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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, recently i just purchased a 2014 centurion enzo sv233 and need help figuring out best ballast/settings for creating best wake. It has both plug n plays in stern and the ramfill. Any help would be much appreciated. If i need to buy lead weights for best wake then i will.
  2. HI everyone. Ya'll fixed a recent issue for us, thanks. So we were on the lake for 5 days and the port side ramfill exit motor failed, looks like there is a ramfill exit gate and a ramfill enter gate, this is the exit gate, in the back behind the engine. It was stuck open, so we were listing, because whenever we would stop it would fill up. And as we drove away it would drain out. We manually closed the gate to surf and that worked fine while we were out there, but that's a pain, obviously. Anyway, is it the little motor? Its the Valtera gate system, not drainmaster. It looks like it would be easy to replace the little motor. Any links to a new one? or is there a way to fix the old one? JB
  3. I have a 2015 FS 33 and the RamFill gates are not opening. When I engage the trailer mode button on the dash I can see the red keys on these units spinning. When I go underneath the boat to visually verify, the gates are still closed. Please help save our late season trip to Powell!
  4. Today, I was checking a used 2018 RI 237 and found that ALL the RamFill gates were VERY sticky to operate manually, and one of the 4 was broken. The handle and the rod came right out of the plastic housing. The others were so sticky that there was no way the motor and the plastic gears and straight plastic gear rack would work without stripping. HAS ANYONE else had problems with these valves?
  5. 2014 233 Enzo worked great before winter. Winterized and left in a garage. First trip today--no CATs fin movement, no wake plate movement, no valve movement. Valves show they are working on the screen but the CATs and the wake plate don't show any response on the screen. Radio intermittently working. Front ballast pump not working. The screen looks fine and responds to touch otherwise. Any ideas? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I just bought a 2014 Fx44 with 110 hours. I started shopping for value boats but couldn’t make myself settle. After talking with Monty, a dealer buddy in Canyon Lake, and seeing the waves Centurions put out, not to mention they are amazing eye candy, I couldn’t be swayed from the Centurion. I heard some cool stories about how they really support their product which was a huge plus! I found an FX44 and traveled up to it and bought it. Most everything about the boat checked out and was very nice. We hooked up and began to tow the boat home keeping an eye on everything. My dad was with me and he is super meticulous and cautious, the kind of guy anyone wants when making a big purchase and handling something sensitive. It was going great and all of a sudden one of the carbon fiber air scoops began to blow around like it was coming lose, but before we could pull off the road to fix it it blew off taking the lights with it in heavy traffic. We stopped to check it out. Looks like it had been replaced before because there are two screws in one hole and signs of a repair. We checked the other carbon fiber nose piece and it looked fine. We got back on the road and then had to stop for gas. I was pretty upset that this happened so naturally I go and inspect it all over again and now the other carbon fiber piece has a crack in it. The dealer I bought it from had given me a roll of white shrink wrap tape “just in case” which I thought was odd but also didn’t turn down because who knows... thankful to have the tape now so I put it over the remaining cracked carbon fiber nose piece to keep air from entering the scoop which got me home. When I called Centurion yesterday the guy in the warranty department said he never heard of this issue. I find that hard to believe since there were two screws in one hole plus other signs of repair AND seeing my second scoop crack a few minutes later. Granted it was very windy while towing but a person still should be able to town their boat down the highway. The guy at centurion isn’t offering to send me anything or discuss the matter until I get the warranty transferred which sounds like a little hassle and I’m willing to do, but I wish they would just make this easy... I also want to use my boat during my kids’ spring break without it looking all damaged. Has anyone else had problems with this while towing their FX44s? The added some “louvered ridges” on the FS44 scoops for a reason and I’m thinking this is why... no matter what the guy at centurion said. A company doesn’t make that kind of change on a part for no reason. I would love to hear from y’all. I think this should be a warranty or recall issue if it’s common enough.
