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  2. Got an offer on my 13 Elite V C-4 that has served my family very well. Seriously considering this boat https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/bod/d/chilliwack-2016-centurion-enzo-fs44/6892096259.html which some of you may recognize. Is the H5 engine enough for this boat with a full crew and ballast? Are the screens difficult to run or setup? More concerned for my wife who will be using it with the kids when I'm working... Any reliability concerns or overall concerns with this boat/model overall? Thank you in advance for your wisdom and advice! Al
  3. Need some help fellas. I have a 2005 Enzo sv230. Has the mercruiser 5.7. It had a miss under load at the end of the season last year so this spring I changed spark plugs, wires, distributed cap, and rotor button. First time I put it in the lake it carnaked and idled fine. Idled for about 2 minutes waiting on my friend to park the truck. After picking him up from the dock it randomly died. Now every time I crank it it runs for a second and alarm sounds and it will die at low rpm. If increase rpm to around 2,000 or more alarm sounds and it acts like a rev limiter cutting fuel. This happens through the whole rpm range. It did clear up for a moment on the lake just long enough to get it on plane and see that the miss under load was now gone but this new problem has me scratching my head. Engine temp was ~130, oil pressure was 40.
  4. I just swapped out the speakers haven’t touched the amp settings yet.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Did you set the high pass filter at 80mhz or something different?
  7. I don't know your boat at all, but most props are stamped right where the nut that holds it on is. Look at that first and it should give you a diameter and pitch. Then you need to think about what you want it to do vs what it is currently doing. At that point you should be able to talk to either a prop guy or one of the companies that sell props and see what they suggest. A lot of the prop houses have a suggestion guide and maybe your boat is listed. I prefer to go off the existing prop and go from there. Generally more blades, bigger ears, flatter pitch make more thrust but cost on speed. I personally have a local prop guy who I work with and we try stuff and I just see what I like and what works best. He lets me try things and as long as I don't ding them I don't have to buy them. You can play with the cup as well. I know I just sent you on a goose chase but you really can narrow down what you want to do by starting with what you have.
  8. Check out wakemakers - fantastic prop reference guide https://www.wakemakers.com/centurion-wakeboard-boat-propellers
  9. Most boats will run once started even with a dead battery if the charging system is working properly. I know you had your alternator checked but it seems like one of your wires isn't hooked up right or corroded. I don't know what alternator you have. If you have a one wire I would be looking at the one wire both ends and connections. If it is not the internally regulated style and you have a voltage regulator I would check all the connections to that and the regulator itself plus the charging wire back to the battery.
  10. Today I swapped out my sx650 for revo6’s. The revo’s look and sound better, I included a during and after picture of the cabin. The Xxx12 and syn-dx2.3 gets installed Wednesday.
  11. Digital volt meter across the battery posts with engine running. Meter shows what the battery is getting.
  12. I have a 1991 ski centurion. Want to buy a new prop but not sure what to get. We do a lot of wakeboarding and some tubing. Any suggestions?
  13. Need to test the alternator output while on the boat, all hooked up like normal.
  14. Last week
  15. I have a 1991 ski centurion. I bought a new battery and had the alternator tested Reads good. Boat started at home and went to the lake went out on about a 10 minute ride and boat dies go to start and doesn’t start like a died battery. Go charge battery get the boat started and take it out again and dies again and won’t start. Any clues?
  16. Thank you for sharing the settings. Will give those a try next time we ride. Kim just released our board rack supports to our Ebay store. This was a CAD project completed by a paid summer intern we had working for us last summer. Locally made right here in Oregon. They are designed to be mounted to common unistrut which is convenient because then they can be adjusted up and down as needed to accommodate thickness of board and the length of the fins. All the best, Hein https://www.ebay.com/itm/Board-Racks/143259723364
  17. Gladiator Bimini

  18. Gladiator Bimini

    Give sewlong custom covers in Utah a call. They make Bimini tops (with board sleeves) for the gladiator tower.
  19. I’m looking for a Bimini top for my gladiator tower. I have it on a 92 Supra Sunsport. I haven’t had any luck finding one. Maybe if someone could help me with a part number I could point myself in a better direction.
  20. Just recently rode an Fi25 in a wakesurf comp in Arizona. What a great wave. For the comp the boat settings were Stinger Plate at 85 on the trim, Quicksurf setting 85, 11.4 was the speed and boat was 100% full all bags. No Cat was used but they said you could add 8 for regular and -8 for goofy and drain 5% on the counter/opposite ram fill side as an option.
  21. 2006 Avalanche

    I don’t have a heater, but believe they are almost all made by heatercraft. Could find your model here and looks like they have install guides online. https://heatercraft.com/collections/heaters-1 I know they use the engine block water to get the heat, may not be circulating the water?
  22. 2006 Avalanche

    Hello, I have an 06 avy that we have had quite a while now. I knew it blew air out, didn’t think it actually heated anything though. When I get under the glove box section, I see the heater, But the hoses dont seem to be connected correctly. Would you you have any kind of diagram of what hoses go where? thanks to any help you give to 2 freezing teens
  23. There may be, just will take more trial and error. Figuring out factory wiring is always fun...
  24. Ok. I was just hoping since mine is like yours and is pre wired there would be a cheaper and easier way lol
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