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  1. We had a 2021 Ri245 and recently upgraded to a 2023. We run all ballast full (our boat has all of the bags). We also have eight 50lb bags of wakeballast on board. 2 on each side ahead of the bags beside the engine, 1 each rear corner beside the transom bag, 1 in storage area next to batteries and one next to the trash bin. Keep filling the Ramfill until you see water coming out of the overflows on the sides of the boat. We use pro-surf factory settings which I believe are tabs 0 surf side, 85 non surf side, 15 stinger and 10 deg CATS. Common recommendation is to empty ramfill opposite rider to 85% while underway. You can shorten and lengthen wave with stinger. CATs can help clean up the lip. Get used to making tab, stinger and CATs adjustments while underway and watching for change in the wave. That will give you insight on which settings do what. Wave can change with number of folks on board and where they are sitting. Water depth can also have an effect. Deeper is better. All the best, Hein
  2. Should be pretty much the opposite of surf right. So just set the tabs opposite. And CATs to the opposite angle. All the best, Hein
  3. New Ri245 will have closed cooling and updated 'baller' ramfill valves. Wave is nice: All the best, Hein
  4. Ri245 Questions

    We own a 2021 Ri245. Great boat. Ours has the ZR7 but the ZZ6 is also a great engine. ZZ6 is the minimum I would accept. Talk to Acme about props as depends on your elevation. No huge difference between 2021 and 2023. The new models have the new 'baller' Ramfill valves and also a small additional screen on the right side of the dash. Other than that not much. Rear thruster is a factory option but the aftermarket thrusters are better. All the best, Hein
  5. Boat sold last year. Now starting work on our Ri245 and posting about that at the Centurion Facebook group. All the best, Hein
  6. boat has been sold. Excited for our 2021 Ri245 to arrive next year.
  7. https://www.onlyinboards.com/2019-Centurion-Fi25-for-sale-Hood-River-Oregon-117655.aspx
  8. I have some extra brackets for mounting the rear view camera display to the dash of a newer Centurion. Should fit most models. I am happy to send those to you. PM me with your address. Our Fi25 is for sale because we have ordered a new Ri245 for next year. Please PM me for details and price. All the best, Hein
  9. I've got the stock tanks that came out of our 2008 Enzo. But would also suggest bags. Take a look at the build thread I did on our boat to for some ideas. All the best, Hein
  10. You need to remove the prop and V-drive coupler flange to pull the shaft. It's a taper fit so a puller will be needed. The rudder may need to come off to get the shaft out. Probably not a bad idea to get a shaft alignment done at the same time. And replace the strut bushings. Not the easiest job since you are upside down working in the bottom of the boat with limited access. All the best, Hein
  11. 3M 90 spray adhesive. It's a contact cement so spray both surfaces, wait a minute, then press together. Works great on carpet. All the best, Hein DIYvan
  12. The camera is designed to be mounted on the rear of an automobile so it won't be effected by moisture. We drip water on it and get it wet when switching riders. We did have a problem with the cable so the Amazon seller sent us both a replacement camera and cable at no extra charge. There is some risk of the display getting wet but we tend to be out it fair weather. It stays dry. We are very happy with the setup. You can pan the screen up/down so very easy to center the display vertically depending on what we are doing behind the boat. One reason for mounting the camera where I did was because it was easy to route the cable to it. All the best, Hein
  13. Hello drance, Sorry you weren't able to reach me. Please call or email me directly. All the best, Hein@DIYvan.com 541 490 5098
  14. Sorry I missed your posts Packrat and bomoseen avy. The bow bag was under the seats. There can be some sharp fiberglass under there so we smoothed that out and added some EVA pads to protect the bag from punctures. I added another pump to fill it and also had the same pump plumbed to a hose bib in the back so we could use it to fill a bag we laid on the back seat. We always ran with all bags full and boat sat mostly level unless we had a bunch of crew. They would sit on the surfside. Rubrail would barely touch the water at the rear corner while surfing. I made my own suck wedge and it was placed just ahead of the sideswipe. That really helped clean up the lip of the wave. below is a photo of it installed. I still have two of the suck wedges that I would sell for $75 each. They are small and float but we never had one come loose. Here is a collage of how it looks and is constructed. I would be happy to CNC the parts so you can get the handle and build it yourself. $50 for the parts. If interested, send me a text or email me at Hein@DIYvan.com All the best, Hein DIYvan 541 490 5098
  15. A few posts up are the drawings I released to wakemakers. All the best, Hein

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