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TRaymond    0


New to the forum and the boating world. I recently picked up a 2003 Centurion Tornado Direct Drive. This is my first boat and we loved it last season. The tornado came with a stock rear ballast. Does anyone know what size (lbs) it might be. Also I measured out the compartment and can fit a much larger sack but am worried because it sits on top of the gas tank. Thoughts? I can’t find much on this boat. Also thoughts on surfing with this boat. Ya ya ya... I know it’s a direct drive and requires more weight but where and how much any other tips. 


Thank you 

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TL68    40

I have a 2005 T5 and I believe it’s between 250-300# bag. You can always add a smaller bag in floor ski locker to help. DD’s can be surfed. You’ll have to fill rear bag and maneuver bodies to help with weight. I’d say that an intermediate level could do it. Won’t have the same size wave or push of a surf boat, but can be done. Good luck.

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