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  1. PS: know anyone that needs some spare Sideswipe parts?
  2. Hey @jtyron and @Bigcatpt you guys were totally right. The sideswipe is LOUD... my wife was like nope love this boat but not getting it unless we get a FAE... called up the guys in Austin, 4 weeks later installed, Just dipped it in the water last night for the first cruise ! purrrrrrs like a kitten!!! Thanks for the heads up on FAE. In love with this boat!
  3. Turns out @Dan gib you were right!!! We had a heavy rain over the weekend and the old cover which doesnt work well allowed a lot of rain in the back hatch of the typhoon... sooo as i was backing the boat down the ramp i noticed that the bilge went on... --- turns out i do have an auto bilge Guess now all i need is a new cover! But i really want one for when i keep in in a slip, and not one that would require a bunch of snaps added to the beautiful fiberglass!
  4. Just picked up my 2007 c4 typhoon after coming off a natique SuperSport because it’s 2’ longer, and a 1’ wider w/ built in ballast. we are very excited but noticed a couple of things and wanted to see if others made modifications, or if it has been an issue at all for the crew: 1) it only has a single battery: which so does my truck so big deal right? But all other boats I’ve been on have had a starting battery and an accessory battery. This way you could switch the battery to just acc and Moore your boat listing to music w/o worrying about a dead battery - is this something I should have wired in? also 2) it doesn’t seem to have a float bilge just a standard bilge. My old boat had 2 bilge a manual bilge and a float bilge that would kick on if water reached a certain level in the compartment that I could always leave on so that when I left the boat moored at the slip I wouldn’t have to worry about a storm if the cover blew off etc am I over thinking this? - thanks!!!
  5. I just upgraded my vintage Nautique SuperSport for an 11 year newer Typhoon 2' longer and a foot wider with Ballasts built in! It's in immaculate shape... except i noticed that if i ever decided to float it at the slip that the cover that came with it has the trailer straps that hang down... This may be a silly question, but is there a specific version of a cover that would be made for boats that are floated in their slips all summer? The cover that came with the boat is getting a little weathered so i thought perhaps i'd use it only for trailering... and if such a cover exists, i'd invest in that type of a cover: - i just didnt want to install snaps on my boat - and i just didnt want the cover to blow off in a heavy storm... Thoughts? Thanks
  6. Perfect pass stargazer hrs checked out... (good tip) - boat was meticulously kept! We are just having a tough time with the sideswipe exhaust... it has the old SS with the orange tips. We thought our vintage Natique purrrred a fair volume... this baby really hummed! and we do a lot of entertaining just puttin' to dinner etc... I've mentioned it in a few other feeds, but I've been doing some research and it looks like there are some after market options-- as anything become the Go-To Standard? 1. Cap off and remove the SS and install aft exhaust and FAE: Drilling holes into the hull and add a wash pipe. https://www.freshairexhaust.com/ - Benefit would also be that i'd free up some space in the rear hatch so if i wanted to upgrade my rear ballast i'd be able to add more weight... @jtyron had a great link: https://www.wakegarage.com/projects-archive/exhaust-modifications/centurion-sideswipe-conversion-r269/ - Does FAE down pipe effect wake shape/lip? - Does FAE down pipe get in the way of automatic surf-tabs? - How about at speeds for slalom skiing? Spray? - Does a single or dual exit port make a difference for engine performance? (it might add more strength) 2. In-line silencer: http://www.wakeworld.com/forum/showthread.php?t=578696 http://shopping.rexmar.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=silencers-inline-insert - however i've been seeing mixed results if this actually reduces/muffles the engine Db... Seriously other than that... she's a beaut. Just don't want to pick up a boat and have to turn around and sell a few months later because i cant hear my friends sitting across beam as we are cruising on the lake/river all day... Again thanks!
  7. Sideswipe Exhaust

