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  1. RI245 out the door price

    So with the 4 RI boats all being offered. What really makes the 235 vs 245 vs 257 vs 265 much different. they seem be almost identical. I cant seem to see why the 245. although I want one, but really like my fs44 and cant seem to find a reason to buy at the moment. What is the performance difference between the 245, 257 and 265? Any?
  2. Are you getting your boat from the Nav company? If so, great people, bought all 3 of my boats there. live in SC now, but would still take the trip to buy from mike and the team. I bought my Bu's there before i switched to Centurion. Bought my fs44 there after being in SC for 4 years, could not find better folks.
  3. also, my 244 was a great boat, but in 2012, no full ram fill, just 2 small rams, and stupid valves for the sides, so you have to add 4 pumps to make it quick. with newer boats, you can slam it, change sides in 1 min. literally 1 min. its worth it.
  4. If you can budget, get a ram fill boat, sv233 or sv244, it will be worth it. I have had a sv230, sv244, fs44. all great boats, but the upgrade to cats and ram fill is a must if you can swing the price. my 2015 fs44 has been such a great boat, i am keeping it. I usually get a new boat every 3 years, but we love this boat and its been 5 great years. let us know what you get:)
  5. Looking to Buy a Boat

    nows the time to buy, you can make a great deal, look at a 2015 if you can. I have a FS44 and love it, usually i get a new boat every 3 years, (don't know why,lol) i am keeping this one. its really a perfect boat for everything. i don't like the surf tabs, but barley list my boat, so its not a big deal on the newer boats.
  6. I have always had covers made when I bought a new boat, I am keeping this one and its now 5 yrs old and in need of a new cover. Should I buy a factory cover? Its a snap cover, always had snaps on all my boats, with success. my neighbors has strap ratchet style covers. Its not urgent, the one is ok, but starting to see its coming to the end of its life. Thanks
  7. having cats on the boat is a big deal. I had a 230, 244 and now a fx44, the cats really make a difference. My 09 230 was awesome but most are looking to keep the list down, so newer boats really cut extreme list and make it easier and safer to operate. I still list my boat, and like the wave better than the quick surf stuff. tried to dial in the quick surf on my 44 and still like the list set up get a 2014 or 15 244 or fx and you will be very happy, guessing the new FI line is the same boat, lots a great choices in todays market
  8. Choices!?!?

    I would get the 233, newer boat, better resale, better layout, still represents the current line up, so will hold value better over time. also may get better finance rates if you plan to finance
  9. Wylie-would like to contact you

    I have even went as far as telling him to take my boat anytime he wants! I know he would take care of it better than I do!
  10. Wylie-would like to contact you

    I would trust him with my children. he is outstanding, honest, trustworthy and his work is quality. I moved to SC, had him redo my 2012 sv240, fixed that mess. then he did my 2015 fs44, perfect, just let him do his magic. you cannot make a bad decision using Mike. I have no direct personal relationship with Mike, but I can say over 6 years, he has been honest, straight forward, and professional in every possible manor. I would drive across the country to have him put a system together or fix someone else's mess
  11. If you are financing, get the better fit, i have had a sv230, sv240 2012 and now a fs44 2015. all been great. I would find a cats, ram fill boat, makes life easier and you can get better rates on newer boats
  12. Wylie-would like to contact you

    infinity surf, mike has done 2 of my boats, best installation and service i have ever had on any boat, he knows what he is doing! if you need or want to reach out to me please do.
  13. Hull Blisters on fs33

    just got my boat back from winterizing and they lifted it, waxed it, not a spot. I was always worried about this because we keep our boat in the water (water level in summer not deep enough when we draught for a lift). We are at the end of a finger on our lake and the water gets little movement in front of our house and it gets in the mid 90's through the summer and still no issues. It could be the PH of the water, (guessing), but hope you get a resolution
  14. Hull Blisters on fs33

    I leave my fs44 in the water for 2 months at a time, never a sign of blistering. i even live in the south and our water is hot. not sure why that happened to you, see what the dealer can do, its not common on centurion boats (at least i am familiar with) this is my 3rd enzo, and have never had an issue. only wax it before the season and never an issue.
  15. please email me the file. dougrose1@hotmail.com thanks, the home is the button on the upper screen? thanks

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