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  1. New Member Intro!

    Hey Troy! Just saw your post... Eagle Mountain Lake is on my todo list this coming season. Any recommendations on boat ramps?
  2. New Member Intro!

    Thanks InfinitySurf. It took me about a month to pull the trigger. I originally talked myself out of the boat due to the lack of storage compared to the Craz. Over that month, I mentally eliminated everything I did not need to keep in the boat. Really looking forward to putting some hours on her next season!
  3. New Member Intro!

    Hello from DFW. Got back into boating about 2 seasons ago. Already traded up; Craz for a FS33. Closest lake to us is Joe Pool, our preferred lake is Grandbury up stream on the Brazos for wakeboarding. If you are ever looking for a pull or a 3rd let me know!

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