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  1. wakesurfing trick lists

    I can do sweet hand stands
  2. Ordering my 233 this week...

    The wetsounds system from the factory is GREAT!!!!!!!!
  3. I will let you post the video because if I do it it will be advertising or something. Dont want to start any more problems. HEHE
  4. HAHAHA AWESOME! I will get this one out first thing tomorrow.
  5. I will be checking it out tonight and maybe post some clips and then mail your go pro back and wait for mine to show up in the mail haha
  6. Thanks Dave Had a blast riding with you as always. Good to see you and Thanks for helping me break in the new Enzo 233. I am stoked that you got to be the first rider behind it on your new Trident and you rode awesome!!!
  7. Wakesurfing

  8. Wakesurfing

    C4 Possibly where are you. The wife wants to go out there so might be able to do a lesson/vacation
  9. Board help please

    sorry if that was out of line. I was just trying to send someone to a Legit board manufacturer in teh wakesurfing world. Whether it be Inland, Shred Stix, or Phase 5. These are the companies that are doing the right things.
  10. Board help please

    Yes I am a rider for Phase 5. And well we didnt invent the skimboard we do have 35+ years building them. And I was referring to seeing one of there boards at worlds and five or six of us took there "texalium" board and laid it next to a P@#&E 5 and wouldnt you know it an exact copy. HAHAHA No worries though. OURS ARE MADE IN AMERICA!!!! And not every skimboard is a knock off. Most companies actually come up with there own designs. Weird.
  11. Board help please

  12. Try and call teh factory direct. They can probably help you out with that. Or they will get yo in touch with Ward (who is the man) and he will get you all set up.
  13. Wakesurfing

    Just keep cleaning your inbox out and problem solved. Dave yeah man it will be a good time. Tuesday the 2nd right? TNT Thanks for the love and I am stoked you love your Trident. They are so much fun to ride and FAST! Sure it wont be long before someone else tries to take that shape from us. But thats ok. BigCat I can not speak of selling boards. (and I do not have any XXL's right now) But I am sure one of the fine places that carry Phase 5's can set you up.
  14. Wakesurfing

    H2O That is awesome. Stoked to hear. Thank You for sharing. That board rides really well. Darksider I was planning on the 211 but Centurion wants me to be representing in a Brand new 233 so it is hard to argue with that. The 211 is insane but the 233 is just as good but bigger. I am so stoked on the new boat I will post pics as soon as she shows up.
  15. Wakesurfing

    Just wanted to say That I Love WAKESURFING. Stoked on my new Centurion 2012 Enzo 233 to be here in a few days. Time to shred and stay away from the stupid Computer. Hope everyone is enjoying there summer. A few more days and I will be back in the water dialing in some tricks that havent been seen yet.... MUAHAHAHAHA

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