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  1. Ever try tapping/banging on the starter solenoid when it won't turn over? They can get stuck when hot.
  2. Happy wife! Kim taking her turn:
  3. July is almost gone. <sniff>
  4. We've been out riding quite a few times this summer. More hot glassy days on the river this season.
  5. We have the same boat and really like it. Spits out a great wave the way we have it setup. I've removed the hard tanks and put in bags plus have done a bunch of other stuff. Check out my build thread below. I would seriously consider an offer in the mid to upper 40s' for our boat.
  6. Having a great time on the river so far this summer. Little issue is that our hour meter quit. I'm pretty it was not factory because of how and where it was spliced in. -kind of funky. Can anyone share where the OEM hour meter would have been and connected?
  7. installing our new prop. My method is to put on the puller, tighten the nut to put some tension on it and then gently heat the propeller with a propane torch until it expands enough to pop loose. Works great and no need to really crank down on the puller nut or bang on anything with a hammer. New prop was not very well de-burred so I'll clean up the sharp edges with some 200 grit.
  8. Forgot to ask about the holes. I have a lot of projects going. Carefully punch those out to see if they line up. Sorry for all the back an forth. Prefer we continue the conversation via email. Hein at DIYvan . com All the best, Hein
  9. Can you post a photo? Did you check the print out to see if was printed at full scale in both directions?
  10. Glad you got it done without a trip to the ER. I was going to suggest spraying some silicon on the fiberglass part to lube it up. Good idea to check all the band clamps. Hoses compress over time and heat cycles. Preventive maintenance.
  11. For pumps in general, the suction side would normally have the larger port. If you can determine the direction of rotation then put your drill on the shaft, turn it that way and then see which port sucks and which port blows.
  12. Want to try one of my cheap a$$ suck wedges? I've got an extra one I could send out for you to try. Advise given about attaching the suction cups is spot on. I install ours below the waterline and make sure there is no air under the cups. Water is not nearly as compressible as air so creates a very strong suction. It goes right ahead of the sideswipe on our boat. The wedge surface is smaller but it's completely submerged with our ballast system filled. Fits on the middle section of the hull profile in the back. Photo below is of an earlier version. Current design has a smaller wedge plate. We've never lost it but it does float. Suggest painting it yellow. We carry a spare in case it falls off and we can't recover it.
  13. Would like to see an update to this thread with some wave photos and/or video. Same for Shaka's implementation.

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