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Found 19 results

  1. I am considering the purchase of a used 2014 - 2016 Centurion SV233. (Budget $80k or less) If you own one of these or have experience with them, I would appreciate your feedback. These models were available with RamFill, CATS, QuickSurf Tabs, Asymmetrical Center Plate and PNP. 1.) If I understand correctly, PNP refers to bags that are in addition to the plastic tanks. How are these extra bags filled and emptied? Is it done with RamFill or pumps? 2.) We will primarily use the boat for surfing. With all available ballast full, is it possible to create a decent wave on both sides by only adjusting QuickSurf, CATS and the Asymmetrical Plate? Does this system adjust quick enough to allow a rider to transfer from one side to the other while surfing? 3.) I've heard the Enzo's have a better wave on the port side - can I get a good goofy wave by adjusting ballast and the other surf systems?
  2. Hi All - New to the forum. Just took the boat out for the 1st day of the season - testing everything out to make sure the boat was running fine. I wasnt watching to see if the speedometer was working while I was zipping around - engine sounded great - plenty of power - no weird sounds.. I fill up all the ballast to test the wave - turn on the "zero off" cruise control - ease into gear and speed up... I hear a loud screaming beep - look at the screen and see a fault code. Ugh... I cannot find anything that explains what this is or how to fix it. I really could use some guidance - thanks in advance! I really appreciate it. I've owned the boat for a year - has now about 700 hours - well maintained - didnt have a singe issue last year.
  3. Help with knowledge about 2015 and possibly 2016 FS33 as well as same years SV233. new to surf boats (we don’t care about wakeboarding for now). Is one of the two a better surf boat (regarding the wake). It will be for preteen and high school kids mostly. Maybe a few adults after a few! There seems to be a big deal about 300 engine hours on these two boats. What does that compare to in miles on a vehicle? 36k miles? 100k miles? I realize there are probably big jumps in capability for newer model years, but if we go newer or newer model year we will probably just go 2019-21 supreme ZX232. Thoughts?
  4. I have a 2014 sv233 and continue to love it. I need some upholstery work done and I was thinking of adding a step to the rear center cushion for people to step on as they get ready to ride. Has anyone else done this? If so, Please forward some details and or pictures.
  5. Hey guys! First post here but I know I’ve come to the right place! It’s finally time I can justify upgrading my boat to something surfable! I’ve been looking around for the past year or so, comparing different options in my price range ($40k-$50k) and have pretty much made up my mind - an Enzo. Tahoe gets gnarly so the deep V will help a lot with that and I’ll take all the freeboard I can get. I don’t always have a big crew, usually only 4-5 people and often a dog or two so I don’t “have” to have the biggest boat but I hate being cramped so I’d like all the room I can get. That being said, I’m wondering which model would work best for Lake Tahoe and also, any features that are must haves or years or features to avoid. Tahoe is at 6,200ft so performance is something to consider. From what I’ve read, the SV230 requires substantially less ballast than the SV240 to get a proper wave. With that in mind am I wrong to assume that the 230 would have better performance with the same engine? Obviously I’ll ensure to prop correctly but I’d like to set myself up for success wherever possible. Ideally, I’d love to find a 244 or 233 as we rarely use our bow and would really enjoy the extra room in the cockpit. Maybe the 233 would be perfect as it should take less weight, and probably has as much cockpit space as the 240? The problem here is that it’s really hard to find a 233 or 244 within my price range. I wish I could just bite off a little more but our season is short and I have a lot of other hobbies competing for my interest. I just really can’t justify it. So, which boat would you recommend? Should I automatically omit any of these with the small engine? Any and all advice is welcomed! Thanks in advance!!
  6. 2014 233 Enzo worked great before winter. Winterized and left in a garage. First trip today--no CATs fin movement, no wake plate movement, no valve movement. Valves show they are working on the screen but the CATs and the wake plate don't show any response on the screen. Radio intermittently working. Front ballast pump not working. The screen looks fine and responds to touch otherwise. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. 2014 Centurion SV233

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    • FOR SALE
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    2014 Centurion SV233 151 Hours EX343 CATS RAMFILLS REV8s 4 YEARS YES 4 FULL YEARS from May 21st until May 21st 2022. Boat was purchased new as a left over in May 2017. Our dream boat popped up for sale and want to get it. It is going in on trade April 18th this is your opportunity to own it for less then the marina will end up selling it for!


