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  1. Hi there! Long time listener, first time caller. Your guidance and advice is very much appreciated! I have a new-to-me (late) 05 Centurion Avalanche C4. My family and I have been loving it so far! The dreaded two beeps started just after a few times out on the water for me. I was at my mechanic for something else and had him take a look. The code reader said it was the water pressure. He was familiar with the problem (as are many of you) and recommended a new water pressure sensor. He switched it out, ran the boat on the fake-a-lake and no beeps. Before and after the new water pressure sensor, engine temp has been staying right at and below 175. Brought the boat out and the beeps came back right away. Didn't go away. I unhooked the alarm speaker just for the day and kept my eyes on the temp, still stayed low. Called my mechanic and he said the next step was to change the impeller. The thought is that the impeller is pumping fine just not at the pressure the sensor needs it to stop the beeps. Also, I don't know when the impeller was put in, so it doesn't hurt to change it and know exactly when it was put in. He also says that if this doesn't work, he's got to change the cooler housing. Says that there was a factory defect and an upgraded version came out but it's way passed the recall time. Any other thoughts on what it could be (given the code reader said it was the water pressure)? Could it be something else? Can it be that we just need to reset the comp? I've heard differing opinions and my mechanic says that the codes reset every 5 minutes automatically. A few things to note to help me diagnose the problem: I boat at elevation - around 6.3k I didn't have the beep before the mechanic put in a new Stargazer Perfect Pass - could this have an effect? I didn't have the beep before putting on a new prop - but I assume this shouldn't change anything I had a full ignition tune up done before the beeping started

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