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  1. Being smaller then ava is news to me never heard that. I have fatsac. Maybe it fills the entire sac but doesn’t seem but like people said definitely more then a 750 but maybe a 900would do the same either way great results better wave then a buddies new axis with way more weight and dumb Malibu wedge.
  2. Older boat but that seems like a good deal. Definitely can add perfect pass believe it’s about $1500
  3. I feel like the 1100 in my typhoon only can fill 80% of the way but only a guess. I don’t have side swipe
  4. Opinions on 2007 Typhoon C4

    Looking good, not a huge yellow fan but seems very clean did you get her yet?
  5. Opinions on 2007 Typhoon C4

    Post some pics of the boat if you can. Mine is a lot different with the options like fresh air exhaust the evo tower and fiberglass swim deck.
  6. Opinions on 2007 Typhoon C4

    No I run it even I think listing is a bad option but that just me I know some people like it usually they are folks without a shaper. If you have the 750s you will be good but if purchasing them I would go 1100s. As far as the shaper it never has fallen off and zero issues mounting it.
  7. Opinions on 2007 Typhoon C4

    As the owner of a 07 typhoon storm series c4 do it. I love the boat and one of the best waves out there. I run 2-1100s in rear and stock center 250# tank and homemade shaper, wave is massive even with two people on the boat. I have it all plumbed in with tsunami pumps. Boat runs very well plows threw chop. Even if I half or 3/4 fill my rear sacks it surfs great. msg me if you have any questions
  8. yes thats it www.dropnfill.com 100$ but i think its a great simple design. might have to get myself one someday
  9. Just did mine scrubbed with soapy water rInse dry then spray with a weed sprayer and back brushed it. Turned out good maybe could have done 2 coats but it beads good with starbright. One gallon did my cover and Bimini 23' typhoon
  10. Ever see those things u dump can into and it's like a giant funnel it's square almost like a buss boy tray with a hose off the bottom it even holds the can upside down. Forget what it's called.
  11. Got 2 1100 sac off the crew and they really hooked it up, great deal super fast shipping. Can't say enough.
  12. guess i gotta get a buffer you guys using rotary or DA and decent ones for a once a year use on the cheap?
  13. They make so many anything specific?
  14. I have a similar situation the flake on my boat is kinda faded the worse is on the transom above the centurion logo bc it is exposed to the sun the most. What products would you fellows recommend. Thanks

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