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  1. First test of my new locker bags and PnP pump today isn’t going as planned, I plumbed all of the hoses to the factory locations and plugged the ballast pump for the PnP locker bags into the extra harness like it should be, turned the PnP option on in the dealer settings, set the timer for seven minutes and thirty seconds and all I get is about ten seconds of pump then the pump shuts off. When I hit stop on the screen it actually drains what little water it has pumped into the bags out. I know that the pump is fine because it will run fine if I connect it to the starboard or port pro bag pumps. Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Currently sitting in the middle of the lake stumped.
  2. Is that the regular size swim platform or the surf platform @InfinitySurf? I’m planning on getting a cover for mine, if it’s the regular platform then maybe he could duplicate yours for me.
  3. SV233 Bow Ballast

    @InfinitySurf I talked to wakemakers yesterday, they said the 500lb bag was the biggest they recommended for my boat. They said the 750 would end up popping the seat cushions up but yours may be bigger up front than mine is. Thanks @Hein!
  4. SV233 Bow Ballast

    Good to know, I saw them on their website I just didn’t know if it would fit. I’ll give them a call, thanks for the info @InfinitySurf
  5. Does anyone know where I can buy a bow bag for my SV233? I’ve looked all over the internet and can’t even find a picture of a factory bag. Am I missing something?
  6. Thanks for the advice LKASurfing, I haven't found the wiring harness for the bow PNP yet but I was considering using it to run a second pump for one of the rear lockers.
  7. Awesome thanks Nick213 it worked just like you said! I appreciate the help.
  8. No worries, thank you Troy!
  9. So after some more research I was able to find out that Banjo Corp makes the three way valve under the seat to switch from port to starboard bags. I ordered the Jabsco 18220-5127 Ballast pump with the connector but my question is when I plug the pump into the factory wiring will I then have the option to fill and drain using the touch screen?
  10. I'm new to the forum so I hope this is the right section to ask this question! I just picked up a 2013 SV233 this past weekend and I am wanting to add fat sacs to each rear locker in the boat. Under the middle rear seat there is a diagram showing a valve to switch between starboard and port side bags labeled P-N-P Surf Ballast and below it looks like where the valve would mount but it is either missing or the boat didn't come with it new. Does anyone know who makes the valve and where I could get one? Or maybe a picture of what it looks like? Also I know I will have to add another pump for the new sacs but on the Touch Vision screen under Ballast it shows the option for PNP but it is not lit up like the Quick fill tanks or the Pro Ballast sacs, does it light up when a pump is hooked up to the harness in the engine compartment or does the dealer have to program it? I know this is a lot of questions for my first post. Thanks Dustin

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