    So has there been any updates to this discussion on sideswipe exhaust? im looking at a super clean 06 23’ wraparound c4 typhoonwith w/ ss and manual surf tab and love everything about it but the db volume at cruising speed. Just wanted to know if there has been a proven go-to mod upgrade kit to FAE or muffler/silencer? video/results? does FAE effect wake or ski-ability of boat? Spray? Costs? thanks!
  8. Also it’s a 2006 23’ typhoon but the late year model with the deeper-v hull w/o the cut outs and the c 4 wrap around seating…
  9. I’m pretty sure after messaging with Troy it’s the deep v of the later models, … it definitely doesn’t have the big chunk cut outs in the under hull. But my wife and I went for a test ride yesterday and couldn’t believe how loud the side swipe exhaust was… we absolutely loved the boat everything else was amazing and super clean…. But we do a lot of puttin’ to dinner with guests as well as water sports and it was so loud…. I saw JTyron step by step guide to a thru the hull guide to FAE… I’ve also see a few posts on Installing quiet tips - I guess this is the old orange tip sideswipe model??? I’ve also seen there may be a muffler option from www.GGG.ca, but not sure if that is still a thing? I guess I’m not opposed to doing the exhaust out the back route and FAE pipe in the future… have they figured out spray? I suppose the total cost comes into play for these too… hmmm so many questions… sorry… we were just so excited when we saw the boat and after we were so undecided! Thanks all.
  10. Opinions on 2007 Typhoon C4

    Brkock did you end up getting that 07 typhoon w ~100 hrs? Ballpark price? I’m looking at one right now with 300 and it’s super clean… just trying to gauge values in 2022…
  11. Troy, that is what I needed to see! I can now sleep easy! Thanks my friend. I grew up cuttin and spraying on a slalom ski, but now that I’m a bit older and married, my wife prefers to slow down a tad and get the friends out on the boat and do some surfin… our current ride is not built to hold all the weight of the sacks + people, and the new-new boats are just bonkers spendy… I feel like this could be the ticket. And perhaps be a crossover to allow me to do a bit of skiing too! Add a few upgrades, an auto wake shaper, upgraded ballast to improve pump time, and with only ~200 hrs on her she will surely provide a decade+ of fun!
  12. Thank Troy, the boat is super clean! The biggest concern was the hull, for surfing... as long as that is good to go, the sideswipe exhaust can be modded, the ballast and pumps can be upgraded, and AWTP can be added... but the bones and the engine needed to be solid... so as long as y'all think those are a check and a check... then I hope to have good news on an upgrade soon!
  13. Great Details everyone, very informative... I had a similar question, however the only think that i didnt see mentioned here is the C4 Typhoon model... here is a pic of the aft step down... I have heard horror story of folks picking the wrong model... and investing in hydraulic wake shapers etc. only to realize it was the shape of their hull that was causing the issues in the wave pattern... can anyone tell me if the 06 centurion C4 Typhoon would be good for 70% surfing / 25% cruising / 5% skiing Boat is in amazing shape, annd very low hrs... but dont want to buy something that wont produce a good wake for surfing...
  14. I've also been looking at 06 Typhoons and have been reading Centurion Crew forums all day because my wife and I are upgrading our old ski boat to potentially join the Centurion family, looking for a boat that has all the built in ballasts and this one has a manual center trim tab... and is in pretty great condition / low hrs But I was reading this post... and i'm curious if this 2006 model Typhoon has the hull steps you were talking about where we'd be terribly disappointing with our purchase... and never be able to get a good surf wake...even if we invested in all the extra wake shapers etc...
  15. Hey Crew, I'm looking at a 06 Centurion 23' Typhoon but wanted a little feedback on surfability. I noticed that it has the exhaust out the side, does that actually help, or does it just waft around? It has built in ballast, and a "manual" center trim tab... All in all the boat is very clean, low hours, and well maintained- however we'd be looking to pick up this boat to primarily to surf... maybe the occasional ski but primarily surf. Thoughts? What if anything would i need to add to enhance it? (links/prices) if so... Thanks!

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