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  1. Sounds like a fuel delivery problem. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon. Keep us posted. Could be that nugget of info that helps the next person spend more time on the water.
  2. Did you run it after crankshaft position sensor was changed? Did it run well? Not sure what “normal” operating psi of fuel system is. Is there a fuel/water separator? May need to be changed. Plugs? Wires? If those check out fine, I’d talk with the mechanic that did the work. Could’ve adjusted something a little off causing the problem.
  3. 1991 ski centurion falcon

    Get a hold of Centurion and give them you hull ID #. They may be able to point you in the right direction. Take measurements and pictures for reference. Local boat shops could be a source? Also see if a boat salvage company may have parts from a similar model. Good luck
  4. I have a 2005 T5 and I believe it’s between 250-300# bag. You can always add a smaller bag in floor ski locker to help. DD’s can be surfed. You’ll have to fill rear bag and maneuver bodies to help with weight. I’d say that an intermediate level could do it. Won’t have the same size wave or push of a surf boat, but can be done. Good luck.
  5. Give Great Lakes Skipper a try. They may have the tower bolt you need.
  6. Welcome to the Crew! My suggestion is when you have a question or issue come up, post and I'm sure your fellow Enzo group will step in with ideas and solutions. If your manual is anything like mine, the info on this forum far exceeds the book. Plus these guys have a hands on knowledge that's better than drawings.
  7. Just wanted to thank Wakemakers for shipping new prop from Oregon to Michigan in 2 days. Flipping sweet! Also, thanks to the countless threads on good companies to purchase from. Admin, could we start a "Crew Trusted" link? Might be easier to do a search for needed parts/service from trusted places under a special link instead of multiple crew post. Just my .02.
  8. Tube rope. Funny how those tube ropes find their way on to a ski boat.
  9. Check your transmission fluid, spark plugs, wires? Even heard of new distributor caps having cracks in them. I'd try the trans fluid first and go from there. Welcome to the Crew.
  10. Be "That Guy"

    You guys have restored faith in boat humanity. Keep good karma going! Good posts guys. I pulled a buddy back to his dock because of a dead battery. Figured I need help at some point and it was the right thing to do.
  11. Be "That Guy"

    Honestly, I think most boaters know what it's like to need help. Probably you guys that have been boating for years, have done your fair share. I'll say "thank you" and "cheers". You're the reason why it's a great community. I think I'd take a chance on helping a stranded boat liability or no liability. How's that turd going to know you even own the boat you towed his with?! I'm sure your insurance company has a lawyer that would love to expose a guy like that.
  12. I know that everyone's busy with driving family and friends around,or maybe just chillin' in a cove with some tunes and pops. Be "that Guy"(or Girl) that notices the other boat that seems to have not moved in a while. Don't worry if you think you're bothering someone, it's easy to ask if they need help. Maybe they're having problems with their boat and feel funny asking for help. Be "That Guy" that turns his expensive toy into a trash hauler,or log transportation rig. I know you don't want to mess up everything you've worked hard on paying for and maintaining, it might be the thing you do that keeps someone from a ruined weekend, or large insurance claim. Be "That Guy" that creeps through a shallow channel and sees a log with a bunch of prop whiskey licks on it, that gets out and moves it knowing it could be your prop that gets saved next time. Not judging here, I'm not perfect by any means. A bent prop from this weekend starred this thread. After creeping into a channel I caught a log on my prop. Slowly got to a nearby sandbar and anchored for the day. Luckily, my father in-law was their with his pontoon. We went back to the spot where the incident occurred. I picked up the submerged 10 foot log that had maybe a dozen prop licks on it and tossed in the woods. My reward, a standing ovation from 3 boats waiting to go through the channel. Oh and a $500 order o Wakemakers for a new prop and prop puller. Feel free to start a "That Guy" thread of your own. Could be a good or bad thing to be "That Guy"
  13. Fat sac full in rear locker and 5 kid ballast. My buddy normally surfs behind a Malibu. He said wake was decent with good push.
  14. Sorry, before and after pics loaded in the wrong order.

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