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Found 67 results

  1. Still having trouble with my ballast filling (starboard side). Strange issue. Its intermittent as well...which is driving me nuts. 2007 Enzo SV216. Has the four sprinkler valves. Clean filter. Pump is running. Impeller looks mint. I pulled the filter and turned the pump on and water came out. The strange thing is that the last two times it did this, once i removed the hose from the output side of the pump, it started working again. At least until I got it full. The very next time though it did the same thing. Is it possible that there is air pressure keeping the pump from priming after I had stopped filling? My service tech told me before I should get rid of the sprinkler system too. Thoughts?
  2. Relatively new boat owner here. Purchased first boat in May - a 2007 centurion elite v c4. Now seem to be having issues with the center ballast. I could tell it wasn’t filling so I popped off the floor cover to take a look at it and the pump. When I hit the empty switch the pump will run, but when I hit the fill switch just get one clicking sound that sound like it’s coming from farther back near the engine (I did have the engine running when I hit the fill switch). I pulled the pump out to see the impeller and it was the same when I tried there as well. Impeller spins on empty, dead on fill, just that same short click noise coming from somewhere by the engine. Is there a trick to filling the center ballast, or is there a breaker or fuse or something that could have blown that’s preventing it from filling? Any help is appreciated.
  3. 2014 233 Enzo worked great before winter. Winterized and left in a garage. First trip today--no CATs fin movement, no wake plate movement, no valve movement. Valves show they are working on the screen but the CATs and the wake plate don't show any response on the screen. Radio intermittently working. Front ballast pump not working. The screen looks fine and responds to touch otherwise. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Just got a new 2019 S238 with all available ballast and an additional 1000 pounds of lead bags. Having a hard time getting push out of the wave. Anyone want to share their settings?
  5. We have a 2017 Supreme 226 and looking to upgrade the bags to the biggest that the rear lockers will hold without having to do the wall supports. I'm not at the boat and I'm wondering if anyone knows the rear port and starboard locker dimensions? By my memory, it looked like it was 40 inches long x 36 tall by 24 wide. I could be way wrong with those numbers though. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys, I have been reading the forum articles and found that most people with a Ri257 use between 500-1000 lbs of lead in the rear lockers, under the center rear locker bag and a bit under the tower. Has anyone upgraded the rear bags from the 550s (please correct me if I am wrong) to 750, 800 or 1100s?
  7. Wanted to share some surf info for the older Typhoons and Concourses with the stepped hull/cut away hull. I believe they were built from 2001 until 2005. Found a great surfing set up today that worked awesome for surfing the port side. Probably the best wave I have found so far. I am 235 lbs so the wave needs to be good for me to free surf, and I could have surfed that wave all day. Lots of push with a nice pocket. I was surfing my old Obrian TT. Wish I would have had the Phase 5 with me, but I will give that a try in a few days. Lots of forgiveness, and easy enough to recover if you got a little far back. I have tried many options from more weight in the port locker to more weight on/under the port side seats. Today I had less weight than I normally use and it worked way better. Even when I added a few more pounds in the port locker or port side seat, it made things worse. Weight Set up with people or ballast: Port locker/deck 900 lbs Port seat 175 - 200 lbs Center tank 250 lbs Bow adjust as needed I had approximately 350 lbs Plus driver I ran 500 lbs in the port locker and two guys sitting on the back deck port side (Total of approximately 900 lbs) 1 guy sitting in the back port corner seat at 175 lbs. 250 lbs in the center hull tank. 350 lbs in the bow. I have a ballast bag under the filler cushion in the bow I can adjust as needed. Needed approximately 170 lb ballast plus 1 person at 180 lbs) Running 10 - 11 mph Hope this helps out my fellow Typhoon and Concourse owners with the cut away/stepped hull. I look forward to hearing from other older Typhoon/Concourse owners. Keep on Surfing.
  8. Hey question. I have a 2011 Enzo 240 plus and when I press fill on switch Star board mid ballast bag it now fills the port bag ? Same if I fill port bag switch it will fill the star board bag. Super confused it was working perfectly the day before. Any ideas ?????
  9. Just got the Fi21 yesterday. I got the optional PNP transom bag with it. I found that I don't need it. When I was using the quicksurf profile settings (surf left, etc.) - I had the transom bag set to zero - but it kept filling anyway! So my question is this - I am going to remove the transom bag. Can I somehow deactivate the pump through programming - or do I have to unplug wiring? Or, do I just attach/join the fill and overflow hoses? Obviously, if it's set to zero & keeps trying to fill anyway, it's going to pump water in the transom locker. There is one other BIG DEAL I am worried about with the Fi boats: Centurion has not come up with a "recall" style dealer fix for the fact that if you sit with the engine shut off, while full of ballast, water is going to go up the exhaust into the engine. That's a pretty big deal to me. I don't think I'll forget - but how many engines have gotten - or will get water inside the oil. Sure, after a hydro-lock, the dealer will drain the oil and get out some water - but it will never get it all out. It's definitely going to reduce engine internal component life. Factory guys - are you listening?
