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  1. another dead end thread from a newbie
  2. Well Finally everything is settled it appears.... Guys check your harness end that plugs into the water sensor mine was having connection issues and really giving me headaches. I was able to find out its the same plug they use on a lot of chevys so $30 later rock auto had it spliced it in and all good. the part number on rock auto is S619 or oem number was 19368669 for me.
  3. 06 enzo vs 07 avalanche c4

    I have a 07 typhoon 23', Id go with the bigger enzo 1' is major difference. I couldn't see them being priced the same as enzo are always high but its worth it, both good boats IMO
  4. update again, think the end harness connector isn't making great contact so I was looking to replace the end but seems unavailable so I'm going to try and take apart clean and tighten up the pins. Also had my alternator go last weekend so just a few issues I'm working threw but luckily hasn't kept us from enjoying the boat, alternator was dropped off at a local shop Monday and he confirmed it was bad and is rebuilding it for $180 hopefully be back this week.
  5. Update even if I'm talking to myself. I hate dead threads and this forum seems to be dying. I check all grounds and cleaned them, still had issues so I went back and replaced the water sensor for second time and the alarm went away. What I think happened is the sensor goes bad so frequently I immediately replaced that with a bad new sensor then I fixed the real issue which was the blockage at the transmission cooler but the bad sensor was still causing issue. I ran it twice on fake lake for 10 min or so and zero beeps so hopefully get it in the water this weekend and all is right.
  6. ya I bet the bilge is auto and manual thats how mine is on my typhoon. Definitely add a battery with a perko switch $150 piece of mind while out on the water.
  7. so picked the boat up today the shop told me they were unable to clear the code at all then tried charging me 160$ and said sorry we cant fix it. the guy got real angry quickly said make it 100 and never bring it back as if I would take it back after they failed to help at all. Next step is to check grounds I guess and make sure the harness is making good contact with the sensor some how maybe soldier in a new harness.
  8. So last night I pulled the hose of the inlet side of the trans cooler and it was caked with tons of junk seaweed and garbage confident that had to be my issue. Start the boat and again double beep soon as I turn key to on position. I'm fairly certain it needs cleared by a dealer and is what I guess people call a sticky alarm. Also checked my new impeller and it seems fine.
  9. Had and having same issue first thing is try the water pressure sensor on cooler housing by distributor.
  10. rebuild carb then clean it again and again always a fuel issue 99.99% of the time.
  11. https://alloymarine.com/ Call them super helpful
  12. I also broke mine looked around and I found the ones they use on new nautiques fit my typhoon and probably your av as well they are pricey as hell but amazing that play or slop you have now when the swim deck is on water and waves hit it will go away its major improvement. I grab a pic when I get home and try to find the company that makes them. And yes the threads are in the hull small modification to the brackets and they worked nice.

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