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  1. Got 2 1100 sac off the crew and they really hooked it up, great deal super fast shipping. Can't say enough.
  2. guess i gotta get a buffer you guys using rotary or DA and decent ones for a once a year use on the cheap?
  3. I have a similar situation the flake on my boat is kinda faded the worse is on the transom above the centurion logo bc it is exposed to the sun the most. What products would you fellows recommend. Thanks
  4. Old interior needs replaced

    copycat upholstery in clearwater florida did some stuff for me last year and was very happy, there is some discussion about them if you google them. Infinty sick boat man looks great
  5. hope it works i just sold my 750s for 1100 in my typhoon haha
  6. sold my 2-750 sacs today so 1100 will be on the shopping list
  7. any one have a pic of a 1100 in a avalanche or typhoon?
  8. Ya I definitely will run even I don't like the idea of a listed set up.
  9. ya the PO before selling it had engine oil changed and the impellar replaced, tho I will verify bc hes hard to believe at times to say the least haha. Ya I use 303 on all my boats, I am having all the back half of the boats seat bases recovered they were the worst some ripped open the Jack that had it before me loved wearing his dad shoes all over it.
  10. here a pic of the wake shaper I built last week too

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