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    Centurion Enzo 233
  1. 2014 Centurion SV233

    Time Left: 10 days and 5 hours

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    2014 Centurion SV233 151 Hours EX343 CATS RAMFILLS REV8s 4 YEARS YES 4 FULL YEARS from May 21st until May 21st 2022. Boat was purchased new as a left over in May 2017. Our dream boat popped up for sale and want to get it. It is going in on trade April 18th this is your opportunity to own it for less then the marina will end up selling it for!


  2. First boat purchase. Be gentle...

    I may have a 2014 SV 233 with 150 hours and four years left of warranty on it for sale soon. Yes it has four years it was left over sold new to me in May 2017.
  3. 2000 Eclipse Purchase DD

    I have a 2000 Centurion Eclipse V-Drive and with two 750 lockers in the rear filled up and a 350 bag in the bow it throws a really good wakeboard wake. I just bought a 2014 SV233 left over brand new if you are in the market for the eclipse I will let mine go for 11000 rebuilt motor only 140 hours on rebuild and 348 on the hull. I'll include all the bags and pumps also.

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