  10. I've been trying to get my local dealer to look into this for me. They emailed Fineline and got an email back with an image of a 3/4" copper valve. They have no idea, I'll take the high road and leave it at that. Does anyone have a dealer or manufacturer contact that they'd recommend and be willing to share? I'm hoping I can order, pay, and have em' shipped to me. Does anyone know the Valtera part #. We have an 2011 Enzo 240+. After all the reading and mixed reviews I'm ready to try the Valtera's and see how it goes. The Drainmasters have not worked well for us. Thanks for your help. We're in Colorado, boat's winterized, almost no snow (snowboarding), moderate drought, dark times.
  11. Hello, I’m looking for some advice. Got the 2017 238 with factory ballast. We both surf goofy fairly well with all ballast full and total of 300lbs leadwake spread 100 under each rear bag against the rear wall and 100 starboard midship, trim 50%. I am 190lbs, my wife is 140. It is usually just the two of us. I know that I need more weight for even better wake but I don’t think that I want to keep more lead on the boat all the time, especially that the boat gets on the forklift in dry storage when not in use. I don’t like the wakemakers bag buster upgrade because I don’t want to lose the storage space from under the seats. I already lost half of the starboard with the hot air vent ... I measured the rear lockers: 50x20x20. This is exactly the 750 lbs Fly High bags but I also read that people put in the 1100s (50x24x24) and don’t fill them completely. Is this true? The extra 4 inches in width would put a lot of weight of the water on the panel divider and the extra 4 inches in height would push the lid up. How about the panel dividers? Look at my pictures. I already have some reinforcements. Are they enough? What do people recommend: the 7500s or the 1100s? Do I need more panel divider savers? Where to put it? Thank you. DMM.
  12. Hey guys, we just got a new to us boat, and i'm having trouble finding info on this forum about Ballast capabilities for an 05 avalanche with the walk through transom. Any idea what the biggest bag I could stick in the starboard locker is? The boat only has the sock center tank on it. I don't mind filling with an external pump, just don't want the bags sitting around talking up usable space in the boat. I plan on using a mission Delta on either side, so I'd like to keep it evenly weighted, plus that way I can run the bags for both boarding and surfing. Also, wakemakers says they sell a dual 720lb system for the avalanche but that seems like its way too big to fit in that small locker... Is that really the right one? Any help is appreciated!
  13. So I've searched the threads and I am considering 2 options to add ballast weight. The easiest is the enzo bags (1480 lbs) on both sides but I am also considering placing separate bags in the rear lockers and bags beneath the mid-ship seating which would allow individual control of the zones. The addition of ballast pumps and engine divider panel support are a given (along with likely taking out the "sprinkler system" used to control water flow). Question: has anyone fit the large 1280 lbs large rear bag from wakemakers into the rear locker? It measures 50L x 25W x 25H. I have seen numerous people add the 1180 lbs bag that are 5 inches shorter in length (45L x 25W x 25H) quite commonly. But if the 1280 lbs bag fits, why not. I am about 90 minutes from my boat and can't get there for about 2 weeks to measure. If anyone knows the dimensions, of those rear lockers it would be of great help.
  14. Hey guys, thanks in advance for any help. I am trying to get a good wake setup on my 2004 c4 avalanche. I can never seem to get it right, I have 750 pounds in the port side locker. I have another 200 I believe in under the seats on the port side. I feel like my wake is very short and doesn't create enough thrust for a 215 pound man. My wife does just fine. I would like a longer cleaner wake. This winter I am going to install a custom automatic system and want to make the right decisions. I was planning on a 1250 pound custom enzo sack that runs under the seat. Thanks.
  15. Photos attached, read first then look. Ok so we have a 2017 S211. We bought it a month ago and it has had this problem from the start. The wake does not provide that clean slope for wakebaording when all 6 different ballasts are filled. Instead it is super choppy (white water) on one side and a little on the other. Neither sides are good and really suck to wakeboard on because your board catches that choppy water and messes up a jump. I am not a very experienced wakeboarder but I know there is a problem with the boat. All the tabs off, the trim is 0 and all ballasts full. Does anyone know what's going on? oh wait there's more. It seems whenever I cross the wake and dig an edge in so I cut really far to one side, it changes the wake. Like me wakeboarding is moving the boat. Not for the better or the worse it just changes it according to side. No matter what we do it is always terrible.
