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  1. Hard Water Spots

    I am in some lakes with hard water, used a bunch of different products boat bling hot sauce by far is the best little stinky but works great!
  2. I have a 16' S211 I run 850's in the rear lockers 320lb side bag under seat and 600lbs of lead. Run starboard side bag at 60% the wave rivals any 23 footer I put it up against.
  3. Give evolution covers a call he'll set you up!
  4. Wetsounds xxx12

    Looking to install a wesounds 12xxx in my boat I seen on there site two different options for an enclosure one is dual port other is single, what's the difference one hit harder then the other? Also what is a good amp to power this bad boy.
  5. July pic video thread

    Mad skillz!!!
  6. New S238 owner! HELP

    Open and close switches are for your hard tanks via gravity fill. Bags are plumbed in separate, pumps are mounted on back wall of transom.
  7. Sounds like fuel pump might be bad, or could be shorted out wire rubbing on block. Check the harness.
  8. Mirror for FX22

    PTM mirror came factory on my boat.
  9. Panel savers

    I would install larger diameter screws in the bottom channel also.... Mine pulled out.
  10. You won't drain your batteries unless you leave both perko switch and toggle for radio on. Just find hot with ign. off and perko on and tie into that for rocker switch.
  11. Just wire your switch for stereo hot with battery switch on.... simple wire swap under dash
  12. Check oil level
  13. S211 Ballast Upgrade

    I have an S211 and run 850's in the rear lockers plus a side 250 under port seat along with 500 in lead. So you will be fine with the bags I would go with the sumo 850's they fit nice, just reinforce you dividers....makes a nice wave!
  14. Swim step pins

    Check Mcmaster carr they should have something.
  15. Winter Blues..

    That's definitely on my bucket list !

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