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  1. Hey @chowder2016 looking at a used Ri257 at Mello's.. Any feedback you can provide before i commit ? :-)

  2. I can be surfing about 15 minutes from my dock. Lots of slow water. But to get from my dock to the different restaurants and hang out spots out on the Delta you have to cover pretty long distances.
  3. This was on Sunday, 3 people in boat + 1000lbs of lead surfing at just over 3K RPM's. On my XR7 my guess would be that it uses slightly less fuel than the H6 since its not working as hard. Either way sub 10 GPH is amazing. I definitely blow through most of my fuel cruising from spot on the delta to another 45 minutes of cruising each way is pretty common for us.
  4. RI237 Ballast questions

    I fill the rams first then the PNP. Usually by the time you get the rope, flag, life jacket, go pro, wax and the entire production that takes place before you jump in the water the bags are full or full enough to start surfing. the wake off just the rams is better than any wake I ever got off my 22MXZ so everything else is just a bonus.
  5. I had a '17 237 with the H5 engine. I though it was underpowered, and under full ballast at sea level it was very tough to get the boat to surf speeds especially if you didn't level out the weight a bit. It did not like all the weight in the back needed bow weight to even try to get up to speed.
  6. Gonna be sad to see it go...

    Yeah. That’s what I’m afraid of. But no way I’ll be able to upgrade next year. Stupid hour counts. 450 hours on these engines is nothing. It’s about 15-20k miles on a brand new car.
  7. Gonna be sad to see it go...

    Im right about the same hourly usage as you. I probably have about 4 more weeks to go on my season and Im at 190 hours. What do you think we might be able to get for these guys with 750 hours on it?
  8. Wipe out pic and videos

    360 fail, I eventually landed a couple, but lots of face plants on the way there.
  9. This weekend at Bullards Bar, conditions were perfect all weekend.
  10. Extreme Trailer Bearing Buddy

    one more pic with all three tires showing...
  11. My trailer seems to be popping out the center hub caps. The dealer has fixed it twice now and it keeps happening. I know its not a weight issue since I remove the lead from the boat when I tow long distances. Seems to happen on the front axle more, but it also did it on the real axles too.
  12. Finally got to see...

    Ive used a full tank in a day, and that is an expensive weekend on the water especially with the XR7 and its premium fuel requirements. But it was about a 12 hour day on the water with hours of cruising.
  13. @Nick213 is surfing in the drone footage and I just threw a quick cell phone video of me doing a 360. Warning there is some twerking in the video, so don't watch if you are sensitive. Also its not on youtube cuz of copyright crap. https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0P5yeZFhAj5gY
  14. So my 257 got in a fight with a dock and the Black Metal Flake lost. I out a big scratch on her and it's absolutely killing me. Couple questions 1) is it possible to get it back to looking new 2) does anybody have a recommendation on a good place to take it in Northern California 3) any clue on how long it takes to repair? the scratch is along the port side about 1/16 thick running about 2 feet long. ?? bring on the jokes. Can't make me feel worse than I already do!

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