  7. 2014 Centurion SV233

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    2014 Centurion SV233 151 Hours EX343 CATS RAMFILLS REV8s 4 YEARS YES 4 FULL YEARS from May 21st until May 21st 2022. Boat was purchased new as a left over in May 2017. Our dream boat popped up for sale and want to get it. It is going in on trade April 18th this is your opportunity to own it for less then the marina will end up selling it for!


  8. So I bought my 2014 sv 244 new nov 2015. In the spring of 2016 we finally got to go do the water test with the dealer, right away I noticed that when powering up the boat the bow bag started filling up and the ramfill said "increase speed to fill". Knowing that that wasn't right I advised the dealer and centurion sent them the software update. So my boat is that the dealer waiting for the screen update, they get the USB from centurion and still it wants to fill right away without pressing on the screen. So I still don't have my boat, they decide that they will change my screen out completely. Once that happened the boat ran fine. This spring (29 May 2017) I take the boat out for the first time this year and I noticed that when we are surfing sometimes the cats orange positional triangle disappears and that the green cats line stays all the way left. I contact the dealership then and don't here back from them. Aug 6 I take my boat out again but this time the ramfill does' work the boat fills up alone at the dock. So I enter the trailer mode and press open, close a few times then drive forward the let the boat think it's filling then I drained them. Then I could fill properly. So go boating and the screen is still acting up. I take the boat out and contact my dealer on the 7th I bring it in and they contact centurion about the valves at the same time we notice that my rudder is not inline anymore so they look and they say it's the keyway that fell out so they fix it. A week later they get the parts to swap out the drain master valves for the new valterra but they never got instructions and there was parts missing. So I contact centurion to make them aware they then remember that in 2014 the software update can't be downloaded of a link so they send a USB to my dealer. That USB never makes it there. So I the 23rd they send another on rush. It gets there on the 25th. So it took 18 days for me to get my valves replaced. I took the boat out yesterday valves work great the boat turned great for about 2hrs before it started rattling again. I still have the issue with the cats. And how it's also happening in neutral. Not sure what to do next my boat is always in the shop, I don't think it's fair the pay that much for a boat and its problem after problem. And my rudder is out of line again.
  9. Hey Guys, Thought people here might like to see the videos that Centurion made in connection with our dealership and Devin SuperTramp. Centurion Ri237: Centurion Ri217: Ramfill Ballast: QuickSurf: SxS Touch Vision Dash: Deep V Hull: Cheers!
  10. ok, so it seems centurion wont give out the true ballast weight on any boat with ramfill, ive seen what most people estimate or figure from what centurion says. so I just happen to have a truck scale and I figured I could answer this Question for a 2015 FS44, im sure im not the only one who would like to know. im guessing I can just take the boat out of trailer mode, so ill weigh it first then fill the RAM through the overflow on the side of the boat, then weigh it again to get the NET on the ballast, im going to do one side, id assume they are the same. should have a answer later today. post all your guesses to see who is closest.
  11. some of you have read my post of the trouble ive been having with my new sv233. we will recap bfore i ask my questions. 1 month late due to ramfill recall ramfill has not worked yet. taking it back today for the third time. paint defect. pAINT is coming off in 5 spots. they said they would compound wax it, but that doesnt sound like a good plan. 343 does not cut it. it will barely pull you out of water with boat loaded with people. those are the major issues radio volume spontaniously goes up until it overloads and shuts off paid for all sound system upgrades and it sounds like crap for the money i spent. i did not know that you loose 2 cabin speakers by going with ramfill. you really need those speakers. all i can hear is the tower speakers. glove box will not stay closed. have adjusted twice. upgraded board racks will not hold wakeboards. they fall out. something wrong with bimini. i think dealer asssembled it wrong, but he says he didnt. loose, crooked, andwont stay expanded. it flaps in the wind. boat was shipped without t handles for e shut offs. shipped without motor compartment lug to secure it. it rattles fiercely shipped without one of the dive platform bolts. first time i used it i thought the boat was falling apart it shook so bad. guys, im trying real hard not to get angry over all this,but it is had. i know what i want, but dont know if im justified in asking. i paid over 80k for a boat that has serious problems. my confidence is low that this will be fixed. i think this will be reacuriing problems. ive got a 5 year warranty, but i dont want to take it to the dealer every 2 weeks and not enjoy my investment. ive got 50 hr on boat and have only enjoyed 6 of them. thats a lot of wasted fuel and time. what do you think? i want my boat replaced with one without ramfill with a quality paint job and a bigger motor. my dealer has been very good but im ready to take this to the next step. he doesnt know that i want it repleced yet. he just keeps telling me he will take care of the problems. ???????
