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  1. So happy to be back after 8 years!!

    I remember your posts Troy! You were always active on the site and knowledgeable about all things Avi and Centurion!! Centurions are almost non-existent here in TN, compared to Mastercrafts and Malibus. We were looking hard at used Mastercraft X23's (my wife really liked the rear facing lounge seats on the transom). With research and looking at Youtube videos, we decided we really wanted to stay in the Centurion family, due to surf wake performance and fuel efficiencies. We are so stoked. The Vi24 has about 2.5X the ballast we had in the old Enzo, so I can't wait to see the wakes this thing produces (though I do know its a foot longer, and thus, requires more weight). With the QuikSurf Pro tabs, we should really be able to get things dialed in. I understand there is a big Facebook Group for Centurion folks now. I'm old school I guess, and like forums, but I'll check out the FB site soon too. Again, glad to be back!
  2. We had an original all yellow(!) 2004 Enzo SV230, purchased new in spring of ‘06. We loved it and had until 2014, when kids had gotten car keys and no longer wanted to hang out with Mom Dad LOL. I had the honor of being a driver for the 2008 World WakeSurf Championship, hosted here in Nashville. I was active on the “Crew”, and even ran across my Centurioncrew.com T-shirt the other day (like new!). Long story short, our sons have gotten married and returned to the area, we have other friends that appreciate lake life, so…we decided to get a boat! Bought a beautiful 2020 Vi24 maintained well by the PO. We are so stoked and so happy to be back in the Centurion family! Pics are here (hopefully): https://link.shutterfly.com/idR62Ana7rb

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