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  1. Hein, I noticed you installed a sub in the kickplate.  I'm thinking about doing the same.  Any advice?  Should I enclose the sub completely?

    1. Hein


      Hello and thank you for writing.  I considered an enclosure but in the end just cut a hole in the existing panel and mounted the sub. I did tie the top of the panel to the the dash with an aluminum support. The 12" Polk sub I used is heavy. We sell Thinsulate(TM) acoustic insulation for vehicles so I just placed a bunch of that over the sub to control the resonance. Seems to work pretty good but we don really thump it hard very often. Definitely an improvement.

      We can ship you some Thinsulate(TM) if you like. I use a piece of it in the bilge to trap debris. It doesn't hold water but sucks up oil and stuff really well.

      All the best,


      Impact, Inc.

      Hood River, OR

      541 490 5098

      Impact Products on ebay

  2. sessioned today!

  3. new prop shaft is in and aligned!

  4. ballast plumbing


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