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  1. some info on wake garage about building one, they look good.
  2. also planning this job amazon has pretty good price at 131$ if you catch it at the right time but sometimes its as high as 145
  3. looking for advice on boards

    Doomswell neo was board of the year, really want to demo one they sound sick. But I also am a phase 5 fan
  4. 2004 Typhoon 2nd plug

    I have a 07 typhoon and yes it directly under the middle back seat you cant really miss it.
  5. Centurion comparison

    Did you come on the crew to ask what type of noncenturion boat you should trade you centurion in on? 😒
  6. Looks great, how did you go about getting the logo? I still havent heard from centurion about permission guess I will make another attempt.
  7. I mean you have a point but Im wondering if they would even do that. Plus kinda gotta have the helmet right lol its cool. Im exploring diy stuff because i cant see spending 400$ without a logo. Maybe someday centurion will respond and give permission.
  8. Do a search on the site there some threads , the cable should be labeled the part number every couple foot
  9. Digging up an old thread here but thought I may be able to help someone in my same situation, Gator step and seadek all refuse to make anything with the logo ( I called) unless you have permission from centurion. I called centurion and got email of the marketing person, If this works I will share the email address.
  10. I soldiered mine lengthened and used them for my tsunami pump. Make sure to check wire size and draw on the pump and adjust fuse no larger then wires capacity.
  11. Being smaller then ava is news to me never heard that. I have fatsac. Maybe it fills the entire sac but doesn’t seem but like people said definitely more then a 750 but maybe a 900would do the same either way great results better wave then a buddies new axis with way more weight and dumb Malibu wedge.
  12. Older boat but that seems like a good deal. Definitely can add perfect pass believe it’s about $1500
  13. I feel like the 1100 in my typhoon only can fill 80% of the way but only a guess. I don’t have side swipe
  14. Opinions on 2007 Typhoon C4

    Looking good, not a huge yellow fan but seems very clean did you get her yet?
  15. Opinions on 2007 Typhoon C4

    Post some pics of the boat if you can. Mine is a lot different with the options like fresh air exhaust the evo tower and fiberglass swim deck.

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