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  1. I had this on a boat and loved it!
  2. Does anyone have a Focal 12" Subwoofer Grill cover they no longer need? The 2015 FS44 I just purchased did not include it. Thanks!
  3. Any chance you know what happened to the OEM 12" sub grill? I just bought a 2015 FS44 and the grill is missing! Thanks!
  4. Enzo 240 Power Package

    DrNate--are you saying you need to prop down even with the 409? I am deciding b/t the 343 and 409 and thought maybe I wouldn't need to destroy my cruising speed with a high alt prop if I went with the bigger engine. I had the 330hp/1579 combo and it was great for surfing, but horrible for cruising.
  5. Anybody live near Statesville, NC

    Did you buy the boat? I was next in line! Boat looked amazing!!!
  6. Right hand rotation

    I'm looking at a goofy boat as well--but want regular--I'll keep you guys in mind if I come to terms! The boat I'm looking at is in FL-a 2012 loaded 240 with over 200 hours. I just sold my 07 with on 68 hours on it. I'm hesitant to get a boat with such high hours! Thoughts?
  7. Ah! One of my favorite topics! Nothing better than the punk kids who's daddy purchased them a M-C being idiots at the ramp... A bunch of kids were giving my wife a hard time a few years back because she was taking a little longer than usual to back the trailer down. These future dregs of society didn't take into account that she was backing the trailer down for another boat--which was probably in the general area--and probably full of now pissed off military pilots. I pulled right up to their rub rail and asked why they had such a problem with my wife after spending all their daddy's money on gas and beer all day on the water. I mean, why be in a huge hurry now after enjoying an entire day on the water? Did I mention it's legal to carry where I live? They were much quieter for the remainder of the loading...
  8. Are you freaking kidding me?

    Great discussion! Anyone know what a good price would be on a dealer demo '12 233? Also, are there any concerns with opting for the smaller 5.7L engine over the 409HP model as far as not having to settle for a prop that's all torque and no top-end?
  9. I'm sure you've decided by now, but I second Domed Numbers--well worth the money for the two tone chrome/color look to match the Centurion bling package and polished stainless accents. I will definitely use them again--head and shoulders above vinyl. What's a few extra bucks when you're shelling out premium dough for a Centurion and the gas to fill her up?
  10. Did you check all the breakers on the engine? Some are hidden and will kill spark to the whole system. Is your kill switch inadvertently killing spark? I spent a whole day changing fuses, etc. to discover the tiny red breaker on my engine. It was on the forward port side of the engine.
  11. The fact that I've been deployed for countless surf seasons. Can Centurion do anything about that?
  12. loading the EnzoSV240

    Keep in mind also, as far as hours and longevity are concerned, for 20k you can replace the engine a few times!
  13. FX-22 - New Centurion Model?

    For $104K, it better come with a captain and a helipad!
  14. Boat Transportation/Shipment

    Yeah, 300# old dude in a 20 year old pick up truck. Not even close.
  15. FX-22 - New Centurion Model?

    Thanks for the head's up WakeCountry--I can appreciate your handicap from the manufacturer--but, like I said, it's definitely time to update the marketing plan. I see no value in withholding critical information from the consumer. On a related note, I plan a visit your way when my current deployment is over! Take good care of that white Enzo, just in case!

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