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  1. ya I bet the bilge is auto and manual thats how mine is on my typhoon. Definitely add a battery with a perko switch $150 piece of mind while out on the water.
  2. so picked the boat up today the shop told me they were unable to clear the code at all then tried charging me 160$ and said sorry we cant fix it. the guy got real angry quickly said make it 100 and never bring it back as if I would take it back after they failed to help at all. Next step is to check grounds I guess and make sure the harness is making good contact with the sensor some how maybe soldier in a new harness.
  3. So last night I pulled the hose of the inlet side of the trans cooler and it was caked with tons of junk seaweed and garbage confident that had to be my issue. Start the boat and again double beep soon as I turn key to on position. I'm fairly certain it needs cleared by a dealer and is what I guess people call a sticky alarm. Also checked my new impeller and it seems fine.
  4. Had and having same issue first thing is try the water pressure sensor on cooler housing by distributor.
  5. rebuild carb then clean it again and again always a fuel issue 99.99% of the time.
  6. https://alloymarine.com/ Call them super helpful
  7. I also broke mine looked around and I found the ones they use on new nautiques fit my typhoon and probably your av as well they are pricey as hell but amazing that play or slop you have now when the swim deck is on water and waves hit it will go away its major improvement. I grab a pic when I get home and try to find the company that makes them. And yes the threads are in the hull small modification to the brackets and they worked nice.
  8. Currently having the same issues Ive had our 07 typhoon for many years and usually when I get the beep beep I replaces the IAC sensor or the water pressure and it goes away (with no code needing cleared). So Idid that this time around and I still have the beep as well. I bought a mercury vessel view that connects boat to phone and only code i get is the water pressure, tried a second sensor and no change. The odd thing for me I don't know if you are having same issue is it beeps soon as I turn boat key on like before I even crank engine. I get the one beep like usual then few seconds later the beep beep. Ive read about loosing a good ground to sensor but seems like its ok when i check with a multimeter but I also cant find out what wires are what on sensor I have a three wire sensor and I think some are two. Hope we can figure this out together haha i searched high and low but no good solid straight info on how to clear codes what's sticky codes and if you add a new ground to sensor what wire black??
  9. some info on wake garage about building one, they look good.
  10. also planning this job amazon has pretty good price at 131$ if you catch it at the right time but sometimes its as high as 145
  11. looking for advice on boards

    Doomswell neo was board of the year, really want to demo one they sound sick. But I also am a phase 5 fan
  12. 2004 Typhoon 2nd plug

    I have a 07 typhoon and yes it directly under the middle back seat you cant really miss it.
  13. Centurion comparison

    Did you come on the crew to ask what type of noncenturion boat you should trade you centurion in on? ?
  14. Looks great, how did you go about getting the logo? I still havent heard from centurion about permission guess I will make another attempt.

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