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  1. I just had this issue yesterday while put on the water while a person was surfing. Thankfully the cruise did not adjust like above. That is very dangerous.
  2. Window tint

    Thanks all! Think I am going to for for 35% with ceramic. BTW - great forum with a lot of information. Hope to see some of you on the water this season!
  3. Window tint

    Hey @Nick213 does the 50% tint help reduce the heat in the summer? I am thinking about going with either 35% or 50%. I am interested in heat reduction but want to keep full visibility thru the wind shield. I am having wind shield removal and tinting quoted out this week. Any advice from the group would be appreciated.
  4. Pulled the trigger late last season on a left over 2016 FS33. The Craz is a great boat, but it would beat the crap out you in choppy water. The FS33 cuts thru the chop like it’s nothing for a wake/surf boat. Actually just pulled it out of storage today. Dropping it off at Freedom Powersports. Going to have the windshield removed and sent out to be tinted. Heres a pic of the and new truck, this will be my first tow. Adjusted the hitch to level it out a little more after taking the pics.
  5. @Troy... Sorry, did not make it. Ended up having sinus infection that settled in my ear. Not fun. Definitely want to check out eagle mountain lake this year. Would not mind some pointers with surfing... Dropped the rope only once last year behind the Craz and have only been behind the FS33 once in late November. Getting the itch to get the boat out early and dial the wake in!
  6. Yes, Jason from Freedom is a good guy. May see you guys up there!
  7. Looks like I am going to pull the trigger on a 2018 F150 this Friday. The 2018 that I am looking at will have the max tow package which is rated to pull 13000 lbs (4x4) and 7000# payload. I understand that is pulling power, not stopping. Test drove on a couple days ago. The F150 is much bigger compared to my friends older model 150. Currently pull the boat with the MB, I am with in the vehicles limits but really pushing it.
  8. Park - just curious what you ended up doing to resolve your problem. I am looking at purchasing either a 2018 F150 or a RAM 2500 (gas). This vehicle will be my daily diver and tow vehicle. We only tow a major distance once a year, normally DFW to Hot Spring, AR. Next year maybe Norris Lake! Other lakes (Possum Kingdom and Grandbury)are shorter drives 1-2 hours. While pulling the boat I very rarely exceed 65 on the interstate and drive the appropriate speed that conditions allow on highways/secondary roads. More of a steady as she goes kind of guy. Drives my other half crazy!
  9. New Member Intro!

    Hey Troy! Just saw your post... Eagle Mountain Lake is on my todo list this coming season. Any recommendations on boat ramps?
  10. December picture / video thread

    Luluzer - Guessing that is not Colorado! Hoping to get out on the water late February to dial in our wake. Torture getting a new toy and being able to play! Happy Holidays!

    Just browsed this entire post, great looking boats! Bought my FS33, managed to put about 8 hours on her and attempted to surf before winterizing. Hopefully we have a short lived winter here in Texas!
  12. Vermont, beautiful country! Rode my motorcycle from Cincinnati, Oh to Nova Scotia, Adirondacks, back to (once) home Cincinnati. Store my boat at a boat/RV storage facility in doors. The opening is about 10ft wide, I do not have the luxury of backing straight in and it is a pain in the arse if i am not spot on with my approach. Go as wide as you can. Good luck on the new venture, perfect vacation destination!
  13. Lets see your ride doing work!

    Older post but figured I would share a pic of my ride. The MB is a great dog, kid, boat hauler.
  14. WOW! I am blown away!

    Reading this prompted me to finally complete the Texas Boat Ed Course. Been meaning to do so when I purchase my first boat 2 seasons ago. Being foster to adopt parents, we have already witnessed the positive impact that can be made on the kiddos and on ourselves! If there is ever an event in the DFW area, I am game for volenteering my boat and time!
  15. Hey Wheels My tow vehicle is a Mercedes GLS 450. It pulls like a champ and have already pulled the boat out of the lake with ease. Yesterday, the vehicle floated more than I liked on the highway when I would drive over dips in the road. I noticed this morning that my tire pressure was about 4lbs lower than recommend for towing. I am guessing this was the cause... I pulled my Craz from Dallas to Hot Spring last year and was completely comfortable. The V6 biturbo did great pulling uphill into Hot Springs. I believe that the Craz was about 300lbs lighter than the FS33. I just to be more aware of my tire pressure. Probably need to add to my check list.

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