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  1. New Fi25

    We are bringing our Fi25 home on Tuesday. I'll be happy to answer questions as we get to know it. All the best, Hein
  2. Our 2008 Enzo has been sold. All the best, Hein
  3. This boat is for sale for $40K. It has 220 hours and is in immaculate very well maintained condition. Always stored in heated garage. Comes with three straight and balanced props. Engine and trans oils have been changed and the fuel tank is full of premium non-ethanol with Sta-Bil fuel treatment. Trailer has newer bunks and great tires with spare, surge brakes and regularly greased wheel bearings. Located in Hood River, OR Please call 541 490 5098
  4. Below are images of the bags as released to production. The notch in the larger bag goes over the boxes I made for the sideswipe valves. We don't have trim tabs but don't expect there to be any problems installing them if needed. That was the next intended upgrade for our Enzo. In addition to the rear bags we have this bow bag with it's own dedicated fill and drain pumps. https://www.wakemakers.com/straight-line-sumo-open-bow-bag-500.htm We have a valved hose bib on that circuit that we can use to fill the bag on the seat when we use it. We surf with the bags mostly full so I estimate close to 3000lbs total. We do also put a 150 lb bag on the rear seat on the surf side if there are only 3 of us in the boat. Rub rail at the rear corner is above the water line by a few inches. The boat sits mostly level and throws up a really nice wave with a long pocket and nice clean little curl at the top. I must say that we have got it dialed in perfectly. All the best, Hein
  5. Hello Packrat. Glad to help. Below are a couple shots that show how they are connected to the bag. The elbow is in the port in the bottom of the bag at the back. We can get most all of the water drained when we are done riding so we can get on a full plane when we head back to the marina. Then I run them again while going up the ramp to get the last of it out. I covered the tops of the pumps with neoprene coozies so the plastic would not wear against the bags. Each pump is wired with a weatherpack connector so we can easily replace them if they start acting tired. We carry a spare pump on board. Our beloved Enzo 230SV is for sale because I just made a down payment on a 2019 Fi25. We can't wait for the new season to start. All the best, Hein@DIYvan.com Until then I've been riding the pump track to give my legs a work out.
  6. Hello and thank you for asking. The channels are ordinary Unistrut that I purchased at the Home Depot and painted with Rustoleum Truck Bed Coating. We support the DIY and professional van up-fitting market and have a number of manufacturers around the state who produce the products that I design. We also do CNC machining in house. We have 250 of the part that bolts onto the Unistrut (using 1/4-20 bolts and unistrut nuts also from HD) that the boards sit on in process and will have them available for sale at our ebay store and for local pickup at our warehouse in Hood River. Still have to work up the cost and we probably won't have them painted to reduce the final price to the consumer. Totally manufactured in Oregon, USA. We had a paid intern design the parts as part of her CAD learning experience. She is off to a top engineering school next year. She did some other projects and ran our CNC equipment as well. Top flight gal! We are also kite, windsurf and paddle boarders and know a lot of folks who are boardheads so these will likely go fast so we'll have more made. I've used them for years and had the first ones made many years ago when I designed construction equipment for CASE. All the best, Hein@DIYvan.com
  7. I would suggest making the bags a little large. It's better not to have them stretched tight when full. All the best, Hein
  8. Below is a photo of the rear and under seat bags. Same on the other side. They are custom. I can dig up a dimensional drawing if you like. The notch in the bottom is so the bag can go over a cover I made for the sideswipe tubes and valves. Bow bag is Sumo 500lbs V-shape but we probably fill it to about 400 before it starts lifting the seat cushions. Crew of usually 3 sits on surf side. We have a 200lbs bag we put on the seat if light on crew. All the best, Hein
  9. We run all bags full and a suck wedge on the opposite side just ahead of the sideswipe port. no lead. Low and level with rub rail at rear corners are just above the water. Bow bag helps keep the boat more level front to back which seems more efficient through the water. Less rpm needed.
  10. Thanks for the tips, Infinity. I double bag with paper towels but then have trouble grabbing the filter to spin it off. It get's quite slippery inside the bags and I always manage to spill a little oil. Emptying the vacuum tank into the milk jugs is nice. For the transmission, I have a case of RP Max ATF which is compatible with Dexron III so will use that. Also ordered a check valves for the 1" fill line running to the bow bag. Searched for an hour trying to find some that are more affordable than the ones ballast bag folks sell. Whale makes some that appear good but decided on these instead: https://www.ebay.com/itm/TRUDESIGN-One-Way-Hose-Connector-Non-return-Valve-1-25mm/142477839142 Will report how they look and work when I receive them. (guess I got the last ones from that seller) All the best, Hein
  11. We never had any problems draining with the stock setup in our '08 Enzo. We have since upgraded to bags and do see a trickle out of the surf side vents. We just check and top off as needed between sessions. We also have a bow bag on a separate pump which has started draining back through the fill pump. I need to check the impeller and probably add a check valve after the pump. The bag is quite a bit higher than the pump while surfing which places more back pressure on the pump. All the best, Hein
  12. Happy New Year! To get ready for a fun 2019, I changed the oil in the boat. I use a vacuum pump and reservoir to suck the oil out. Then empty the reservoir into milk jugs. Happy to have the remote filter. I put a plastic bag over the filter and then remove it. Even then, it's tough not to get some spillage in the bilge. 409 to clean that up. Oil used is Royal Purple full synthetic 10W-40. Plan on changing the oil in the transmission (not v-drive gear box) this year. Anyone have an fluid recommendation? All the best, Hein Put up some more board racks while the oil was being sucked out. Can't have too many boards!
  13. I have and 08 SV230 and interested in adding some OEMish surf tabs. Could do some CAD work and have them water jetted.
  14. Thanks for your reply, Infinity. Appreciate your words of caution. There are a lot of foils around here with the windsports and SUP foiling. A number of pro level guys like our friend in the video. We have an LP carbon foil and Slingshot hoverglide foil but just haven't had the gumption to give it a go. I suffered a shoulder injury right after I bought the LP (not related) so figured I better wait until I got stronger before paying my dues on a foil. We picked up the hoverglide with a shorter mast to learn on. We also ride kites so learning behind the boat has added benefit going forward. After seeing this guy we are all totally committed to foiling next season. We might get out a few more times but days are getting shorter/cooler so will dedicate T.O.W. to wakesurfing. All the best, Hein
  15. There are two relays under the dash that control the pumps and valves. There are some diodes attached to the terminals. I'd start looking there. If there are shorts or stuck pumps then that could create a temporary voltage drop that could effect the gauges.

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