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Centurion (esp. Fi series) Reliability/Quality

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lambo    0

I’m new to the forum, and to centurion boats. We have a 2006 Mastercraft x30 with go surf assist and ~1800 lbs plug and play ballast in the rear lockers. She puts out a decent wave, but it takes forever to fill (even with bigger pumps installed), and the wave could definitely be longer/taller with a larger sweet spot.  As my whole family has grown to love surfing, I think we’re due for an upgrade/update, though my wallet is pissed at me for saying that—we’re currently not talking...

I’ve enjoyed the x30.  Solid boat. Comfortable. Reliable. Does a lot of things well. Dealer (Utah Watersports) is close and provides excellent service. 

Several questions for the centurion boat owners out there, especially those with an Fi23:

  1. Understanding all boats are going to have a few issues here and there, how reliable has your centurion been compared to other boats you’ve owned, or compared to boats owned by those you know? I’ve read a couple horror stories in your forum about the Ri line. 
  2. What issues have you had (especially in the Fi series)?
  3. How would you rate build quality (squeaks, rattles, screws backing out, seat hinges, integrity of things bolted to the boat, racks, gelcoat etc.) compared to other makes? 
  4. Would you buy a Centurion (especially an Fi) again? If not, what would you rather have for around $125K? 

I don’t mind paying great money for great things. I feel paying north of 100K is great money, and I want the boat to be commensurate with that price in terms of quality and reliability. Time is my only enemy. My kids are growing fast. Like you all, I don’t want to spend precious summer days broken down in the middle of a lake, and wasting what few summers I have left with them with a boat in the shop. 

Appreciate your time in responding, as well as your insight and perspective.

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Troy. R    167

Like you said, you can have little issues here and there with any boat, but I am not aware of any major issues with the FI23. That said, I am not a FI owner. I have a Supreme ZS232, which might be a good budget conscious option too for a great surf boat. You can get a ZS232 in the $100k range.

All Centurions/Supremes are built with a vacuum infused, reverse shoebox process making their build process/quality top notch.

Centurions (and the ZS232) are also considerably more fuel efficient than other brands due to the hull design and the type of surf system the use.

Final note, I’m not sure how far you are from Springville, UT, but Boardco out there is one of the best Centurion/Supreme dealers in the nation.

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RedSchmutz    0

Jonny, Mitch, and Berk at BoardCo in Springville have been pretty honest with me as I navigate my way through buying our first Centurion. I think the only issue I have been able to identify from reading - no first-hand experience - is that the valves that are integral to the Ram Fill system have a habit of sticking on some people's boats. I don't know if this has been rectified, but that has been the only complaint I have been able to find with any consistency. Also, since everything is run through the one screen on the drivers console, there are far fewer potential points of electrical failure which I found to be a worthy consideration. That being said, if the console unit fries... are we on a floating brick? Good luck with your search. I found the Centurions to be a great option when weighed against the Mastercraft line-up.

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Ryguy1984    1

I purchased a 2020 Fi23 coming from a Tige Z3. We put about 100 hours on the boat last season so I had a decent amount of time in and around it cleaning and detailing. 

For me, the big attraction was the ballast fill times. We are on a busy public lake and 15 minutes to fill could easily mean you become the 5th or 6th boat in line following each other down the side of the lake. Being able to get in the water and up on the board and having to wait a minute or so for a great wave to form under your feet is pretty sweet. 

I’ll never go back to Tige due to their lack of build quality. It was a 2013 so things may have improved, but everything was held together with marine grade plastics and incorrect size or style of fasteners. Lots of screws that came too close to the end of the plastic and eventually split and quit holding. The ballast design was terrible and I constantly chased issues.  

There are little to no rattles on my FI in rough water. The gelcoat and lines of the FI are very dramatic and I haven’t found any areas where they masked off wrong in the build process and goofed lines up. 

The routing of pumps, hoses, electrical is more simple and clean than my Tige was. Lots of components inside of a boat, but it seems well thought out. It is a bit easier to work on than my Tige, I’ve change the raw water and winterized it myself so far. 

The flooring is a bit of a pain as the main area is removable and has a channel the entire way around the removable section.  Having kids on the boat and allowing snacks, pieces fall into the channel and are a pain to get out. 

I don’t come across any screws or random bolts that seem out of place, installed poorly or dangerously. The interior vinyl looks to be a better install than the factory Tige stuff was. With attention to stress and wear areas addressed, I have more confidence it will hold up. 

I chased a stereo interference noise for a bit, and a wiring harness popped off the engine and threw a code. Both quick warranty fixes and to be expected on a hand made boat, regardless of who made it or what you paid. 

Todays boat prices are insane, no doubt about it. But I think the Fi is a lot of boat for the money. In my opinion, the wave has more adjustability, length and push than a G23. It is more comfortable and less like riding in a deep coffin vs the Ri series. The styling is new and the stereo is extremely loud and clear. 

My only wish would be that the engine would be quieter when surfing fully loaded down. I have the OG 6.0 and am in Colorado, it has no problem getting up to speed full of ballast and people. I’d trade in a bit more time to plane out for less rpm/noise at surf speed. I could consider a different prop but..

As far as the sticky valves, they have a manual operation to get you out of a jam, and it’s something I’m sure the correct type of spray lube could correct. Never had that issue on mine. And for the touch screen, I got ride of my Tige fearing it would fail on me while I owned it. It lasted 7 years and was of the very early era screens in wakeboats. I figure this one should be able to last at least that long, maybe more. 

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joedirt    0

Got the fi21 in June last year out the door at $106,000 luv the CA sales tax.

Very solid, excellent Interior, no rattles. Boat well thought out; stereo, ballast ,Chevy L96 , trim tabs  all 5 star.

The sound deadening stringers are going to be go to for all boat manufacturing.

Had to prop down to push; boat, ballast and crew (16x13). 

Lost top end, kinda liking the slo roll.

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Dr.NELSON    0

I have a 2018 Ri237..my previous boat was an 2015 Enzo244. I am currently waiting for Centurion to make a decision if they would repair my boat under warranty. My boat has only 86 hours. The boat is used occasionally in salt water but mostly in WV lakes.. The Ram Fill system is leaking. I have already replaced the overwhelmed bilge pump already. They have replied that fine print in manual says Warranty is void if boat is taken used in Salt Water. Took it to a Charlotte NC dealer who keep my boat for 8 months and did not Water test it nor address this problem. INSTEAD I was given the boat back with this issue not fixed but with other issues including a poorly installed motor harness that the boat did not need. Thus far Centurion has told me take it up with the dealer, not them. The boat shuts down while underway and oil is now leaking from motor the day I got the boat back from the dealer. I Will keep you all posted on their response to my complex problem.

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Erudition    0

The transmission/ V-drive is trash as well as I had my season cut short last year bc of it failing .. had it replaced

Get in today and the thing is slipping... not sure that I can take much more... might take it out in the gulf and donate it to "houses for fishes foundation"🤪

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sporte77    5

Cavitation vs. trans slipping?  Swap out prop to different size before you give up..  Mine cavitated a lot with the stock prop - I swapped out to a 16x13 and no more "slipping" (was actually cavitation) - but totally feels like it's slipping (RPMs go up fast/boat doesn't accelerate).  Just a thought to consider - if you haven't already.

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