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  1. The sideswipe is a deal breaker for me. WAY too loud! And the pipes run right through the side locker taking up valuable ballast space. If you want to do the mod and convert to FAE then it would not matter. Its only money. LOL Good luck!
  2. That FS44 was a pretty decent price for the options and hours...... but that black top rail would be a no go for me. Way too hot to step on or rest your forearm on. But it sold anyway. All of those ZS look great. Troy will be a better source for info on those. Best of luck in your search. Keep looking til you find what you want.....its out there.
  3. Troy great first hand info on the ZS! Sounds like a great boat! You mentioned the CATS for cleaning up the goofy wave on the 244. It is a game changer combined with the asymmetrical trim tab. Without those the goofy wave would be terrible. With it the wave is really good. Not quite as good as the port side....but still very good.
  4. Exhaust tube? Like sideswipe exhaust? Do you have sideswipe? If so....I am sorry.....sideswipe is too loud and robs you of valuable ballast space. You will have to measure and custom design your sac.
  5. This is the dimensions of my Avy sac for the port side for my 03 Avy. Main 22H X 24W X 52L Arm 10H X 24W X 62L You will want to place your fill, empty, vent holes according to your pump set up. Main… LXWXH = 27456 = 118.857 gallons = 992.46 pounds Arm.. LXWXH = 14880 = 64.416 gallons = 537.87 pounds Total cubic inches = 42336 = 183.272 gallons = 1530 pounds *Water 8.35 pounds per gallon
  6. Both would be great boats. I have a 15 Sv244 so I can give you info about this boat. I have never been on the Supreme ZS232 so I can't tell you anything about that one. The 244 has a HUGE seating area in the main part of the boat. It is bigger than any other 24 foot boat because in this model the windshield has been pushed forward to make more cockpit seating room. However the bow will be smaller than a normal 24 foot boat. If you have more full sized bodies you will like this configuration. If you have more kid sized bodies they seem to really like the bow area and it is definitely smaller than standard on the SV244. Does this 244 have CATS? If so, this is a big deal compared to other boats in this age range! The CATS system makes the wave super easy to tune on both sides. What about Ramfill? Super fast to fill! Does it have the plug and play sacs as well? You will need them. Does it have a Quicksurf (flappers on the back)? They started putting them on this boat in 2015 but only some of them got it. Basically this system did not work well on this boat hull. It is pretty much worthless. I assume the Supreme has some sort of surf system being that new. It will do the same thing as CATS as far as being able to customize the wave on both sides and makes it easy to change sides easier. You have already considered a lot of important things. Budget, age, hours on motor, condition, warrantee, etc. Best thing to do now is look them both over really good. You will see what I mean about the size difference. Then go test drive them both. It should become much more clear what direction you are leaning after that.
  7. A little bit of list or quite a lot to the Stbd side when you engage the throttle? What about while on plane? Can you confirm that your ballast tanks are empty on that side? No idea what your hard tank ballasts hold as far as weight. Most of the hard tanks are about 240 to 250 lbs. In order to get a good surf wave you are going to want about 1000 lbs in the surf side rear locker and about 350 to 500 lbs under the side seat on surf side. This will list the boat to the surf side and create a great wave. You want the surf side rub rail touching or almost touching the water at rest. If you want bigger wave put a couple hundred lbs of lead weight in the rear of the surf side locker. You will have to pay attention to waves and rollers on that side as they will roll over that corner into the boat. If you want to weight the boat evenly you will need to use some sort of shaper on the side of the boat or flappers on the rear of the boat. Many use them successfully. I could always get a bigger cleaner more powerful wave on my Avy leaning it and this way uses less gas. You probably have a right hand rotation prop which will naturally give you a better wave on the Stbd side. The port side will be a little harder to clean up but can be done. Adding an adjustable asymmetrical (A plate) trim plate on the rear will help significantly cleaning up the port side wave. You can confirm if yours is a right hand rotation by looking at the prop. It will either have a LH or RH stamped on it as well as the prop number and diameter and pitch. If you can get 1500# of weight on the surf side and none on the non surf side your eyes will pop out at how good the wave will be. The Avy throws an incredible wave. Oh.. and no bow ballast while surfing. The Avy doesn't need it unless you just can't get up to surf speed without it. GPS speed 10.7 to 11.0 is the sweet spot. Good luck.
  8. Usually a continuous beep is an overheat alarm low water flow or some other critical error. What was the engine temp when it happened? Did it go into limp mode? It would not beep from just being overloaded. It would have to be an overheat issue or low water flow. Critical issues.
  9. 2005 Elite V C4 Air Warrior

