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  1. Hey Matt, Thanks for the info... I actually found out today that Skylon (which I was planning to buy anyway) makes a mirror mount arm specifically for the evolution tower. A lady from Centurion (209-384-0255) recommended Skylon and when I called Skylon they told me that they make a 2.5" oval mount specifically for the evolution tower. I ordered it today. I am trying to attach an image of what the mirror arm looks like (though this isn't the evolution tower) Thanks again though Paul
  2. The new Enzo SV230

    I can only get 1 pic to load... the others are too big
  3. We have a 2007 Enzo SV230 w/ Evolution Tower and we're wanting to put a mirror mount on the tower (already have the CIPA mirror). Does anyone know the circumference of the tower pole? I had heard 2 3/8"... I want to be sure. Also, any advice on the mirror mount arm? We need one that works with the ball mount on the back of our mirror. I have been looking for a while and for the money I really like one Skylon has. Thanks
  4. Potential stupid question... I just joined the site last night and really enjoyed looking around. We are about to buy a 2007 Enzo SV230 (w/ 4 hours) and I need to know the exact length for the new lift to be installed. I just want to confirm that the boat is 23 ft from tip to tail not including the swim platform in the back? Thanks. BTW, if I am correct, what is the overall length including the swim deck? Looking forward to adding some pics of the new ride!

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