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  1. Winter Blues..

    That's definitely on my bucket list !
  2. December picture / video thread

    Looks like a perfect fit....nice!

    Did you go back to a centurion? Or another brand
  4. I have a 2016 supreme s211, wondering if there is a way to check stored codes off the gauges?
  5. Bags Self Draining

    Are you sure they are draining out of the vents? A worn out impeller in your fill drain pump will cause this issue. I have a s211 with upgraded 850's and never had this problem.
  6. Switched Brands

    Bad A$$! Love it
  7. Site Upgrade Feedback

    Yes I noticed a lot of content was gone.
  8. On my 16' they are wired the same interiors and transom on the up position.
  9. Finding new seat bottom stopper

    Ha Ha! good old mcmaster carr love that catalog!
  10. Do you do your fuel filters every year? Sounds like it is going into limp mode. I assume you are running a surf prop.
  11. Maybe just get a chunk of aluminum angle and make your own?
  12. Has any one have issues with there depth warning going off in deep water, mine will alarm and say 1-2 feet when we are in 30+ feet of water then it goes back to normal? Other issue is when engine is hot it has a pretty long crank time before starting,it died once at idle but then fired back up. Boat is a 16 s211 with the 343 I just did fuel filters ( both of them) and added 30 gallons of fresh gas.
  13. On the batteries the vmax are a very good marine battery they also come with a hefty price tag
  14. Let's See Your Rides

    Is that a wrap or airbrushed?
  15. ballast hose

    Thank's H

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