  16. so I want to pick up 1000 pounds of lead bags, when I was in Utah i saw some, they were 50 pound bags at a cost of $60 each, the only problem is it's a 4 Hour Drive for me to go back and get some, I was wondering if anybody knew can these be ordered directly from the manufacture and freighted a home address , any information on this would be very appreciated, thank you
  17. In the various upgrade threads I've been reading I haven't found anything that answered these questions. The Avy and the Tige 24V are the two possible boats that I'm looking to upgrade to next, and I know the older versions of either of these boats (I'd be buying 2003-2005ish to stay in my price range) have small ballast systems stock. With this in mind, I came across an '03 Avy ad the other day and looking closer at the stock ballast drain location on the starboard side it seems that the 3 exit holes are really close together. If I was going with an aerator pump upgrade instead of switching to an impeller system, is it possible to enlarge those drain holes to support a bigger pump and hose or are they too close together for that? Additionally, would it just be plug-and-play to swap in new bigger pumps and hoses re-using the stock switches or are electrical upgrades needed to support that as well? I'd be wanting to go with Rule 17A (3700gph) pumps to fill the Enzo sacks that would be installed.
  18. We have a 2017 Supreme 226 and looking to upgrade the bags to the biggest that the rear lockers will hold without having to do the wall supports. I'm not at the boat and I'm wondering if anyone knows the rear port and starboard locker dimensions? By my memory, it looked like it was 40 inches long x 36 tall by 24 wide. I could be way wrong with those numbers though. Thanks in advance.
  19. Good Morning, New to the site. Was wondering if anyone ever saw this error when emptying the quickfill . Any input would be appreciated.
  20. I have a 2010 Enzo (SV 240), and I’ve traditionally listed the boat and gotten a killer port-side wave, but I could never get a good goofy wave. So I have been trying the Mission Delta, and I need help. I tried the Delta with all of the weight evenly distributed, but found that the device works better on my boat with some listing. With listing, I can get a pretty good goofy wave but I need to go 13.6 mph to get the wave to clean up. It’s long, but I have to be full-throttle on the surfboard to keep up with the wave. My regular-side wave shapes up nicely at 11.2 mph. Questions: Has anyone had great success surfing the goofy side using the Delta (assuming you have an Enzo with the standard prop rotation)? If so, how do you set the boat up? Have you found more luck with one of the other suction cup devices? Do you put lead in the rear storage compartments (I used to do this before I started trying the Delta) Do you have any photos of your wave? Here’s my setup to surf the goofy side: Bow: 590 lbs (350lbs sac and 240lbs lead evenly distributed) Center tank: full Rear storage: 1400lb Enzo sacks on each side – 100% full on goofy (starboard) side, 70% full on port side. Listing weight: 720 lbs lead on goofy side (360lbs on rear seat on goofy side, 360lbs lead behind driver’s seat) Thanks!
  21. Buying ready made ballast bags was definitely an option but the price of getting 400 lbs shipped to Canada plus the US $ exchange rate was causing grief. I managed to round up a 4 pails of used tire weights (aprox 350 lbs) from a friendly tire shop In my quest I stumbled across photography sand bags on Amazon. Zip lock freezer bags, used tire weights, and some photography sand bags is all that was required to make some homemade lead ballast bags. The sand bags were rated for 20 lbs each, but easily handle all the tire weights I can stuff inside the doubled up freezer bag zipped up inside the sand bags. Each canvas bag ended up at 31 lbs. ​
  22. I just bought an 06' Elite V. It has the stock tank in the floor and it came with some non-plumbed 900 sumo sacks. I want to automate the fill with switches & I'm wondering what the best set up might be. A buddy told me that it would be best to go with the more pricey two-way pump (one for each locker). Thoughts? I'm also curious if I can splice off the existing water intake for the hard tank to pull in water, or if I need to put another hole in the hull (yikes). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Just bought my first Centurion loving it been working on making the best wake surf I can any pointers on amount of weight on port side and recomendation on locations of the weights i have a 1200 pound in the back corner should I add some weight in the front or under the seats?
  24. Has anyone had issues with their quickfill tank leaking? I've had water in my boat under the starboard passenger compartment and under the drivers seat every session. It's not just a little water either, its enough that I have to pull out the wet/dry vac to get all the water out so it can dry in a reasonable amount of time. I figured out that it was coming from what I assume is the vent out of the top of the QF tank just underneath the drivers seat. What I can't figure out is why water is coming up through the vent hole and into the hose while surfing. I figure I'll probably try to pull the hose off and add some silicone sealer and then replace the hose and clamp, see if that works. I'm really hoping its not a bigger problem than that. Has anyone else had this happen or have any ideas about fixing the problem? Thanks
  25. Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum, but am very familiar to boating and wakeboats. I sold my jet boat, as I've caught the wakesurfing bug, and want to get into an early 2000s Centurion. From what I can see online, there are a couple different models that Centurion made in the early 2000s: Elite-V, Air Warrior, and a few others. If anyone can help answer my questions, it'd be greatly appreciated! Is there a hull that does best for wakesurfing? The Elite-V appears to be the best route to go. How much ballast can each rear compartment hold. Whether it's an air warrior elite-v or not, I'd likely replace the tanks with soft bags to get more in. Did the Elite-V hull change a certain year? I'm really thinking a 2000 - 2002 would be great. Anything I am missing about these boats? **I tried searching and came up short on model year differences**

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