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  1. Did you ever do this? (raise swim platform)
  2. MrWick, What aluminum thickness are you going to use? And how long each bracket run will it take across the platform?
  3. Glad to hear the good news!. Let me know if I can do anything else to help.
  4. How do you like my wave?

    To address some of your questions: -I run about 4k of ballast in boat. -I drove the boat to Texas to have the GSA folks install it as drilling holes in my hull isn't taken lightly -The wakemakers and GSA systems are the same. WM is just a resellet -The tabs are large but they retract up under most swim decks, On my boat they dont due to having the surf platform which is very narrow. -Spending the $4k has avoided me having to think about spending another $20k-$40k to get a boat with them on. -Since I put the system on we realized my wife was goofy so we can easily switch back and forth without having to mess with suction cups. Always felt like it was not classy for such a nice boat to mess with the device. -I also had a hard time getting them to stick since at the end of the hull of the SV233 it gets curved. Another issue I had was that the kind of friction suck gates creates really creates a lot of drag on the motor. These tabs only deploy up to 18 degrees and seems to create a LOT less friction and force and the motor works less hard to get the wave to kick in. -The system also allows both tabs to be deployed at once to allow us to drive the boat up to 17 mph to make quick runs with 4k of ballast still in boat to dock or other places without having to empty ballast. It is amazing to see how it lets the boat plane so fast. Very convenient. -But with everything there is pros and cons. They do stick out a lot but this doesn't matter to us. We have everyone get into boat at center of swim platform and all is good. I am looking for the "standard platform that is 5" wider but if I dont find it I am still fine with it. -I tried 3 different suck gates since I bought the boat in April 2017. They all did a decent job, some better than others. However, there is NOTHING that compares to the push from the GSA. It creates such a curl at the end as well as a defined ridge from the boat all the way to the curl at the end. That hydro-thruster tech (channels at end of tab) makes all the difference in the world. The system also allows you to change the "ridge" on the wave and move from surf style to skim style. -I can tell the driver on the fly to give me a goofy wave vs regular at the click of a button! Cant happen with a suck gate. It makes surfing more fun and dynamic due to the flexibility it brings. - The wave is NOT smaller with the GSA at all. It has more push and allows you to surf further back. In the end whether you do GSA or not is a personal preference. For me I am very pleased with the system and felt that the GSA support from Ryan the owner is fantastic and I also appreciate who he is as a person. A suck gate does produce a way nicer wave than not using it, but doesn't have the push and curl of a GSA. In the end I would encourage you to weigh the pro and cons and decide and then own the decision. To me spending $4k on my $65k boat was a no brainer as I spent over a year researching boats and the SV233 was my first wakesurf boat I have ever owned. At this stage I see no reason this boat can't allow my family to be happy for yeas and years. We bought the boat with 70 hours in April and have 190 hours on it as of a couple of days ago. We are surfing maniacs! When was the last time you saw a goofy wave on an SV this nice? My suck gate could not do this. It always had too much froth at the ridges. Thanks to GSA we have this clean monster for the wife! Below is the regular wave WITHOUT bow weight in the boat. with the GSA. We always play with the weight distribution and NO LISTING to tune the wave and that makes it fun. And this is on a lake that AVERAGES 12' in depth with 2 people including the driver in the boat! Only the GSA can do this, I tried 3 suck gates and NONE of them can come even close to that curl and push. Trust me, I have tried.... And the install looks total OEM! My wife loves it (me too). ---------
  5. How do you like my wave?

    No bags No quicksurf No suck gates No listing, running even 100% stock balast on this 2013 SV I did install GSA as I am not paying crazy prices for a newer boat. The GSA was the best thing I ever did! Now we can hit a button and ride switch. https://www.gosurfassist.com/
  6. How do you like my wave?

    My goofy family! https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=k7bMIonStgI https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=Zh5NdXvP94k https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=K5ukAbNJsJw
  7. How do you like my wave?

    Here is my goofy wave!
  8. My '13 SV233 has a surf platform on it and I want the "standard" sized one that measures 67" in width, 10 inches wider than the surf one. Does Anyone have a regular surf platform they are willing to swap with me for my surf one? Not wanting to pay $1,800 for a new one and can't find a regular replacement one anywhere. We would each pay the respective shipping costs and send to the other after the appropriate conversation and pictures are exchanged. Let me know. See picture P.s. And if anyone knows of a place that has made a custom one for a wakesurf boat do please let me me know. Thanks Crew!
  9. New 2013 SV233 Owner

    @Bongo Fury I spent a long time on the site looking for this answer and figured I would ask the SV233 guru (you). Do you happen to know the dimensions of the XL swim platform versus the Surf platform? And also, do you know where I might be able to buy one, preferably used to avoid the high OEM prices? I am not a fan of the tiny SURF one that is on my boat now. Thanks!
  10. New 2013 SV233 Owner

    July 2, 2017 UPDATE: I have never made such a big purchase and grown to LOVE something the way I have my new SV233. Every time I go out I get more and more comfortable with it. I have become a decent wake-surfer in now time and have also figured out how to to all the watersport setups done without too much fuss. When I bought my 2013 SV233 I was not sure about selling my old Crownline bow rider. However, last week I had to take it out to run it for the first time this season and OMG! The thing felt light, couldn't take waves very well (and I used to think it was awesome) and now has the smallest wake ever! LOL, after being spoiled with the SV233 handling, wave, comfort and luxury, I feel SOOOO GOOD now about selling my old bowrider (https://muncie.craigslist.org/boa/6200226503.html). I have a question for the 2013 SV233 guru, @Bongo Fury. Hope you are doing well. I don't like how low the tow pylon is on the back of the boat since when pulling my kids on the tube, the rope gets caught up in the wake even after using this contraption that I had from my bowrider (https://www.amazon.com/SPORTSSTUFF-53-2030-Booster-Ball-Towables/dp/B001Q98TNY/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1498996820&sr=8-7&keywords=tow+ball). Is there a way to either (1) extend the tow pylon that is in the transon--I cant seem to get to it after looking for a couple of minutes the other day--to one that is higher [then my OEM cover wont fit) OR (2) buy an extension to slip on it, OR (3) is it safe to tow a 3 person tube off the tower? I figured if anyone has an answer to this it would be you. Please let me know your perspective to solve this one. Glad I bought my Centurion! Thanks BF and the Crew!
  11. New 2013 SV233 Owner

    My initial post was very fruitful -- thanks community! Not sure if this is how I do this (using and existing thread vs starting a new one) but I am starting to think about risks with my new boat. Anyone using a dynamic real-time device to map the lake bottom and look for obstacles to avoid damage as you are driving? I want to be sure (I guess I wasnt as sensitive with my bowrider maybe due to difference in $ levels--but now I am) I know what the contour of the bottom of the lake and obstacles are as I am driving to avoid them. Am I just being paranoid and unreasonable? If not, what do you guys do to avoid damage outside of being careful whats ahead and looking at depth gauge? What advice would you offer?

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