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Courtney C    0

I have a 1991 ski centurion. Want to buy a new prop but not sure what to get. We do a lot of wakeboarding and some tubing. Any  suggestions?

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rhino89523    28

I don't know your boat at all, but most props are stamped right where the nut that holds it on is. Look at that first and it should give you a diameter and pitch. Then you need to think about what you want it to do vs what it is currently doing. At that point you should be able to talk to either a prop guy or one of the companies that sell props and see what they suggest. A lot of the prop houses have a suggestion guide and maybe your boat is listed. I prefer to go off the existing prop and go from there.

Generally more blades, bigger ears, flatter pitch make more thrust but cost on speed. I personally have a local prop guy who I work with and we try stuff and I just see what I like and what works best. He lets me try things and as long as I don't ding them I don't have to buy them. You can play with the cup as well.

I know I just sent you on a goose chase but you really can narrow down what you want to do by starting with what you have.

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superdtf    66

13x13, 3-blade.  OJ's are smooth.  

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