seat as the screw rises and I can't get the screw out. To get the tool back at that point I need to re-tighten the screw. (Take a look at picture 3 and you can see the minimal clearance) Thanks for the suggestions everyone... there has to be a way to do this
  6. Ok, here are a bunch of pics I took today. I tried based on someones suggestion to try and find a way to get the seat to slide off the front, I couldn't find a way to do it. There was enough space for it to maybe go that way though. To slide off the other way, backwards towards the engine, would never work. When the seat is slid all the way forward or back there is never enough clearance to get the screws out that mount the base to the floor. All of the base mount screws are screwed in straightn not at an angle so for sure the base was installed before the seat. HELP!!!!!!
  7. No, when I remove the seat cushion I don't see any bolts at all and can't access anything. I thought the same thing, that there might be 2 or 4 bolts, but nope, nothing. I'll try and get some pictures up this weekend.
  8. Thanks in advance for reading this. I have a 97 ski centurion that I am reupholstering and I need to remove the drivers seat. It sits on a black platform just barely inches off the ground. There is a slider bar that lets you slide the seat forward and backwards while you are sitting in it. No matter where the seat is slid it is impossible to access some of the screws that bolt the platform to the boat deck. I have no clue how to remove this seat! It is driving me crazy! There must be an easy way to get this seat to slide off from the platform. It would be impossible for the factory guys to install these seats otherwise. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help is helpful.

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