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  1. 2016 Centurion FS33

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    2016 Centurion FS33 For Sale. 48 hours. I have had it for one season and just don't have the time anymore.


  2. FS33 FS44 QS set up

    I will try that next time out.
  3. FS33 FS44 QS set up

    I like to use Quick surf on my FS33, I just fill everything up and set the quick surf on 70, cats at 30, 11mph. It is short and steep. I have never ridden behind a boat that someone has the surfing dialed in either, we have just been kinda experimenting as we go. Once we start surfing I don't change anything, but we aren't trying to do tricks, just staying on the board is good for us. haha I think the listed wave is better on the boat but it seams to be more finicky when people change seats(I dont notice a change in the wave when people move around with quick surf). I can get a longer have when listed at 11 mph. We normally have 7 people on the boat.
  4. Regular Side PNP Bow 100% PNP Rear 85%....They are full at 85%, I am thinking Timer needs to be adjusted. Ram Fill 100% Quick Surf at 70 Cats at 30 Trim Tab 20 - 50 Speed 10.8-11mph We normally have 7-9 people in the boat. I can get a Huge wave but I am working on having a bigger pocket to surf in.
  5. Thank You! i will probably just store the extra so I can replace the swim platform like your talking about.
  6. So they had to order the entire kit? They couldn't order just the places were the snap in carpet is at? Thanks
  7. Does $1200.00 bucks sound right for Gator step in the Floor of FS33?
  8. Yea but with the Deckadence you still have to pull it out occasionally, just seems like the gator step would be easier to clean up...
  9. I am going to buy a Cordless Shop Vac and just vacuum it out and wipe all the seats down before we leave and cover it. With the gator step it ought to dry faster and be easier to vacuum out quickly?
  10. Yea, The gator step seems like it will be easier to keep. I appreciate the info for NW boat sports. Thanks!
  11. I called them originally but they told me I had to go through a dealer. I am not for sure about the dust, the boat has some gator step on it. The boat is going on a lift and the carpet doesn't dry out fast enough.
  12. My boat came with the Snap in Carpet. Has any one ordered the centurion gator step for there boat after the fact? Is my dealer my best option? Thanks!
  13. Did I read somewhere that the FS models are being discontinued in 2017? Are they coming out with a new model? Any News... Thanks!
  14. Quick surf

    That's what I was doing and they didn't move, I'll have to try again!. Thank you!
  15. Hey guys, how do you get the quick surf tabs to work? On the screen u can click on quick surf and set it? I couldn't get them to move... Thanks!

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