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  1. Hello, First of all, great forum with tons of good information. I found everything I needed to get my ballast setup ordered and on the way this week. This is the first season I will have my own boat following years of tagging along with friends and recently bought an ’03 Escalade. I have a couple questions after recent trips: 1. I need to replace the tachometer. Can anyone recommend a source for direct replacement gauges? The ones I found online so far look to have a substantially different connection than my gauges. My wiring ability level ends when I can’t unplug from one and plug into another. 2. Turning to starboard has a “dead zone” about 10+ degrees off of straight on. What I have read so far is this may be point to a steering cable that needs replaced? Any other issues that could cause that or is it just a cable job? Thanks for any help! -Jason

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