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  1. engine parts: http://www.marineengine.com/parts/mercruiser-stern-drive/index.php
  2. Water separator, oil change, poly-V belt, water pump impeller, check shaft seal, change distributor cap/rotor, clean bilge, check bilge pump and fan and related plumbing. Check oil levels in v-drive and transmission while running(trans) or shortly after (v-drive) to get accurate reading. If there are problems (leaking) with the shaft seal (not uncommon) then you'll need to do an alignment after replacing that. Suggest checking all wiring and tying up any that is loose. Check propeller shaft coupler bolts make sure they are all tight.
  3. I would use 3M VHB tape between the bracket and underside of platform in addition to the screws.
  4. Those vent hoses will fill up with water spraying into the Enzo vents when your boat is lower with the extra ballast. Especially if you get around to trying a surf wedge. You can get raised covers but we just blocked the back hole with a CNC'd plastic disc and added a drain for in the enclosure behind the vent. Has worked well. Water in the air vent hose will short and ruin your bilge fan. photos in this post:
  5. SV233 Bow Ballast

    That's the bag we have in the front on our SV230. Our fill pump is in the back and I added two through hull fittings to vent and drain it. We run all our bags mostly full.
  6. Removing Side Swipe

    I designed those and have them installed on our 2008 Enzo. They do make it quieter. Please be aware that there are some little brackets inside that you'll have to DIY. And important to bond the edge of the cowl to the side of the boat around the side swipe plate with urethane adhesive or the water rushing past will peel it off. Ours have been on for two seasons and I did have to reseal one where the adhesive came loose. I did also coat the parts with Rustoleum Bedliner spray before installing them. I would be happy to offer support if you decide to install them. My contact info is at DIYvan.com
  7. Thinking about selling this boat and getting a Ri 257 We just picked up a new Bimini from Sewlong.
  8. Yes, but the Thinsulate behind it acts sort of like a baffle.
  9. I mounted a 12" sub in the kick panel. Considered an enclosure (tricky to fit along the hull line) but decided instead just to cover the back of the speaker with a few layers of 1.75" thick 3M Thinsulate(TM) SM600L acoustic insulation which we sell for van up-fitting. It sounds great and we rarely run it super loud so it's not boomy. I ended up cutting the OEM panel in half to maintain easier access to the batteries and electrical behind and under the dash with out having to remove the woofer.
  10. 08 sv230 wakeboard wake

    We have an 08 enzo Sv230 and do a little wakeskating and wakeboarding from time to time. Here is a short video of my daughter riding our wakeskate. (self built) Speed is probably around 18mph with tanks mostly empty. No switchblade. Boat interior is good and ours is holding up very well for being almost 10 years old. Stored indoors, climate controlled. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwlb2PuBM3E
  11. The carpet we used has held up well. I am not aware of anything new or better. We used pressure treated 2x4s.
  12. You might be prepared to replace the boards as well. We found some of ours were dry rotted. We used this carpet, some 3m 90 spray adhesive and stainless staples.
  13. Managed to sneak in a few hours of smooth water fun before a breeze came up. Low 60s air and water here on the Columbia. Below; Alex making some turns. He usually prefers a skim style board. Definitely liking the new bag setup I installed this year.
  14. Air is getting cooler but water is still nice here on the Columbia. Thankfully the smoke has cleared and we can get back to some riding.

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