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  1. Perfect Pass

    Usually I start with unplugging the power and trying a restart. But I'd call the Perfect Pass office as their customer service is top notch being a small business. I've called them a few times and they've always been able to walk me through things quickly!
  2. I upgraded my solenoids using something similar to what you posted at the beginning of this summer. The original sprinkler valves were leaking and making it nearly impossible to direct the flow of water. I provided a full write up here: https://www.wakegarage.com/projects-archive/ballast-projects/ballast-solenoid-upgrade-distribution-r161/ While the boat is all put away for the winter now, I'll say that the system worked flawlessly this summer! I kinda wish I would have done it a year or two earlier. If I was doing it again, the only thing I would have considered would be to upgrade to 1" plumbing all around. It's all 1" plumbing up to the distribution, but 3/4" from the solenoids to the bag (factory set up). It would have been an easy switch to increase hose size at the same time to improve fill speeds. Something to consider depending on your set up. Hope this helps!
  3. Not sure anything to specifically suggest other than to call Perfect Pass. They're awesome with their customer service and can walk you through the diagnostic process.
  4. I had a similar situation when I bought my boat - turns out the after market hour meter was broken and stuck at 200 hours. I was reading up on the new perfect pass style system and came across this in the user manual: If the newer style multi-line Perfect Pass is installed, power up the boat (not start it) and with the Perfect Pass powered on, press the Menu and up button at the same time. That will show a new menu and you can scroll down to through the "System Info" which will pull the hour meter from the boat engine (I believe). http://www.perfectpass.com/sites/all/themes/perfectpass - Copy/images/wakeboardpro65mechanical.pdf - look at page 6. Alternatively, if you do take it dealer they can pull the info from the engine including engine hours and the amount of time spent at each RPM stage. You'll get a better idea of if its been run mostly towing, idling, etc. I would say this is a good option to know if the hours are creeping up for above average annual use in your area. Perhaps its got higher hours, but they were spent mostly idling to keep the batteries charged up for the stereo vs. a lot of operation running under load to tow. Hope this helps.
  5. I have a 2007 Centurion Lightning and had a similar set up and issue with the solenoids on my boat - water going everywhere and long fill up times! No amount of cleaning and tinkering on mine made them work any better. Two options which I did and you may want to consider: 1. Upgrade your pump with something with higher capacity (ie jabsco water puppy) - this helped improved my fill times, but I think it ultimately was too much pressure on the stock solenoids and lead to the water leakage issues. 2. Put in new always closed solenoids which will better direct the water (see my post here: https://www.wakegarage.com/projects-archive/ballast-projects/ballast-solenoid-upgrade-distribution-r161/) . 3. If you're putting in new solenoids, you could also consider upgrading from the stock 3/4" tubing to 1" hose. Even though mine was 1" in through the stock solenoid, it was 3/4" tubing from the solenoid to the bags. In hindsight, I should have gotten 1" solenoids and then sized up the hoses and fittings to the bags to 1" to further improve flow rates. I also run a homemade suckgate which did make a big difference in my wave and am continually experimenting with the speed (as per the Mission video referenced above) to make the pocket and push better.
  6. From experience at the Osyoos crossing, having your registration information on hand is what's required, but the US side is rarely concerned about it. More than anything they'll likely want to x-ray your boat on the way into the US (mine was x-rayed 9 out of 10 times), so allow for extra crossing time as I've had to wait up to 30 minutes in the past. I also usually cross the boarder without a cover on the boat to demonstrate transparency. On the way back into Canada, having your registration information on-hand is always a good idea especially if you don't have the registration decals on your boat. While the waterways are all connected on Lake Osoyoos, they may want to do an aquatic mussel check as they're starting to get more aggressive on slowing down the spread of them.
  7. Call Robby at Skylon and he can give you all the details. He was awesome to deal with regarding communication, problem solving, and product knowledge!

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