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  1. Thanks! Yeah right now I’ve been running 1100’s in the lockers on Johnson reversible pumps. It doesn’t have to have it but I have a 370 bag with a tsunami pump I use in the bow sometimes. And some leadwake bags throughout in various places. Using the Nauticurl wave shaper. Plan to plumb in a small pair of under seat bow bags and a center bag at some point.
  2. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!!
  3. What’s up everyone, so it’s been quite a while since I first got my boat and started this old thread but I thought I would just give a little update. Ended up getting the Aviator tower and went a little crazy with the stereo among many many other projects on it haha. I will say that I am very appreciative of this site as there has been a ton of content that I researched and read through that really helped me out along the way!

    My 08 Avy, showing a little bit of her transformation that went down last winter
  5. Keep My Infinite Baffle Sub or Not

    Okay, so you think pull the M10IB completely out and just running the single w6 under the helm would sound the best for my options? Would you vote for the enclosure to be ported under the helm? I may just go ahead and go this route and do it right the first time. I’ve been worrying about trying to get everything done this winter so I guess I have been trying to talk myself out of cutting the factory kick panel box out haha.
  6. So this winter I am redoing my stereo and pretty much my entire boat but I’m not sure right now about what to do with my IB sub. My boat is an 08 avy C4. My current list of parts below: - JL M700/5, JL M10IB5, JL MX 6.5’s 2 pair, JL MX 7.7’s 1 pair - Rev 10’s 2 pair with SD2 amp - JL MM100s-BE I am probably going to get a 12w6v3 and a SHD 750/1 amp. I thought I’d run the w6 in a ported enclosure in the observers compartment and the M10IB5 down by the kick panel in the factory kind-of-sub-box type enclosure. My question is, will it sound weird or be hard to tune right running the much more powerful w6 along with the M10IB? Should I keep the IB or just remove it completely from the system? I eventually do plan to cut the foot panel box thing completely out and put a custom box there with probably the w6, but that will be later on. Thanks for any advice! Ryan
  7. Thanks for the insight and tips. Transition seems like a stand-up dealership. I did end up finding a boat that I got to see and test out before buying. Got an 08 avy c4
  8. Twist, the tower on Craigslist will fit your boat but not mine. And no luck on a tower right yet. I spent a ton of time this past week just cleaning every inch of the boat and I did the oil, vdrive, and tranny fluid as well as a new impeller and water/fuel separator. And I got an 1100 and 580 bag and bought two surfboards this past week haha and did a lot of work on my cover too. So now I'm finally ready to hit the lake (and already would have if it wasn't for the rain) and I'll be searching more on towers now in my free time. As of right now I think if I can never find a Gladiator I will more than likely go with the Aviator.
  9. That is pretty sweet how you can mount it without the universal feet, looks way cleaner like that.
  10. Yeah the one in the ad is an Evolution for an enzo. The Enzo's are 102" beam, I guess just the actual mounting width is a lot smaller than the beam, I dunno. I'm gonna measure my boat this evening to see what the actual mounting width would be.
  11. Thanks for all of the replies, compliments and advice! Shaka, I would say as far as aftermarket goes, the Roswell Aviator is the best looking one I have seen so far, thanks. Dreik, Great Lakes Skipper is a pretty cool site, they have just older style centurion towers on their site but I will give them a call to see if they happen to have any newer oem styles. Right now I'm still stuck on the Gladiator. I will say another oem that's pretty nice looking is the S Bend from Supra/Moomba, it's like a tube style Gladiator hah. I'm not sure what all boats of theirs are 100" beam, I know the Craz is. And Reese, having one custom built is not a bad thought too. But hey, either way, I'll make sure to post up my build slowly by surely as I make her just how I want her! Thanks, Ryan
  12. What's up everyone. I recently just got a new to me 2008 Centurion Avalanche C4. Kind of a different boat as it does not have a tower. The original owner special ordered it new and just ordered it with no tower or ballast. It does have the Bennett trim tab and perfect pass though. But basically I am currently on the search for a factory or factory style 100" beam tower. I currently have my sights set on a newer style Gladiator tower. I would prefer white as I have 2 pairs of white Rev 10's but hey, if I find a Gladiator, the color of it will not matter to me. If I can never find a Gladiator I will eventually just go for one of the older style 4 post towers like the Evolution. I haven't really found any aftermarket towers that I like the looks of. I just wanted to put the word out there, if anybody has anything or know where one may be located just let me know! Thanks Ryan
  13. I gave up on the Cali boat, trying to be more patient! I've decided to just hold off and find boats I can see for myself. I actually drove up near Bristol, TN today and looked at an Avalanche. But hey, just an FYI if anyone is ever reading this and has the same crazy thoughts I did, if you need a boat inspected in Cali, Captain Terry Lee is a straight up professional guy who seemed like he really would have done a good job and the inspection report would be $525 and adding a 'sea-trial' on to that would be another $150. And Infinity, I'm on Lake Norman too, PM sent. I'd love to try out the wave! Hopefully I'll have a wave at some point this summer that other people can try out as well hah
  14. Well that boat is definitely on my radar and Reese seems like a really stand up guy. I'm not afraid of it a bit, my only concern with it is just resale down the road. But then again, this boat in California, if it really doesn't have an hour meter on the motor then that will hurt resale on it as well so I dunno..

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