  12. Had the boat for two months and havent been able to surf. Ramfill e shut off was down the whole time and my dealer didnt know anything about it. But , the grinn I had after surfing last night will be on my face for a while. I take back everthing ive said about this boat. By the way , my dad has been getting plenty of fat jokes about this picture. It was freakin awsome
  13. Ok. Got my new sv233. Wish I would not have got the ramfill, but its to late for that. Love the boat. Seems I need about 500#s more weight for a good surf (would have had that if I didnt get ramfill) the dealer and the rep pushed it so hard I guess I fell in. What is the biggest bag I can fit in my rear lockers over the ramfill. My dealer says a 450 will fit, but my boat is the first ram he has sold and he really doesnt seem to know alot about these boats. I think I can go bigger. Does anyone know. We are dying to get it dialed in.
  14. Last weekend the fill valve on our starboard ballast cracked and started to flood the engine compartment. We manually closed the valve and it was still leaking. When we got back to town we had a recall notice from Centurion for the valves on the ballast drain. Yesterday we got the new valve that is to be added to the drain. The valves do not look very strong and I worry that we may have more issues with leaking valves in the future. Any one else having problems or are we just having bad luck? (We only have 40h on the boat)
  15. It has been brought to the attention of Fineline Industries, Inc. that occasionally a DrainMaster valve can become stuck during regular operation. Troubleshooting: If you experience the occasional inoperable or "stuck" RAMFILL or QuickFill valve the procedure below is recommended: #1) Ensure your boat is within the recommended service interval for the hours on your engine. Strict compliance with the service schedule ensures that your boat and installed components receive maintenance including inspection & service by a certified dealer. #2) Validate you have the latest version of the Centurion Touch Vision System Software. You can do this with your local dealer, or by accessing the Touch Vision System screen by touching the "Home" button twice to launch the menu, touch "Menu", touch "System Info"; the display will provide you with the version information. Your dealer can validate you are current, or you can call Centurion Boats at 209-384-0255. #3) Access the manual operation point (fixed red key on valve cartridge) and gently articulate the key 1/4 turn. Do not excessively turn the key, as it is only capable of 1 & 3/8 revolutions in either direction. After you have articulated the key 1/4 turn, the gate should be operable in the following functions: fill, drain and Trailer Mode. Given the robust construction of the new valve assembly, new valves are often tight; the break-in procedure requires regular use of standard modes and “Trailer Mode”, and possibly manual articulation of the red key. * Your boat should always be set to "Trailer Mode" when not in water. When you store your boat, on land, or in a lift the boat should always be set to "Trailer Mode” with the gates open. Ensure your gates have been set to "close" before launching or deploying your boat for the next use. Strict compliance with storage procedures and the "Trailer Mode" with open gates is recommended to ensure your boat is operational and within terms of your warranty. For questions, please see your operation manual or contact Centurion Boats at 209-384-0255. * If you do not have keys in your valve cartridge, contact you local dealer immediately or Centurion Boats at 209-384-0255 and a replacement set with be sent via Next Day Air at no charge. Note: The notice above can be downloaded and printed by clicking HERE
  16. There have been inaccurate reports and photographs of a sunken boat related to RAMFILL. There has never been a sunken RAMFILL equipped boat due to RAMFILL technology. The Centurion Boats R&D department has put boats through countless tests and unusual conditions including occasional submerging, for nearly four decades as a marine manufacturer. Our R&D department takes great pride in destructively torture testing boats, so our customers remain safe and protected. We are proud of every photograph of that sunken boat that has been circulated. During normal destructive testing a boat equipped with RAMFILL in 2013 was submerged in controlled conditions. This boat was submerged on local Lake Yosemite during standard testing of a new inspection device. An inspection lid designed as part of the Centurion Boats EcoConscious Program; was being certified with a team assembled by the R&D department. This large inspection lid was intended to provide visual tank inspection for invasive species and/or water. The use of these lids was proven unreliable by this test and, as a result, the inspection lids were abandoned as a possible inspection solution. Confirmation by destructive testing of these innovations is a key part of Centurions development programs. There are times when destructive testing is the only way to certify a boat and Centurion takes this responsibility very seriously. Note: The notice above can be downloaded and printed by clicking HERE
