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  2. It's been two weeks since I made shaper v3.0 and it has been killing me that I have not been able to try it out......until this past Saturday! Extended family has been at the lake house and I have not been able take the boat out. Durability: The shaper remained attached to the side of the boat for roughly 3 hours worth of surfing on a busy Saturday in a heavily trafficked cove. This included starting and stopping, riding through other boats wake and waves. The shaper stayed attached the entire time and never once had to be tinkered with. Reducing the cutting board angle has made this shaper rock solid. As opposed to tethering to the boat I took everyone's advice and attached to a bumber to avoid having the shaper swing back and hit the hull. Boat setup: 250 rear lockers, 250 built in center cabin, 750 fat sac center cabin, 350 lbs sand and lead in nose, 7 adults spread throughout the boat. This outing had too much bow weight as two of the larger adults were up front which took a bit of push out of the back of the wave (I think). Shape: As to be expected with the less severe angle, the impact on the wave was a bit less drastic. The shaper still did an EXCELLENT job cleaning up the wave and allowing for the boat to remain evenly weighted for a more comfortable ride for passengers.
  3. I drilled new holes, staggered from the originals, into the bracket flange. I will drill and tap these new mounting holes into the platform.
  4. Can you provide some pics? I have an 05 elite V C4. Thanks for your time.
  5. Yesterday
  6. 2016 s211 hd5I

    Out for 3-4 hours straight. Absolutely no problems. Came back in, as pulling on boat lift. Boat shut off. Won’t start now, just cranks. Tried starting 8-10 times Boat is right up on oil level, so not that.. Apon reading up in manual, have realized that fuel filters should have been changed by now, as boat has 140hours on it. And still original filters. But the boat seemed like it shut off before I even took it out of gear. Not sure if it could be something electrical? Or am I over thinking this and just try filters first. Thanks in advance Ryan.
  7. Nacimiento

    Hi Friends Looking to sell this center cushion, I have an offer in AR but would rather keep it local due to shipping costs. If interested let me know. Cheers https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/323594668322655/
  8. I have received my new stainless brackets and I'm happy to agree! The transom mounts are remove and replace, with the holes lining up. The old mounts had countersunk screws, but the new mounts are not countersunk. So, I'm going to see if there is enough clearance between the transom mounts and the brackets to use stainless hex head bolts (hardware was not included). The new platform bracket holes are the same pattern as the old, but the new bracket is wider so the holes are relocated barely 3/8" from the original. Troy answered my question as to the composition of the plate (aluminum). I may try to capture one side of the original holes with the new bracket, and redrill/tap the other. However, I don't think the geometry from the mount will work. Troy, how close were you new holes to the old, and did you have any problems? J

    Here’s a 19! Love it! Would definitely recommend a Centurion!
  10. Last week

    No one bought a boat in 19 so far? Hoping to bring one home very soon. Seems concerning though that there hasn’t been anything yet this year.
  12. What is the best product to lube the black collars that the Switchblade rotates on? Thanks
  13. If there isn't an "autolaunch" tab at your quicksurf screen, then the auto tab you are pointing at should control all 3. I dont have the factory Quick Surf on my boat tho, I added aftermarket surf tabs that are controlled with manual buttons not tied to the screen since QuickSurf didnt come out till 2015 and mine is a 14. I would try 2 things this weekend. Add people to bow to see if that helps....and also try changing over to rpm mode rather than mph. Above the speed (at top left) you can see the rpm tab, if you press that they it will set it up for the rpm rather than mph. May not make a difference but worth a shot IMO.
  14. Infinity, I am back at the lake. Here is my home screen. I’ve got a AUTO button above the Tab setting but Indint see anything about it controlling the Quicksurf tabs. Pic of my software version attached too.
  15. Newbie

    They are out of business.... I was fortunate enough that when my tower broke on my bowrider elite they were still in business and they made me a new upper portion. Unfortunately your only option at this point is to A: find a tower that mounts to the existing points (find the same tower) D: glass in the old holes and get a new tower that fits.
  16. Newbie