  8. Hi everyone, I'm a current Malibu owner, and I'm looking at an out of state used 2015 SV233. I've read decent reviews and info on here, and I've seen the new 2017's here in person at the dealership. But, I've actually never seen the SV233 in person. Before I write a big check, I'd love to see if there is anyone in the Seattle area who would be willing to let me take a quick look at their boat before I pull the trigger. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a current Malibu owner, and I'm looking at an out of state used 2015 SV233. I've read decent reviews and info on here, and I've seen the new 2017's here in person at the dealership. But, I've actually never seen the SV233 in person. Before I write a big check, I'd love to see if there is anyone in the Seattle area who would be willing to let me take a quick look at their boat before I pull the trigger. Thanks!
  10. My '13 SV233 has a surf platform on it and I want the "standard" sized one that measures 67" in width, 10 inches wider than the surf one. Does Anyone have a regular surf platform they are willing to swap with me for my surf one? Not wanting to pay $1,800 for a new one and can't find a regular replacement one anywhere. We would each pay the respective shipping costs and send to the other after the appropriate conversation and pictures are exchanged. Let me know. See picture P.s. And if anyone knows of a place that has made a custom one for a wakesurf boat do please let me me know. Thanks Crew!
  11. I just bought a used 2013 SV233 (343 PCM) with 4,200 lbs of total ballast that has 70 hours on it. Bought it from a reputable seller. All mechanical etc checked out fine. I have owned 2 Crownline I/O bowriders. The first a 18' Crownline 180 and still currently have the 2003 Crownline 208LX. Attached are pics of my current crownline and my new SV233. I bought the SV233 because I wanted a boat that can take a wave almost as good as a bowrider but will bring the best all-around experience for all the water sports (tube, ski, wakeboard and wakesurf). I am 48 and took up wakeboarding up 3 year ago and love it, but can be stressful on a 48 year old body. Recently went to FL and visited a wakesurf camp and loved it and decided to upgrade to an inboard. What are the top things you would recommend I know about my new SV233 before I go on the water? Any input would would be great from the community. Thanks in advance!
  12. I am looking to upgrade my sound. When I bought the boat, I wasn't too concerned. I bought the stock stereo etc. Now the kids want some tunes while they surf. There are no dedicated marine audio centers but a few RV audio centers that dabble in marine here in Northern Utah. I wouldn't mind doing it myself or getting help from a car audio place. My dealer no longer carries Centurion. Centurion dealer 1.5 hours away has a great reputation but has not communicated well on the few repairs they have done. They have done a nice job but there seems to be wall that stops communication between the front end and the service center (maybe unfair criticism on my part). My data: 2014 Centurion SV233, Gladiator Tower, stock Clarion M303 stereo (usb and bluetooth work well), 4-stock speakers (possibly 6 inch?) Questions: 1. Can an amp simply be plugged into the back of my stereo, mounted, and then run to new tower speakers? What Amp? Where would the power come from? Would my stock speakers still run off of the stereo. 2. People are raving about "Rev 10's" on this site. The videos and comments are fantastic. They look HUGE. They seem so wide. I was hoping to have some that are a bit less physically intrusive (more head room). How would a pair of Rev-8's be on underside, laterally, on the gladiator tower? Would they fit on this mounting area? Would they have acceptable fidelity? Any other suggestions?
  13. Here's how I winterized my SV233 with the H5 engine. I owe a big thanks to Stoked for already providing a lot of this information in a previous post. Steps I took: 1. Changed oil and filter using this: https://www.amazon.com/Jabsco-17850-1012-Premium-Marine-Changer/dp/B001CX0WX4 You will want to warm up your engine for several minutes to get the oil warm enough to flow. This oil changer works by putting the clear plastic tube down the oil dipstick tube. Takes probably about 10 minutes to empty with warm oil. Place a ziplock bag (pretty sure I used the gallon size) over the filter when removing the filter to catch all of the oil and not have it drip into your boat. 2. Pull all your blue drain plugs. There are 9 on the H5. All of them are pretty easy to see/find with the exception of the V drive. That one is hidden. Here are some photos: There are 3 on the port side; 5 on the starboard side; and 1 on the V drive. I screwed all of the blue plugs into the holder that's attached to one of the engine dividers to make sure I got them all. 3. Pull your heater lines where they are connected to the engine and either blow out with an air compressor using a blow gun (don't get carried away with too much air; the heater cores are just tubes) or use a shop vac to blow them out (thanks H2O King!). 4. Now put all of the blue plugs back into where you pulled them out of. Be gentle with these putting them back in. It's easy to cross thread them and screw them up. Go easy and you won't have any issues. 5. Add 5-6 gallons of antifreeze to the engine. I ended up adding a T kit to my raw water intake to make this easy. Here's what I used: More to follow in the next post.
  14. Finally getting our SV 233 dialed in nice and figured we would share our set up. Goofy side: Trim 100% cleans up the lip. Currently we do not have an A plate Stbd QF - full Stbd PnP - full Stbd Pro ballast - full Port QF adjust on the fly but 3/4 full seems to work best. No bow weight Speed 11 - 11.8 bust usually running 11.6 mph Normally we have a 250 lb driver, 350 lb buddy in the ballast boy seat, and a one teenager around 200 lbs on the Stbd side seat and if there are extra bodies we adjust as needed, but observer seat is ok, and rear seat center is ok. Port side seats usually take some height out of the wave and anyone in the bow takes the push away.
  15. I am traveling away from home. There was a great mechanic at Lake Tahoe that finally repaired my ramfill drain valves by replacing them. I just realized that the LED underwater lights don't work. I am unsure if the repair is related. I can follow the blue wire with the white stripe from the 2 LED lights to the dash but there are so many wires that I can not trace it further. Any ideas?
  16. I have a centurion SV233 and I would like a boom that fits it well. The tower is the Aegis. The tower mounts so securely that It is hard to imagine that a boom would not work well with it. Any ideas?
  17. Another post about a new boat because, heck, who doesn't like looking at photos of a brand new boat! Finally got 'er home after a 4 1/2 hour drive. Towed great. It's almost a little intimidating coming from a 18 1/2' bowrider. I'm very pleased with the final result. The owner of the company took me out on his private lake for a little "get to know her" ride. The wave looked very good with just the stock setting. The OEM covers are pretty nice. They already have a loop sewn into them where you could hook a line on the tower to hold it up from pooling. Hope to get it out on the water this weekend just to play around with it a little bit. A bit too cold to surf yet down here since I don't have a dry suit.
  18. I just ordered an sv233 with cats and ramfill. It looks like a great system but i havent seen any talk from anyone that has actually used it. All i get is the same you tube videos or talking points from centurion. this is starting to worry me a little. any info would be appreciated. my boat will be here in 4 weeks and i cant wait.

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