  17. Centurion is fastest growing among towboat brands Merced, CA JUNE 18, 2014; As of March 2014, Centurion Boats posted a 61% increase in sales according to Statistical Surveys Inc., the most reliable source for tracking new boat sales in the United States. In the first quarter, Centurion posted the highest percent increase among all towboat brands and a full 6% ahead of the next closest competitor. Bryan Holland, Vice President of Worldwide Sales said, “We are very pleased with our sales team’s efforts but the innovations in the 2014 product have made it easier than ever to get new boats placed. The CATS and RAMFILL systems have consumers and dealers alike clamoring for more information about Centurion. It’s a real testament to the high-quality production and significant innovations Centurion is offering now.” As the economy recovers and the people everywhere are beginning to see their personal wealth increase, Centurion, traditionally a smaller market-share holder, is poised for big growth. Bryan Holland went on to say, “We have been opening new dealerships everywhere. It seems like high value dealers are starting to figure out that the towboat business is a good business. Also, this model year we were the first to offer a five-year warranty, something that only one other boat builder is currently doing. This has helped us close a lot deals because it shows the customer that Centurion is ready to back the boat 100% allowing the purchaser peace of mind they’ve never had before.” In the 2014 model year, Centurion reintroduced two impressive innovations. The first was called CATS for Centurion Articulating Tracking System. The CATS system allows the operator to deflect the bow slightly changing the position of the hull for precise displacement providing adjustability and wake shaping. For the first time in wakeboarding towboat history, wakes can be cleaned up instantly without moving people, gear or ballast. For wake surfing, complete control of the face of the wave, direction of power and overall wave shaping is now possible. The second innovation is RAMFILL technology boasting the largest capacity ballast in the industry and the quickest filling system without pumps or sacs. This technology leaves more time for watersports and less time for fidgeting with one’s boat. RAMFILL has been raved about all over the world. Corey Marotta, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Alliance Multimedia said “RAMFILL is the most efficient way to put a massive amount of water in the quickest time frame to date.” Todd Gaughan, Vice President of Marketing for Centurion said, “Whether you’re a wake surfer, wakeboarder or slalom skier, our R&D team has done an outstanding job producing the best boat in the watersports category. Slalom skiers everywhere regard the Carbon Pro as the very best tournament towboat and now the FX and SV series are getting the same reviews for wake surfing and wakeboarding fans. It’s an exciting time to be with Centurion and the sales report puts an exclamation point on it!” Statistical Surveys, Inc. was founded in 1958 to produce market share data reports for the marine, manufactured housing and recreational vehicle industries. Statistical Surveys specializes in continuously gathering and cleansing new retail registration data and providing clients with up-to-date insights on buyer behavior through a comprehensive suite of market data products and services. Statistical Surveys is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and its mission statement is simple: They are dedicated to compiling the most accurate data for customers in the most efficient and timely manner possible. For more information on Centurion Boats and their market dominating boats, please visit www.CenturionBoats.com.
  18. I just ordered an sv233 with cats and ramfill. It looks like a great system but i havent seen any talk from anyone that has actually used it. All i get is the same you tube videos or talking points from centurion. this is starting to worry me a little. any info would be appreciated. my boat will be here in 4 weeks and i cant wait.

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