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  1. Jonny, Mitch, and Berk at BoardCo in Springville have been pretty honest with me as I navigate my way through buying our first Centurion. I think the only issue I have been able to identify from reading - no first-hand experience - is that the valves that are integral to the Ram Fill system have a habit of sticking on some people's boats. I don't know if this has been rectified, but that has been the only complaint I have been able to find with any consistency. Also, since everything is run through the one screen on the drivers console, there are far fewer potential points of electrical failure which I found to be a worthy consideration. That being said, if the console unit fries... are we on a floating brick? Good luck with your search. I found the Centurions to be a great option when weighed against the Mastercraft line-up.

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