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  1. Weighting An Avalanche For Surfing

    Colombian's bilge pump works great. We found that out this past weekend. He wanted to see if he could bring water onboard without filling the enzo sac.
  2. Gaston Lake, NC

    I didn't think Gaston fluctuated. I thought the level was always consistent as it is controlled by Kerr???
  3. Aqua, I've tried sending a couple of private messages to you, but I don't know if that function really works here on Cent Crew. Check you message inbox and let me know if that's working. I have something that may interest you.
  4. Aqua, I just sent you a PM. Check it out. matt
  5. to switchblade or to not

    Yeh it's me. I haven't gotten a new boat, but I wouldn't be opposed to Centurion. I love your Avy and have found one just like it and a dealer who actually wants to say yes, etc. I've gotta sell the BU now. Let's hope I can.
  6. to switchblade or to not

    What is the average price upgrade for the blade, and can it be retro-installed on an 08 Avy?

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