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  1. Out on the boat today and everything was working normal.Its a 2004 Cyclone After floating around with the stereo on for awhile went to start the boat and turn the key to run (all normal) then pushed the blower on and had a total electrical failure. No switches work and gauges are all dead. The boat will start and run fine but nothing electrical will work. Ideas?
  2. Id also like to know about this. My exact same tach isn't working
  3. OK Guys update. I fixed the v-drive light and changed the raw water impeller. Still beep beeping at me. I dont have a perfect pass so its not that. My RPM guage is not working though. Could this be caused by a bad RPM sensor? anyone clue me in to where that is located?
  4. Hi Guys I have an older v drive, 2004 Cyclone with a 350 MAG MPI to be exact. Super annoying problem recently developed where every couple of minutes when the boat is running I will get 2 loud beeps. Doesn't seem to matter what rpm the boats at just that its running. All pressures and temperatures seem normal and the boat runs fine. The only thing I can currently see that is wrong it the V-drive light isn't coming on at all nut its my understanding that it is a pretty simple circuit that is normally closed to alert of low pressure in the v drive and goes out when there is sufficient pressure so if Ive got a problem there the open circuit would make it seem like there is pressure and the system is fine. Anyone know if this could be the cause of the beeping? otherwise other suggestions would be appreciated because the beeping is driving me crazy
  5. First time boat owner here. I just picked up a 2004 Cyclone with a Mercruiser 350 MAG MPI. I'm wanting to change the raw water impeller and the fuel filter as preventative maintenance as Im not sure of the maintenance history on this boat. If anyone can tell me the location of the impeller housing and what filters I should change and their location that would be appreciated. There seems to be many different variations depending on the year and model of each boat and engine. I've already done an engine oil change but that's it

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