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07 C4 Typhoon 23' Cover for Slip?

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codo511    2

I just upgraded my vintage Nautique SuperSport for an 11 year newer Typhoon 2' longer and a foot wider with Ballasts built in!  It's in immaculate shape... except i noticed that if i ever decided to float it at the slip that the cover that came with it has the trailer straps that hang down...

This may be a silly question, but is there a specific version of a cover that would be made for boats that are floated in their slips all summer?
The cover that came with the boat is getting a little weathered so i thought perhaps i'd use it only for trailering... and if such a cover exists, i'd invest in that type of a cover:

- i just didnt want to install snaps on my boat
- and i just didnt want the cover to blow off in a heavy storm...


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Bigcatpt    408

Sewlong custom travel cover is what you are looking for.  Excellent quality work.  


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