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Packrat    12

Had the PSS Shaft Seal installed on my 2008 Enzo SV230 as the original factory one was leaking badly.  Quite happy with it, much drier in the bilge. Had it done in Seattle before heading to Vegas. Probably the best upgrade I’ve done so far. 

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jtryon    9

how difficult was the install on your boat with the factory shaft seal?  any tips?

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Packrat    12

I had a boat mechanic in Seattle do it. It took him about 2 1/2 hrs. They do need to unhook the V drive so it’s rather involved. I think there are some older posts on how to do it this on the site. The factory one never really kept  the water out. 


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Hein    61

You need to remove the prop and V-drive coupler flange to pull the shaft. It's a taper fit so a puller will be needed.  The rudder may need to come off to get the shaft out. Probably not a bad idea to get a shaft alignment done at the same time. And replace the strut bushings. Not the easiest job since you are upside down working in the bottom of the boat with limited access.

All the best,


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