    Sewlong custom covers in Salt Lake City can build you over the tower bimini. They are the best in the business and the company that many of the Centurion dealers use for their bimini's. Troy has given you good advice on the under the seat fat sac. I suggest ditching the shaper and lean that beast to the rub rail. @duramat can give you some more set up advice. He has his Elite V dialed in really good for surfing.
  10. We are going to need a lot more info. What is your current ballast set up? Are you leaning it or using a shaper? How many people in the boat? How small/large is the person surfing? How skilled are they? What kind and size of board are you trying to use? Just for starters. Your boat will throw a nice surf wave if set up correctly. But it requires quite a bit of weight. It works best to lean that boat over so that the surf side rub rail is touching the water. Larger more buoyant boards are easier to catch and ride a small wave than smaller boards. Also the size and weight of the surfer makes a different. Heavier riders need bigger waves and bigger boards to ride rope-less.
  11. Auto Drain Function

    It is to prevent hydrolock of your engine. The cooling of your engine sucks water up into it from the exhaust. Then you start it and bad things happen. If you are going to be sitting very long empty your ballast first.
  12. 2005 vs. 2006 Avalanche C4

    I think very little changed between those 2 years. Most parts should be interchangeable.
  13. Those early boats had a hodgepodge of ballast system from the factory. And who knows what any of the other owners had done to it. In reality you are probably going to be scrapping a bunch of it to get you a good functioning system anyway. It would be really helpful to see what you are working with for starters. Can you take some pictures and post them here? Take pictures of your switch panel, all pumps, thru hull intakes, tanks or fat sacs, valves, etc. They we can tell you what is useful and and what is not. Then you can build the ballast system from there. The good news is the Avy throws an amazing surf wave. To give you some additional information about how the ballast system usually worked in those years. There was a single water intake either in the bottom of the boat (near the T-handle plug) or in the rear of the boat under the swim step. The water would come in to a single Jabsco pump that is set up as a non reversible pump (they can be set up as reversible). The Jabsco pump would pump water through a manifold system with 3 sprinkler valves. There were 3 switches on the dash (Port, Stbd, Center) that would activate the Jabsco pump and the corresponding sprinkler valve that would direct the water to the correct hard plastic tank. Each tank had about 250# weight capacity. Each of those hard tanks has a Mayfair aerator style pump screwed into the rear or it that is used to empty the tank. A few thoughts about this.... 1. The hard tanks are way too small to do any good in the port and stbd lockers. They will need to come out unless you are just going to tube and wakeboard. Not enough weight for surfing. 2. The center hard tank can stay and be reused. 3. The sprinkler valve manifold is the weak link in the system. It slows down everything will need to be ripped out if you want to upgrade your system to bigger fat sacs. 4. Unfortunately you will pretty much want to start from scratch to get a good system with more intakes in the hull, adding a couple Jabsco or Johnson ultra reversible pumps, 1100# sacs in the rear lockers, 480-580# sacs under the side seats, and a couple hundred pounds of lead bags for the back corner of the lockers. Lots of people can help you get a good system designed and installed if you are handy. Help us understand what your starting components are and we can go from there.
  14. SURF HELP - 2008 C4 AVY

    Yes I really think if you are looking for the absolute BEST wave on each side you do not want the shaper. Now if you want a submaximal wave but still a really good wave and a more level boat.... use the shaper. However you will have to run more overall ballast in order to get it to work. But switching sides will be faster for sure. The shaper really does no good to use it while listing the boat. Its either one or the other. I custom ordered "L" shaped sacs that filled the whole rear compartment and all the way under the side seats. This route is more expensive than having separate sacs but makes the plumbing easier. At the time Flying High made the best fat sacs. Not sure now. But basically this shape but custom ordered to fill EVERY SQUARE INCH of my rear compartments and under the side seats. https://www.wakemakers.com/fly-high-enzo-surf-sac.html If you want 2 separate sacs I would recommend this https://www.wakemakers.com/fly-high-jumbo-surf-sac.html and this https://www.wakemakers.com/wakemakers-center-lbs-ballast-bag.html. The second one you can custom order the length of it. What is your pump set up? I was starting from scratch so I put in two reversible Johnson Ultra Ballast pumps pulling from one 1 1/4 thru hull that I installed in the bottom of the boat. Then ran it through a manifold to either direct it to port side custom sac or stbd side sacs. If you went with a 2 sac per side set up you could have one pump filing each sac. We also put 2 extra axillary fill/empty lines off the manifold to use in filling a bow sac (never used it) or an extra sac on the seat if we had a light crew. They are also useful for water fights and as an emergency water vacuum line to suck water out of your bilge in the case of bilge pump failure. Or to pump out water of the main cabin when you take a rogue wave over the rear corner when you are out surfing and your wife is not paying attention to the huge roller coming toward the slumped down side as she turns to pick you up. I never installed a different trim plate on mine but in hind sight should have. I had the fixed one like yours. Just leave it where it is. It is not really designed to move even though it has the turnbuckle looking adjustments on it. If you decide to add an adjustable asymmetric plate there are plenty of threads on here sharing that info. You will not need it on the port side at all. But it will clean up the goofy side a lot. Let me know what other questions you have.
  15. SURF HELP - 2008 C4 AVY

    The hull is the same through all those years

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