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  1. You didn't get 2 inches of rain like the year Surfmoocher and I came? That was an epic adventure!
  2. Surfmoocher and I were talking last night about how much fun we had a few years ago at the CCC meet and how we really need to go again. It was just not in the cards for this year. You guys have fun without us. We will looking forward to pics and videos! Be safe!
  3. So much for the "Please respond by Tuesday, August 18 for your chance to win! "
  4. Dura here is your chance! You better send it from an anonymous email address so it does not get the auto delete that your other emails get being on the black list. LOL
  5. I will bring my hip boots, cowboy hat, and my rope. If we cue up some "call me maybe" then Dura will really step into high gear and get them cattle where they need to go.
  6. I don't know....do you think you will have enough water....with the drought and all? Kidding I would love to come again this year. I put it on the calendar.
  7. New Member Intro!

    That's right Dark! Remember, we run in packs. Lol. I think that was the quote that started the Utah Surf Mafia
  8. CREW DEAL: 2015 CenturionCrew.Com T-Shirts

    Certainly no offense to you my friend. My buddies know that I am referring to the "friendly" in state rivalry we have between BYU (blue) and the University of Utah (Red). I have a rather strong aversion to red for some reason. Even though Dura and Chadr both have really nice red boats.
  9. CREW DEAL: 2015 CenturionCrew.Com T-Shirts

    The problem there is the red boat..... not the green shirt! LMAO! kidding of course.
  10. I need to hang my flag on the tower like that to represent! Right now it hangs in the garage. I need to fix that...
  11. Cold front? 91, 79, and 86. I love your kinda cold front! And with 85 degree water, 80+ degree air, and rain that feels like a warm shower.....who cares if it rains! Still had an absolute blast last year even in the rain.
  12. Thanks Rhunt...... Wish I could make it this year. Gonna be epic.

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