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Found 9 results

  1. Can anyone advise on current model replacement plugs for my 2015 Enzo, FS 33 with ZR 409 engine? The manual calls for plug part # R030011. I want to stick with an AC Delco since it’s a GM 6.0 block.
  2. I am considering the purchase of a used 2014 - 2016 Centurion SV233. (Budget $80k or less) If you own one of these or have experience with them, I would appreciate your feedback. These models were available with RamFill, CATS, QuickSurf Tabs, Asymmetrical Center Plate and PNP. 1.) If I understand correctly, PNP refers to bags that are in addition to the plastic tanks. How are these extra bags filled and emptied? Is it done with RamFill or pumps? 2.) We will primarily use the boat for surfing. With all available ballast full, is it possible to create a decent wave on both sides by only adjusting QuickSurf, CATS and the Asymmetrical Plate? Does this system adjust quick enough to allow a rider to transfer from one side to the other while surfing? 3.) I've heard the Enzo's have a better wave on the port side - can I get a good goofy wave by adjusting ballast and the other surf systems?
  3. New member here but longtime lurker. Bought a 2015 Enzo fs33 about 3 years ago it's been a great boat for our family and I love it. A few questions from you experts: 1. Per the image attached I don't have a water exhaust pipe... I've been reading about FAE's etc. Really I think I want to get something here cause it looks cool but more importantly the health of the people on the back of the boat and the rider from emmisions. I don't need the best but I want the "best practice" and best bang for buck to solve the issue. 2. The port side surf has always been far superior to the starboard side... I've tried it all, settings, weight, water etc. The port side can get huge and a beautiful curl the starboard side has less push and height and minimal curl. Could the FAE or exhaust system potentially help this? Any other suggestions to try? 3. A few if my toggle switches have busted in the dash. Any recommendations on where to buy new ones (dealer said they don't carry them for older boats and even if they did they would probably cost a fortune)..? Thanks everybody I'll be attentive to your comments or questions! Jason
  4. Help with knowledge about 2015 and possibly 2016 FS33 as well as same years SV233. new to surf boats (we don’t care about wakeboarding for now). Is one of the two a better surf boat (regarding the wake). It will be for preteen and high school kids mostly. Maybe a few adults after a few! There seems to be a big deal about 300 engine hours on these two boats. What does that compare to in miles on a vehicle? 36k miles? 100k miles? I realize there are probably big jumps in capability for newer model years, but if we go newer or newer model year we will probably just go 2019-21 supreme ZX232. Thoughts?
  5. Could you guys please share your RPM's you guys are running at surf speeds, boat, year, model, ballast. Trying to get a feel of what is good. Currently on my 2015 FS44, listed, PnP rear full, PNP front 70%, RAM 100%x20%, surf 11mph up river and 12 down, I'll run 3300 to 3800 depending on how many peeps even weighted with mission delta WS, rear PnP full, front PNP 70%, both RAM 40% to 65% depending on peeps, RPM's 4100 to 4300.. on both boat will stuggle to keep speed after 8 to 9 peeps. What you are guys at, and what's your thoughts on mine. This may not matter much soon since looking at getting a 2018 Fi or Ri ? this year but I'd like to know what normal is.
  6. 2016 Centurion FS33

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    2016 Centurion FS33 For Sale. 48 hours. I have had it for one season and just don't have the time anymore.


  7. Starting this in hopes that the Admin makes it a sticky. Let's all compare notes, my setup: 600lbs of lead total 50lb lead on each side all the way back next to the gates 100lb lead on each side under the pnp shelves against the Engine dividers 300lbs to move to surf side, or for larger crews to the bow All pnps 100% Surf side Ram 100% Non-Surf-side Ram 20% Cats -30 for goofy, 30 for regular (might have this backwards) A-plate 10 for goofy, 30 for regular. Speed 10.5 - 11.5 (depending on what the rider wants) Goofy Wave, 11.5. First photo he is 8 feet beyond the length of a 20ft rope, second shows a better angle for height of the wave: Regular, 10.5, new rider at 20ft rope's length (only 400lbs of lead, none all the way back and only 200 side to side) New rider, 10.8, at 20ft rope's length:
  8. So finally got the brand new FS33 out on the lake this weekend. It was a blast, everyone in the crew's back legs were toast keeping on the brakes the whole time because of the massive push, everyone is extremely stoked about the possibilities! We did have some issues/observations though: 1) The clips that hold the little plastic "O" piece that connects the starboard ram gate handle to the actuator broke within two hours of possession. I managed to jimmy a fix with some black tape, but we had to keep checking it because either it wouldn't open or the handle would slightly rise while under power allowing the starboard ram to fill. The dealer is ordering the part, but I'm a little worried on how easy it broke 2) We had a really hard time getting a clean lip on the wave, we never really saw it. We also had 10 people on the boat, and that made it very difficult to dial in. I'm hoping we'll get there. I read all of the ballast setting here, and none of them worked for us. We actually had to go -50 CATS for starboard and +30 for port just to clean up the top, otherwise it was sloshy, but this really pulled the top down and it was the complete opposite of everything I've read (namely nasmith and jester). Any thoughts on ballast settings for a full boat? 3) We kept getting a "crease" in the wave, from what we can tell it was from the quicksurf system, when listed it looks like the wave catches on it and causes a crease to go up the middle, anyone else get there? 4) I noticed that the boat really likes counter weight. The best wave I saw was when I was on port with only three people in the boat one on the port, the other two on the starboard side (one being 300+ pounds). I went 100 RAM Port, 30 RAM Starboard, and the big guy, it was really really nice. See the video below 5) I'm disappointed with the fill meters all being timer based and not sensor based. Because of problem number 1, we were constantlyout of sync on the starboard side, it would say it was empty when it would be half full. The only fix was to continually drain and put it into trailer mode until we leveled out. I really think they should have invested a little more here and made sensors. 6) I'm also disappointed that there is no "clear" button (as far as I can tell) that empties all the ballast and sets the tab and CATS back to 0. We set off to zoom across the lake several time with these guys down or turned. It be nice to have a "we're all finished" button 7) I'm also disappointed there is no "I really like these settings" button. If you get a good wave dialed, you have to remember all of the settings and then go to another screen to save them. It would be sweet to just have a save button on the screen for current settings. 9: The speakers... They're amazing!! At 6'4" I hit my head no less than 30 times on them over the course of the weekend. I really think there is a way they could have gotten these on top of the tower somehow, or more compressed up, everyone over 5'10" banged their head all weekend. All in all the boat is amazing though, a lot of the features are so well thought out, I'm genuinely stoked about getting this thing dialed in and the possibilities that means! Some photos and video (take it easy on me, I'm riding switch):
  9. Well, the beloved mighty EliteV is officially sold and it's time to get down to business! Sometime in the next week, I'll be ordering a shiny new FS33. Something I thought I'd never do. Lol. So I'd like to here from the Crew on which gelcoat y'all like best. Should be interesting. 1 2 3 4 5 6

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