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  1. Also look for prop burn on your gel right above your propeller.
  2. Fs44 wiring

    Wylie tunes I am trying to pm you and your box is full. Have question about down fire speaker covers. Thanks
  3. Fs44 wiring

    I think it's the same , the one farthest was good and the closest which was bad, explains why half of accessories would not work. So I can mix batteries you say? I am looking at them and I see they are jumpered in parallel.
  4. Fs44 wiring

    Got batteries tested , one is good and one is shot. How do I tell which batterie is motor and which is accessories?
  5. Wakesurf prop

    2279 is pretty close to hull, I got little cavitation on gel coat. Just seemed that my boat only did 30mph on semi choppy water. But it gets up and goes pretty quick. I was thinking about having higher speed prop for non surfing days. My last boat was MB B52 with wake surfing prop and I still did 40mph. Thanks for info
  6. What is the best prop to run on 2015 fs44 550hp superchered for wake surfing . We are at sea level here. Also what prop does it normally come with from factory. I run a 2279 now. thanks
  7. Fs44 wiring

    Ended up being dead batteries , read out 11.2v. I need new interstate batteries, what are the best group to buy??
  8. Fs44 wiring

    This happened after towing boat 2175 miles strait, I think something got loose.
  9. Yea I'll just end up ordering covers from centurion, thanks for head up.
  10. Hi iam new here, I am buying a FS44 and wondering if the downfire speakers on the tower can be removed for long haul transport? Is there a quick attach?

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