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  1. Try the 2020 Manuel's https://www.centurionboats.com/manuals
  2. I see alot of people have had the issue and just wanted to see if a solution besides pulling it has worked... Seen same topic going back to 2008 .. I have a 2016 ri217 and do all the maintenance by the manual ... I have the Diacom software as well ...will be diving into it tomorrow Just wanted to see if someone would come through with a hail mary pass...
  3. The transmission/ V-drive is trash as well as I had my season cut short last year bc of it failing .. had it replaced Get in today and the thing is slipping... not sure that I can take much more... might take it out in the gulf and donate it to "houses for fishes foundation"?
  4. Are the pumps turning on, if not wire/fuse issue... If they are then you need to adjust timing for them to stay on longer Hope that helps

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