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  1. I have and 08 SV230 and interested in adding some OEMish surf tabs. Could do some CAD work and have them water jetted.
  2. Thanks for your reply, Infinity. Appreciate your words of caution. There are a lot of foils around here with the windsports and SUP foiling. A number of pro level guys like our friend in the video. We have an LP carbon foil and Slingshot hoverglide foil but just haven't had the gumption to give it a go. I suffered a shoulder injury right after I bought the LP (not related) so figured I better wait until I got stronger before paying my dues on a foil. We picked up the hoverglide with a shorter mast to learn on. We also ride kites so learning behind the boat has added benefit going forward. After seeing this guy we are all totally committed to foiling next season. We might get out a few more times but days are getting shorter/cooler so will dedicate T.O.W. to wakesurfing. All the best, Hein
  3. There are two relays under the dash that control the pumps and valves. There are some diodes attached to the terminals. I'd start looking there. If there are shorts or stuck pumps then that could create a temporary voltage drop that could effect the gauges.
  4. We had a foil rider join us during our last sessions. He was towed in by the PWC and then rode our wave.
  5. We had a ballast drain pump fail so needed to empty our tank with our backup pump connected to the vent lines. That took some fiddling at the dock. As we drained the tank the boat came up in the water and the cowl bumped the bottom of the dock wrapper. It broke the cowl which is weak enough to not cause any damage to the boat. So I ordered and new 3D printed cowl which arrived in a few days. Back on the water within the week!
  6. Believe your boat has 4 tanks, two fill pumps, four drain pumps and 4 sprinkler valves at the back to control which tank is being filled. My guess is that you might have bad sprinkler valves or a pump that is stuck. Can you hear them run? We have an 08 Enzo and replaced the tanks with 4 bags and removed the sprinkler valves. (ended up reusing one so I could share on fill pump for both under seat bags). You may want to consider replacing the hard tanks with enzo bags and eliminating the sprinkler valves. You can use the existing fill pumps to both fill and drain. -Although we retained the drain pumps for our system. We used the existing wiring and switches. You are welcome to come look at our boat and perhaps some of the wiring is the same. We are in Hood River, OR and own a van up-fit supplies company. My contact info is at DIYvan.com Here's a thread our our boat projects: http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11066-2008-enzo-sv230-projects/ All the best, Hein
  7. My cowl just covers the sideswipe port. You could definitely also put a silencer (I like the ggb inserts) inside the hose.
  8. Put the covers back on and wrapped/glued the cut off end of a wetsuit sleeve over the top of the guide for further protection and to keep the covers from sliding down. 3M 90 adhesive: Previously added these collars (photo below) so the tubes won't jamb against the welded on bumps. That keeps the tubes from bobbing up. We will make more of these and will list on our ebay store. It's just a snug fitting ring CNC'd out of plastic. All done. Thanks for following along. We do stock the Minicell foam if you can't find it locally. I have some extra ABS pipe so willing to make some of these tube covers for those who would rather buy than DIY. All the best, Hein DIYvan.com 54l 49O 5O98
  9. Got a little off kilter when loading the boat on the trailer and snapped one of the guide pole tubes inside the covers. I had previously recovered them with better cushion material so no damage to the boat but had to make a new guide tube. I purchased some new 2" ID ABS pipe and proceeded to cover it with 3/8" thick 2lb. density mini-cell closed cell foam which we also use under plywood floor in vans. Great material for this purpose as well. Photo below is of the old broken tube and some of the materials for making new one. Sprayed ABS tube and mini-cell with 3M 90 contact cement and then wrapped it. The bevel cut edge will let me overlap the end later. more spray glue for the overlap. overlap. Below. Carefully trim excess. Will sand smooth later. making some foam end caps. 2 layers for good protection and this also seals the ends so the tubes will trap air and bob up when the trailer goes into the water. This is important. 2nd layer of foam foam cover trued and cleaned up with some 80 grit: Top end wrapped with some heavy tape for added protection. When things go wrong this is what the hull hits so extra protection here is vital. Ready to go out to the barn, put the cover sleeves back on and install the new guide tube over the steel tubes.
  10. August fun. Alex (soon to be my son-in-law) scoring a 360 on the smokey Columbia. Notice how he doesn't "claim it". Chill dude, Alex.
  11. Ever try tapping/banging on the starter solenoid when it won't turn over? They can get stuck when hot.
  12. Happy wife! Kim taking her turn:
  13. July is almost gone. <sniff>
  14. We've been out riding quite a few times this summer. More hot glassy days on the river this season.
  15. We have the same boat and really like it. Spits out a great wave the way we have it setup. I've removed the hard tanks and put in bags plus have done a bunch of other stuff. Check out my build thread below. I would seriously consider an offer in the mid to upper 40s' for our boat.

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