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  1. 18 Ri 237 VS 17 Ri 237

    From what I have seen the wave is not impacted. The wakeboard wake is much improved though🤗
  2. Lead

    What did you search on amazon when looking for the lead bags? I am leaning toward doing this but having trouble finding bags. Thanks
  3. Definitely pull the fill lines and check for good flow first. If good adjust timers in ballast settings after figuring out actual fill time with a stop watch. Do the same with empty times. Can definitely override the bags to top them off if they did not pee out the side. If flow was bad when disconnected from the bag, check impellers and hose connections. Also look for a possible kink in the hose.or even look for a slightly closed ball valve. My 16 fs 44 should have same exact software so it is very simple to use and adjust
  4. Downfire setup is not easily removed. And to be honest once diconnected, I'm guessing the wiring isn't easy either. Get the centurion covers, they are great
  5. Switched Brands

    Congrats. Looks great
  6. Fs44 wiring

    Something is not right there. I have a 16 fs44 and that is definitely not required
  7. What's New for 2018

    😮😮😮👌 thank you for the write up. The best keep getting better
  8. FS44 Fall/winter mod

    Thank you norsask
  9. FS44 Fall/winter mod

    Yes plus it keeps boat level which is much safer and more comfortable for the average boater/surf crew
  10. FS44 Fall/winter mod

    Tabs on the transom of the boat that allow you to surf evenly weighted from side to side by deploying the tab on the non surf side down in order to help create a list to the boat.
  11. How many hours do you have?

    2016 fs44 bought late October of '16 with 2 hrs on it. Put 26 on it by 2nd week of November before winterizing. Now has 105hrs so about 80 this season already ?
  12. So my fs44 has what appears to be the beginnings of some gel coat burn from the prop. It has the bubble in the hull which I assumed was supposed to resolve this issue. Th odd part is most of the burn is at the edge of the bubble and not the top where I would have expected to see it. Any insight? The only thing I do that i feel that might be part of the culprit is I put the boat gently into reverse each time a rider falls to allow the rollers to pass by quicker so I don't turn into them. I have tried to make sure that anyone else that drives does the same but it's possible that they aren't as gradual with the throttle as I. Could this be hurting it?
  13. I have a 2016 fs44 with the H5 engine option. I struggle to get boat up to surf speed when using quicksurf option (all ballast full). Also seem to run high rpms when listing (about 3700-3800). Generally a light crew (3-5) and no lead. The build sheet says it has the "surf prop". Just checked it out and it has a 1589. Can anyone confirm if this is the surf prop and also would this be considered the high elevation prop? I am only at 1300' of elevation so wondering why the struggle. Other prop suggestions?
  14. FS44 Fall/winter mod

    I have been primarily listing. 99.9% of time is the regular side. Tried quicksurf setups but honestly don't believe I have the right prop. Build sheet says it has the surf prop. Do you know is that the same as the high elevation prop? I can barely get it to 11mph with the stock ballast full when using quicksurf. Only 3-4 peeps in the boat also. H5 engine. Have not tried any version of suckgate but a friend picked up a mission delta for his older BU so might try that some time.
  15. FS44 Fall/winter mod

    Yes...redwing. Have been very happy with the dealer and staff there so far.

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