    Just picked up a 01 air warrior that was a repo,and missing the tower,from what I can tell by my google fu a proflight tower but cant seem to find a source to purchase and don't want to have to fab up attachment feet that matches the holes nor do I want to drill more holes. any info is appreciated thanks DC
  17. Hi gang, new to us 91 ski centurion tru trac 3. Sorting it out mechanically and getting a porposing developing when accelerating at approx 3/4 throttle. Can I drive through or out of it? Gassing it doesn’t break the porposing, only slowing then accelerating slowly. Any advice appreciated. Boat is near full fuel, not loaded abnormally. Thanks
  18. I recently purchased a plug and play ballast upgrade for my 2014 fx22 from an authorized centurion dealer. Something that they had hanging around the shop since 2014 . The idea of having the system that would work from my touch screen was grate. kit comes with 2 fly high rear locker bags . 2 ballast puppy pumps all the hoses and connections. New pdm with wiring harness . Would anybody know where can i find instructions on how to install it. Specifically pdm and wiring install. Thanks .
  19. Vintage "Ski" Centurion

    Thanks for the advice rhino! I agree as well, I love the retro look. The van would be an epic tow vehicle lol!! I will have to look around some other places to see if I can get a better quote on the interior.
  20. Vintage "Ski" Centurion

    Many of the pleating colors for boats are available pre-made so it may not be as much as you think to do the pleats they would only have to lay in the colors. I personally dig old boats, I had an old Laveycraft open bow day cruiser for years and when it was time to redo the interior I tried to keep it close to factory. It had like 8 colors in the Gelcoat and 5 colors in the interior. The attention to detail and custom look were things I liked. I used to always tell people "Imagine me pulling up with this boat behind my bubble window van with matching paint circa 1977....I would have been the biggest pimp!!!" My vote is for keeping it stockish looking......nice boat.
  21. Does anyone have the newest software update file for a 2015 Enzo FS33? Also do you have a tutorial for how to do the update, I believe I have the correct steps but just wanted to double check if anyone knows them. Thank you!!
  22. Vintage "Ski" Centurion

    so i am looking to re-upholster the inside. would it be best to keep the original pleats in the seats, or update the inside with a newer style look but keep some of the colors close to the original? I know to keep the pleating is quite a bit more expensive due to the time to sow those in. thanks for any advise, Jim
  23. enzo/Ri/Fi

    ya I'm kind of swinging to the new fi keep telling the wife we just have to sign for it lol. just need a brake form work to go take it for a spin.
  24. So i want to order this week, are you using the universalFit bags from WakeMakers? 45x25x25 @ 1,140 lbs? WakeMAhttps://www.wakemakers.com/wakemakers-rear-lbs-ballast-bag.html KERS UniversalFIT Rear Locker Ballast Bags
  25. First time surfin

    Couple short clips https://youtu.be/umzxOX1Yey https://youtu.be/Y4ZNQtXIE8A
  26. First time surfin

    We have the same hurricane, we do a 750 in port side lock, 750 on the seat port side, 300 in bow, fill centr stock ballast plus crew of 6-8. We run with the rub rail at or under water level. Also run a wakeshaper/wakegate. We had to upgrade to acme 911 to even get the boat moving. It works for now but our hulls won’t produce the ideal wave no matter what you do, to narrow. Trying post a pic but can’t fiqure out how lol
  27. enzo/Ri/Fi

    Fi21 and ri 217 will be very similar wake wise. I would go fi21 as I believe the 217 has been discontinued which will affect resale down the road
  28. Just saying nowadays pretty tuff to find a good surf wave below 30K. I had my Avy for almost 10 seasons. Plenty of love and upgrades (and hours north of 1K) but ended up selling for only $4K less than I purchased her for-and it was still an awesome boat. I'll always love that girl...
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