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  1. Ordered a  sewlong cover...... hope it's as good as everyone says since there almost double the cost of others.

    1. -HONCHO-


      I too have been investigating a custom SewLong custom cover. Any first person feedback would be much appreciated 

    2. Nick213


      Yes, I am very happy with the cover. Perfect fit and great quality. I highly recommend them.

    3. Dieselbreath


      Well another winter down, how is the cover holding up and is it keeping the boat dry inside?  Stored fully exposed or under cover at all?

  2. My 08 Avy is for sale

    1. Bongo Fury

      Bongo Fury

      What is the replacement Nick?

    2. Nick213


      It depends on if the avy sales before the boat I'm interested in does.

  3. For anyone that isn't a supporting member and visits frequently, please help and become a supporting member! It's cheap help when you might need it ask me how I know!

    Ken and Andrea are awesome and selfless people, I've had the fortunate pleasure of meeting them. They spend a ton of there personal time keeping this sight up with no gain so please help keep this sight available and spend the $30.00!!!

  4. Can't wait for summer 2016!!!!!

  5. What board racks do I get?!?!?!?

  6. I should be surfing or fishing.... Instead I'm working :(

  7. I can't wait for CCC meet 2014!

  8. Loving the avalanche!!!

    1. truekaotik


      Oh I bet you are buddy!!!!

    2. Bongo Fury

      Bongo Fury

      Awesome Nick!

    3. Nick213


      Ya Saturday can't get here fast enough! Lol looking forward to the weekends more then ever this summer!

  9. Almost ready for summer let it rain a few more times in Cali for us!

    1. Spud


      It's coming Nick !!


    2. yamahakid


      Patients botha's rain will fill our lakes here in cali

  10. Finally some rain in Cali! But it's not gonna be enough :(

  11. Can we get a California rain dance please!

    1. BenHolloway


      I'm even worried about Oregon...

    2. truekaotik


      We are frozen stiff here buddy..... Sorry :(

  12. Can we get a California rain dance please!

  13. Wish it was summer!

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    2. truekaotik
    3. Bongo Fury

      Bongo Fury

      if we dont get rain there will be no summer to enjoy!

    4. Nick213


      I hear you bongo :(

  14. I couldn't make it out :( it's just to darn cold now! Winterizing waxing and washing next weekend! Pulling the snowboard out for the season now!

  15. I need to hit the lake one last time before winter hits!!!!

  16. Finally off to the lake!!!!

    1. Nick213


      Wish I was going to Texas with everyone :(

  17. Hoping to hit the lake in a week or two!!!!


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